Best Free VPN for Android 2021

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Android is one of the most famous platforms among developers and users due to its open-source nature. However, its popularity has also become a significant security threat. At present, one billion Android devices are prone to hacking and other issues. Therefore, users are bound to secure their favorite mobile phones through the best free VPN for Android

If you want to know about these impressive VPN services in detail, continue reading this extensive guide.  

Why Should I Use a VPN on My Android Devices?

There are many reasons that justify the usage of a VPN on your Android devices. Firstly, when you install a VPN app on your Android devices, you can hide your online activities by masking your actual IP address from hackers and other cyber goons instantly.

Apart from this, the role of Android VPN comes in handy when you want to secure your web browsing tasks like streaming, online shopping, etc while connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

This way, you can safeguard your web traffic against snoops and from anyone who wants to steal your data to accomplish his or her wrongful objectives.

Demerits of Using Free VPNs

Free VPNs for Android do not allow you to maximize your online privacy. There are so many issues involved that can harm your privacy a great deal. Here is the list that includes different hassles associated with free VPN services:

  • may sell your idle bandwidth
  • Coupled with annoying ads
  • Limited torrenting support and Netflix unblocking
  • Keep an eye on your online activities
  • Offer limited data bandwidth feature

May sell your idle bandwidth

VPNs like Hola may sell their free users’ idle bandwidth to third-party advertisers. Likewise, the service has categorically stated on its official website that it keeps its users’ logs to discourage its users’ unlawful activities.

Coupled with annoying ads

Free VPNs for Android do take help from advertising tactics as it helps them support their operating cost. If you can watch your favorite media content via free VPN services, annoying ads may spoil your fun to a certain extent.

Limited torrenting support and Netflix unblocking

Different VPN services like Windscribe offers limited numbers of dedicated servers on its free version. You will have to subscribe to its premium version to enjoy the hassle-free torrenting activity. Similarly, the service does not provide Netflix unblocking if you use its free Android VPN app.

Keep an eye on your online activities

Mostly free VPNs keep an eye on their users’ web browsing activities. Above all, they cooperate with the law enforcement agencies of respective countries and share their subscribers’ data with them as and when needed.

Offer limited data bandwidth feature

VPNs like TunnelBear and Windscribe do not provide unlimited data bandwidth features to their users. If you are willing to use their free versions on your Android devices, you will have to content yourself with 500MB data/month and 10 GB data/ month limitations, respectively.

Best Free Android VPNs in 2021

For the sake of your convenience, we have come up with the list of best free VPNs Android that keeps you secure and anonymous by safeguarding your desired mobile phone from various privacy issues like hacking, data theft, etc.

Here are these 10 Android VPN apps you can install on your smartphones to protect your privacy in 2021:

1. Surfshark


  • Follows no-logging policy
  • Supports torrenting tasks and works flawlessly with Netflix
  • Compatible with the Android operating system

Surfshark is undoubtedly assumed as one of the best VPN services based on its excellent performance when used on platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The service mainly works from a safe jurisdiction, the British Virgin Island (BVI). 

It means the service does not have to abide by mandatory data retention laws and is not a part of any of the  5, 9, or 14 eyes group. Besides, the provider follows a no-logging policy, making it an ideal VPN service for Android users. 

If we discuss its performance on the security front, you can use various features like kill switch, cleanweb, multi-hop, split tunneling, etc. Aside from security features, you can use Surfshark to watch your favorite US Netflix shows and movies on your Android devices on the go anonymously. 

Furthermore, Surfshark is a perfect choice for torrenting since it offers dedicated torrenting servers. Based on the above features, we have placed Surfshark at the top of our list.  

You can get its 2-year package by paying $2.49/month coupled with an impressive 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee. After the completion of 30 days trial period, if you aren’t satisfied with the service, you can cancel the subscription and ask for a full refund, making it free for trial.

2. Windscribe


  • Provides 10+ servers on its free package
  • Assists torrenting activities of its subscribers
  • Compatible with Android and offers a dedicated app

Windscribe is a Canadian based VPN service offering 10 servers on its free plan to its Android users. Besides, you can experience a wide range of security features on your Android devices in the form of auto-connect, automatic or manual connection mode, 10GB per month data allowance, tunneling protocols like WStunnel, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 as well.


