How to get BBC iPlayer on PS4/PS5 in New Zealand [2024 Guide]

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Are you wondering if Can I watch BBC iPlayer on PS4/PS5 in New Zealand? Well, good news for all our readers the popular streaming service, after a year of waiting, is now available on PS4/PS5. The only problem BBC iPlayer is only available for UK viewers due to licensing.

Before you get disheartened, there is a way you get access to the best content BBC iPlayer has in store. That way is by using a robust and quality VPN like ExpressVPN.

So in order to access BBC iPlayer in New Zealand on gaming consoles you need a VPN. ExpressVPN works by masking your original IP address and providing you with an IP address from the host region. In the case of BBC iPlayer on PS4, a VPN would change your location from New Zealand to a location in the UK.

BBC iPlayer is the most popular streaming service in the UK, with hundreds of original BBC titles in their library. With over 40,000 hours of content, it is a must-watch for people who enjoy watching the classics, new BBC shows, and sports.

Now that you have our How to get BBC iPlayer on PS4/PS5 in New Zealand in 2024? – Quick Guide You can watch BBC iPlayer on PS4/PS5 in New Zealand.

How to get BBC iPlayer on PS4/PS5 in New Zealand? [Quick Guide]

We know that you are excited and are asking yourself questions like, How do I add BBC iPlayer to my PS5? And Is BBC iPlayer on PS5? Well, the answer to that is quite simple. Yes, you can now get access to your favorite shows on BBC iPlayer on PS4/PS5, and here is how.

  1. Launch your PS4/PS5 and change your PSN (Play Station Network) Location to the UK.
  2. Open your Express VPN application and Log in.
  3. Connect to a server in the UK. We recommend using the London server.
  4. Under the Media option of your PS4/PS5, select the BBC iPlayer application.
  5. Download and Install the application to your library.
  6. Log in to your BBC iPlayer account, or if you don’t have an account, you can go to the BBC iPlayer website and sign up for a BBC iPlayer free trial.
  7. Now you are ready to enjoy BBC iPlayer on your PS4/PS5

Note: You can also follow similar steps to access BBC iPlayer on Xbox easily.

Why Do You Need a VPN for BBC iPlayer on PS4/PS5 in New Zealand?

You will require a reliable and quality VPN like Express VPN to help you access BBC iPlayer on PS4/PS5 in New Zealand. Although the streaming service is available on PS4/PS5, it is restricted to the UK region.

You would need a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and change your region. Otherwise, you might run into the BBC iPlayer PS5 error:

“BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to the right issues.”


Geo-error message while trying to access BBC iPlayer on PS4/PS5 without a VPN

To avoid errors and stream BBC iPlayer in New Zealand on your device. We recommend using the best VPN for BBC iPlayer, ExpressVPN.

A quality VPN will help you bypass geo-restrictions by masking your original IP address and changing your region to provide you with the IP address of a host location that will let you stream your favorites easily.

Express VPN not only offers you seamless streaming while using their application, but it also provides you with 360 security. When you stream or browse using ExpressVPN, you can rest assured that your data is being protected by ExpressVPNs power encryption software, which means such premium VPNs don’t only unblock one device like PS4/PS5, but you can easily cast BBC iPlayer on Chromecast hassle-free.

Is there a BBC app for PS4?

Yes, there is a BBC app for PS4. The app is BBC iPlayer app allows you to access BBC classics and the original library from your PS4. As discussed above, you can access BBC iPlayer from your PS4 from your TV/Video options if the application is already downloaded.

If you still need to download the application on your device. We recommend connecting to a quality VPN  if you are outside of the UK region. You can follow the following steps to download BBC iPlayer on PS4.

  • Log in to your ExpressVPN application and connect to a UK server. Preferably one in London.
  • Launch your PS4 application.
  • Download the BBC iPlayer application from the media list
  • Launch the application from the My Channels option
  • You can stream BBC PlayStation

Additionally, you can also get BBC iPlayer on Firestick by installing Amazon App.

