How Much Does Acorn TV Cost in New Zealand?

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If you are on the lookout for a budget-friendly streaming platform, then you must have heard about Acorn TV. This blog is all about Acorn TV cost in New Zealand.

Acorn TV is an American VOD platform that specializes in British drama and mystery shows. It is available in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, Spain, and New Zealand.

However, the library is curated depending on the region you are viewing it from. To view US Acorn TV in NZ, you need to use ExpressVPN to hide your IP address and issue you a new one.

To learn how much acorn tv cost, keep reading the blog.

How Much does Acorn TV Cost and its Plans in New Zealand?

Acorn TV only offers 2 subscription methods. For Acorn TV Cost in New Zealand, you either pay monthly or yearly charges. For the monthly plan, you will be charged 7.99 NZD, and for a yearly subscription, the costs are 79 NZD.

You can also use Acorn TV for free with its 7-day free trial. This would help you make up your mind regarding investing in Acorn TV. Check out How to Get Free Acorn TV in New Zealand


How Much is the Acorn TV Membership?

You can sign up to Acorn TV on its platform or through third party including, Apple TV, Google Play or Amazon Prime NZ Membership, etc. The Acorn TV Cost in New Zealand cost remains the same in both cases, which is

  • For the monthly package, you would have to pay 7.99NZD.
  • For the yearly package, you would have to pay 79 NZD.

Both of the plans offer a 7-day free trial. However, we recommend signing up for Acorn TV as an add-on. This way, you can take advantage of more than Acorn TV content, and the billing and plan renewal process would be much easier.

How Much is the Acorn TV Student Membership?

Acorn TV doesn’t offer any student members. However, Sometimes it does come out with promo codes. You can avail of discounts or get a free month on Acorn TV Cost in New Zealand by applying those codes to your account. Moreover, you can check the Youtube Premium cost plan, as it provides Student membership in New Zealand.

Which Methods of Payment Does Acorn TV Accept in New Zealand?

You can pay for Acorn TV Cost in New Zealand with your debit card or credit card. If you have subscribed to Acorn TV through a third-party platform, including iTunes, Google Play Store, or Roku, then you can pay through the approved billing method. However, You can cancel Acorn TV subscription at any time.

Is Acorn TV Worth the Cost?

Although it is an American streaming platform, it has content from mainly Britain and Ireland and some from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Acorn TV offers 4 simultaneous streams and is inexpensive compared to its competitor. However, its content library is not extensive and diverse. The streaming service also doesn’t offer any offline download, and the maximum streaming resolution is 720p.

If you want to test out Acorn TV by yourself for free, you can take advantage of its 7-day free trial.

What Are Acorn TVs Most Unique Features?

The thing that makes Acorn TV attractive to its users is its niche TV shows and top movie library and its low cost. If you enjoy watching such shows, then Acorn TV is for you.

However, if you think it is not suited to your taste, you can check Hulu, Showtime, or Paramount plus .

How Much is Acorn TV Compared to Other Platforms?

We compared Acorn TV with top trending streaming platforms so you can get an idea if Acorn TV is worth the cost or not.


Like Acorn TV, BritBox offers only two subscription plans. A monthly plan of 6.99 USD or 10.89 NZD and a yearly plan of 69.99 USD or 109.01 NZD.

Britbox is also not available in New Zealand. To get BritBox in NZ, you need to use a VPN.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus specializes in its original shows/movies, National Geographic, Pixar, and Marvel series, and you can also watch all harry porter movies on it.

It offers 2 plans and a bundle. A monthly plan costs 7.99 USD or 12.44 NZD, a yearly plan costs 79.99 USD or 124.58 NZD, or you can choose the bundle with Disney Plus, ESPN and Hulu for 19.99 USD or 31.13 NZD per month.

Disney Plus’s cost in NZ is way more than Acorn TV, which is also unavailable in New Zealand. However, Disney plus content library is also greater than Acorn TVs, and you can quickly get Disney Plus in NZ with ExpressVPN.


HBO Max cost in New Zealand varies based on if you choose to watch an advertisement between your binge session or not. A with ad plan’s monthly cost is 9.99 USD or 15.56 NZD, and the yearly cost is 99.99 USD or 155.73 NZD.

However, if you choose a plan without advertisement, it would cost 14.99 USD or 23.35 NZD per month or 149.99 USD or 233.61 NZD per year.

With HBO Max in NZ, you can stream HBO, HBO Max original content, Cartoon Network, DC movies, Studio Ghibli, and more.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus stand-alone subscription cost is 4.99 USD or 7.77 NZD, equal to what you would pay for Acorn TV. However, bundling it with other apple services would cost 14.95 UD or 23.28 NZD.

With Apple TV, you can watch more latest and trending tv shows and movies including Papertown, Spiderman, Clueless and Mean Girls.

Amazon Prime Video

To get an Amazon Prime Video membership, you would have to pay 8.99 USD or 14 NZD. However, you can also get Amazon Prime same-day delivery service and Amazon music for only 15 USD or 23.36 NZD per month.

You can watch Grey’s Anatomy in NZ with an Amazon Prime Video subscription.

Is Acorn TV available in New Zealand?

ExpressVPN-unblocks-US-Acorn TV-in-NZ

Acorn TV is available in New Zealand. But the content library of US Acorn TV is different from the NZ. US acorn TV has more shows; they are diverse and cover many more genres.

You can get US Acorn TV in New Zealand just like Netflix US in NZ by using a VPN. A VPN helps by protecting your online privacy and hiding your geo-location. We recommend using ExpressVPN for its AES 256-bit military-grade encryption.

What Can I Watch on Acorn TV in NZ?

Acorn TV has abundant shows covering all other genres to make it a top streaming platform. The genre ranges from comedy, drama, and thriller to crime, suspenseful, and comedy drama.

If you are a fan of police procedural shows, they have also got you covered. You can check the weekly schedules of shows of Acorn TV and other channels to get a start on streaming.

New Shows on Acorn TV NZ to Watch in 2022

A few of the popular and new shows on Acorn TV are:

  • The Brokenwood Mysteries.
  • Harry Wild
  • The Mystery Road.
  • London Kills.
  • The Shelter: Animal SOS.
  • Great Performances.
  • Law and Order UK
  • Parents.
  • Balthazar.
  • Daughter.

Common FAQs:

Is Acorn TV free with Amazon Prime?

No, You would have to pay 6.99 USD or 10.89 NZD to add Acorn TV to your amazon subscription.

What is the difference between BritBox and Acorn?

The main difference between the two is that BritBox is considered a home to all the British shows. In contrast, Acorn TV has content from all over the world.

Is it easy to cancel Acorn TV?

Yes, you have to launch the Acorn TV website, go to your account, click on manage subscription, and then cancel it.

Can I share my acorn subscription?

With Acorn TV, you can share one subscription with many people as it allows unlimited streams.

How do I get Acorn TV on my smart TV?

To get Acorn TV on a Smart TV:

  • Search for the Acorn TV application in the built-in app store.
  • Download it to your home screen.
  • Once the application is installed, log in to the application and start streaming.

Wrapping Up

In the race of streaming giants, Acorn TV has made a name for itself. Not only for the content it has on its platform and how regularly it is scheduled to arrive and depart. But also for Acorn TV Cost in New Zealand.

Compared to most platforms, Acorn TV cost in NZ is very budget-friendly. With this subscription, you can not only watch the library curated for New Zealand views, but by using ExpressVPN, you can also watch US Acorn TV.

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