The service provides an impressive app for the Android platform. The app helps you to surf the web securely while on the go or from anywhere. Winscribe’s free version does not support Netflix unblocking feature, but you can consider using its paid version that helps you access US Netflix stress-free.

Keeping the above facts in mind, we recommend Windscribe to our Android users who do not want to compromise their privacy while browsing the internet at any cost. Based on its impressive security features, torrenting support, and server spread, we have included Windscribe in the list of our overall best free VPNs.

3. ProtonVPN


  • Does not store users’ information
  • Supports P2P tasks of its users
  • Compatible with Android and provides a dedicated app

ProtonVPN is a Switzerland-based VPN provider famous for offering unlimited data bandwidth features to its Android users. Aside from this feature, the service follows the no-logging concept appropriately, which is a good sign from the users’ privacy perspective.

The service offers a P2P support feature to its Android users, but you may face issues while performing your favorite torrenting task. It provides only three server locations, including the US, Japan, and the Netherlands, on its free package that are not enough to secure P2P activities.

However, ProtonVPN supports the Android operating system and offers a dedicated app that lets you browse the internet on your smartphones securely. In terms of security features, you can use numerous security features like internet kill switch, OpenVPN protocol, split tunneling, etc. that take your online privacy next level.

4. TunnelBear


  • Offers 20+ servers in 20+ countries
  • Endorses torrenting tasks of its users
  • Compatible with Android and provides a dedicated app

TunnelBear is another Canadian VPN service like Windscribe that offers 20+ servers in 20+ countries worldwide. However, the service does not provide an unlimited bandwidth feature like ProtonVPN and comes with a monthly 500MB data cap.


The provider offers various security features to its Android users, such as auto-connect, VigilantBear (internet kill switch)GhostBear (obfuscation)SplitBear (split tunneling), OpenVPNIPsecIKEv2, and 256-military grade encryption.

As far as its logging policies go, TunnelBear does keep connection logs like the TunnelBear app version, operating system version, and total data used during the month. In terms of streaming, the service has to improve its performance because its free version will not unblock US Netflix on your Android device.

You can still use the provider for torrenting activities as it supports the P2P tasks of its users. Based on the above-explained features, TunnelBear seems to be the right choice for achieving essential online protection over the web.



  • Does not keep a log of its users’ data
  • Supports P2P activities of its subscribers
  • Works with the Android platform and provides an exclusive app is a Malaysian VPN service that offers 5 server locations in countries like the US, Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands on its free version to its Android users. Luckily, the service does not store its users’ data in any form. Aside from the no-logging feature, supports the P2P activities of its users but does not unblock US Netflix. 

However, it helps you safeguard your crucial information via a 256-bit encryption level apart from offering OpenVPN, SSTP, WireGuard, and other protocols. Therefore, we recommend you to choose this VPN service if you are willing to secure your privacy while using your Android devices.  

6. Speedify


  • Provides 2GB data allowance on a monthly basis
  • Offers 256-bit encryption feature
  • Compatible with the Android operating system

Speedify is a US-based VPN service that allows you to browse the web on your Android devices securely. Its impressive server network helps you connect to your desired server from anywhere globally.

The service falls short in terms of data allowance because you can only use up to 2GB every month. Besides, Speedify stores a minimal amount of its users’ information like contact information, location information, cookies, etc.

The provider offers numerous exciting features like automatic failover, which keeps you online, even if your internet connection is unstable. Likewise, Speedify provides 256-bit encryption alongside channel bonding, its own protocol.

This protocol uses all available network connections, including Wi-Fi, mobile data, and others, to provide an uninterrupted and seamless internet connection.

If we discuss the Speedify streaming feature, its a miss and hit affair in case, you try to unblock Netflix. Similarly, the service does support its users’ torrenting activities, but you should not download torrent files via Speedify because of its user-aversive US jurisdiction.

That said, you can still select this provider to secure your normal web browsing activities.

7. Hotspot Shield


  • Offers 500 MB data bandwidth feature every day
  • Provides 256-bit encryption benefit
  • Compatible with the Android platform

Hotspot Shield is a US-based VPN service offering 500MB data feature daily. Apart from this, the service only provides 1 server location alongside its own Catapult Hydra protocol and 256-bit military-grade encryption. 