Now if you have a newer version of the PlayStation and ask yourself Does the PS5 have TV apps? Yes, PS5 offers different streaming services in its media option. PS5 currently has all primary streaming services such as Disney +, Netflix, Hulu, and BBC Playstation in their library.

Why is BBC iPlayer not working on PS4?

BBC iPlayer is one of the best streaming services on the PS4/PS5. The app offers hours of original and classic BBC TV shows such as Peaky Blinders, Doctor Who, and even Orphan Black.

If you are having issues accessing the BBC iPlayer on PS4/PS5 or asking yourself, Why can’t you get BBC iPlayer on PS5? Or, in this case, PS4. Here is how you can troubleshoot this issue and stream BBC iPlayer on PS4.

  • Register your account with Play Station Network
  • Sign in to the PlayStation store.
  • Download the TV/VIDEO service
  • Exit the store
  • TV/Video service will now be visible on your PS4 device’s Homescreen
  • Under the TV/VIDEO option, select MY CHANNELS
  • Select the BBC iPlayer option from the My Channels option
  • Launch the BBC iPlayer app and enjoy with ease

You can also follow similar fixes if watching BBC iPlayer on Kodi and it stopped working.

Please note that the device might ask you to download and install the application to your device if you have not already. If you haven’t, you can take advantage of the opportunity and create an account since the BBC iPlayer cost is free. Even connecting BBC iPlayer on Roku is another opportunity that you can avail yourself of if PS4/PS5 not working.


Here is a look at a few of the most frequently asked questions from PS4/PS5 users about BBC iPlayer on Google.

When did BBC iPlayer get added to PS5?

BBC iPlayer got added to PS5 on 30th November 2021. After a year of users asking and checking up on getting the streaming service added to the platform. There was even a Twitter created dedicated to asking Sony to add the service to their PS5 console.

The lack of a streaming service on the PS5 console came as a shock to the users since the PS4 had a working application for BBC iPlayer on the console.

Is BBC iPlayer 4K on PS5?

The current generation of PS5 consoles has the ability to support 4k streaming on their devices? If the streaming services allow it, you can now watch content on PS5 in 4k. Apart from that, the console now offers free streaming services such as Youtube and Twitch.

Using a reliable and secure VPN service like Express VPN, you can also watch BBC iPlayer in 4k on your PS4/PS5 console. A VPN would allow you to overcome the geo-restrictions placed by BBC iPlayer and easily stream from your region in New Zealand.

Is BBC iPlayer free on PS4 and PS5?

BBC iPlayer is a free-of-cost streaming service created especially for UK viewers who enjoy streaming BBC original content. The service is free of cost due to the TV licensing fee that the residents of the UK already pay.

BBC iPlayer is also available for free on PS4 and PS5 if you are a resident of the UK. If you are from outside the UK region, unfortunately, you won’t be able to access the streaming service without the help of a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

Using a VPN with robust and unique features like ExpressVPN can help you access BBC iPlayer from your region in New Zealand. This access is provided by masking your original IP address and providing you with an IP from the host country, allowing you to change your regions.

Wrap Up!

The famous British streaming service, BBC iPlayer, is finally on the PS5 platform. Much to the users’ surprise, the application wasn’t already on the console since the previous version of the PS4 already had the application on the console. As BBC iPlayer is a free service that only requires a paid UK TV license, users do not need BBC iPlayer free trial. After signing up for the streaming service, if a subscriber does not feel like continuing with it, they can easily cancel their BBC iPlayer subscription.

The inclusion of BBC iPlayer on PS4/PS5 consoles since 2021 has gotten the fans of the streaming service excited to watch their favorite shows. Since the service is only offered in the UK. Most users outside the UK have to rely on VPNs to stream BBC iPlayer.

Out of all the VPNs available on the market, it is no surprise that most users prefer to stream with ExpressVPN. This VPN allows you to get seamless and secure access to your streams anywhere in the world, especially BBC iPlayer on multiple devices.

Lastly, you can also check the quick and easy fixes, if BBC iPlayer doesn’t work with VPN due to any reason.

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