If we talk about its performance in terms of streaming, you will not be able to unblock US Netflix and other geo-blocked services. Additionally, you can choose this provider to secure your torrenting activities. But there is a caveat as you can only use 1 server location while conducting p2p activities on your Android device. 

The service does not store its users’ usage log but keeps a record of other things such as email address, original IP address, operating system version, username, network information, etc.  

8. Opera VPN


  • Provides 4 servers in its free VPN package
  • Unblocks US Netflix
  • Uses TLS protocol to encrypt users’ data

Opera VPN works like a browser extension that secures your browsing activities on your Android devices. The service offers four server locations in different countries like the US, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. Interestingly, you can avail its generous unlimited data bandwidth feature that protects your Android devices 365 days round the clock.

The service mainly hails from Canada; therefore, torrenting through Opera VPN will not be a better choice. Surprisingly, the provider works fine with Netflix, but it keeps a log of its users’ activities.

In terms of security, Opera VPN uses TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol to safeguard users’ data online. You can use the service to protect your web surfing activities and streaming Netflix specifically.

9. PrivateVPN


  • Provides 150+ servers in 60+ countries
  • Works with Netflix and allows torrenting
  • Compatible with the Android operating system

PrivateVPN is a Swedish VPN service offering 150+ services in 60+ countries globally. You can try out its attractive 30-day money-back guarantee to secure your Android devices from anywhere risk-free. You will need to pay only $1.86/month to use its 2-year plan. It is needless to say that if you don’t find its features good enough, you can cancel its subscription and ask for 

The service does not keep a log of its users’ data and secures its users’ torrenting activities with dedicated P2P servers

The provider allows you to unblock US Netflix without any hassle. Moreover, the service offers an exclusive Android app that does not take much of your time for installation. 

Likewise, PrivateVPN provides numerous tunneling protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, IPsec, and PPTP, along with 256-bit military-grade encryption.

Overall it is the right choice for Android users since it offers complete online protection under their budget.

10. Betternet


  • Provides 10 servers in its free plan
  • does have OpenVPN protocol and 256-bit encryption feature in its armory
  • Compatible with the Android platform

Betternet is a US-based VPN service offering 10 servers worldwide. The service does store information about Android and other platforms’ users like account and billing information. Furthermore, the free version does not allow you to access US Netflix. Hence, you will need to look for other better ways to unblock Netflix.

Similarly, you should not opt for this service for torrenting since it is based in the US. As far as its security features go, you can use OpenVPN protocol that applies 256-bit encryption automatically.


Are VPNs legal?

Luckily, you can use a VPN for all the right reasons in all the major countries worldwide. However, you should refrain from using VPNs to perform any illegal activity whatsoever.

Are VPNs Safe?

VPNs protect your actual IP address and encrypt your web browsing data from the prying eyes of hackers, ISPs, and other surveillance actors. If you visit a phishing website and download malicious files, then a VPN will not keep you secure.

Does a VPN influence speed?

Surprisingly, the server location does play a crucial role in speed performance. When connected to a VPN server, you should expect some drop in your internet connection speed because it encrypts your whole internet traffic.

Which is the best free Android VPN for Netflix?

You will have to use a premium VPN service like Surfshark to watch famous Netflix TV shows and movies. Compared to paid VPN services, free VPNs are hit and miss affair in terms of Netflix unblocking. Therefore, you had better opt for Surfshark for accessing Netflix on your Android smartphones.

Will my free Android VPN work with other devices?

Interestingly, you can use your Android VPN on other devices such as Windows, Mac, and iOS. They are compatible with web browsers and offer exclusive extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers.

Wrapping Up

Summing up, securing your digital footprints while browsing the internet on your Android devices is in your own hands. You have to use a VPN that helps you safeguard your web surfing activities on your preferred mobile devices. Thus, you can surf the web when connected to the public Wi-Fi networks on the go securely and anonymously.

We hope you would appreciate our guide on the best free VPN for Android in which we have highlighted some trustworthy VPNs, including Surfshark. The BVI (British Virgin Island) based service has come out as a clear winner.

This is because Surfshark has beaten the other VPNs by some distance in areas like server network, torrenting, Netflix unblocking, customer support, and, most importantly, logging policies.

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