38 Best Kids Movies to watch in 2023

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These must-see best movies for kids will appeal to the entire family, ranging from classic musicals, princess tales, & cartoon animals to superhero adventures and Christmas favorites.

These all-time favorites best kids movies ever, like the newer films with our Common Sense Seal, are not only incredibly entertaining, but they’re also jam-packed with positive messages & role models. When it comes to the best platform to stream kids movies, check out American Netflix in New Zealand.

Some are cultural landmarks, while others give children a glimpse into other realms, both real and imagined. Many will make you laugh out loud, while others may make you cry. But they’re all deserving of a comfy sofa, a bowl of fresh popcorn, and some quality time with the family watching the best kids movies of all time.

1. The Lion King (2019)

The Lion King

Director: Jon Favreau

Writer: Jeff Nathanson

Cast: Seth Rogen, Donald Glover, Chiwetel Ejiofor

IMDB Rating: 6.8/10

Watch The Lion King (2019) Trailer on Youtube

Simba meets two outcasts named Timon & Pumbaa and adopts their ‘Hakuna Matata’ habits. Simba, the young lion cub, anointed as the next king of the jungle, is just as eager to succeed his proud father Mufasa as the monarch. On the other hand, Simba’s evil uncle Scar is envious of him.

On the other hand, Simba feels responsible for Mufasa’s death and flees from home when he is assassinated by Scar. Years later, Simba must return home, accompanied by his childhood friend Nala and the wise baboon Rafiki, to overthrow Scar’s terrible reign and fulfill his destiny as the next king. Also, you can check out the best movies on Amazon Prime in 2023.

2. Encanto (2021)


Director: Jared Bush

Writer: Byron Howard

Cast: John Leguizamo,Stephanie Beatriz,María Cecilia Botero

IMDB Rating: 7.3/10

Watch Encanto (2021) Trailer on Youtube

The best new kids movies in which The Madrigals are an incredible family who resides in Encanto, a magical region in Colombia’s mountains. Except for Mirabel, every family’s children have been bestowed with a wonderful gift.

When she realizes that the enchantment around the Encanto is suddenly in jeopardy, she may become the Madrigals’ last hope. Also, check out the best comedy movies.

3. The Addams Family (2019)

The Addams Family

Director: Conrad Vernon

Writer: Matt Lieberman

Cast: Charlize Theron, Oscar Isaac, Chloë Grace Moretz

IMDB Rating: 5.8/10

Watch The Addams Family (2019) Trailer on Youtube

The eccentric Addams family, led by newlyweds Gomez and Morticia, is eager to settle into their new home in New Jersey after being chased out of the old nation. Fearing that the Addams will ruin her idyllic suburban community, Margaux, a home-design TV celebrity, devises a plan to turn the town against her new neighbors. If you love Addams Family, then you can also check out our list of best anime movies on Crunchyroll.

4. Tom & Jerry (2021)

Tom _ Jerry

Director: Tim Story

Writer: Kevin Costello

Cast: Colin Jost,Chloë Grace Moretz,Michael Peña

IMDB Rating: 5.3/10

Watch Tom & Jerry (2021) Trailer on Youtube

Tom and Jerry are coming back on the big screen for a new generation. The lads have arrived in New York. Jerry, the mouse, is seeking a place to reside, while Tom, the cat, tries to get into the music world.

Jerry seeks refuge in the posh Royal Gate Hotel after Tom’s keyboard is smashed in a furious battle. At the same time, Kayla connives her way into a new job at the hotel, where she is assigned to Terence to assist in planning a celebrity couple’s wedding. However, when Tom and Jerry are introduced, everything gets thrown out of whack.

5. Ron’s Gone Wrong (2021)

Ron_s Gone Wrong

Director: Sarah Smith

Writer: Peter Baynham

Cast: Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Jack Dylan Grazer

IMDB Rating: 7.1/10

Watch Ron’s Gone Wrong (2021) Trailer on Youtube

This movie is among the best movies for kids. It highlights Barney, a socially awkward schoolboy, and Ron, his new digitally connected device, which is supposed to be his “Best Friend out of the Box.”

Set against a backdrop of the social networking era, Ron’s hilarious misadventures launch them on an action-packed adventure wherein boy & robot learn to appreciate the delightful messiness of true friendship. Also, read our guide to watch the best movies on Netflix NZ.

6. Sing (2016)


Director: Garth Jennings

Writer: Garth Jennings

Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane, Matthew McConaughey

IMDB Rating: 7.1/10

Watch Sing (2016) Trailer on Youtube

A dapper Koala named Buster Moon is in charge of a once-grand theatre that has fallen on hard times. He is an optimist and a scoundrel who values his theatre above everything else and will go to any length to protect it.

Faced with the possibility of his life’s desire disintegrating, he seizes one last opportunity to restore his fading jewel to its former brilliance by staging the world’s finest singing competition. A mouse, a terrified elephant, a pig, a gorilla, and a punk-rock porcupine are among the five finalists.

7. Leap! (2016)


Director: Éric Summer

Writer: Laurent Zeitoun

Cast: Maddie Ziegler,Elle Fanning,Dane DeHaan

IMDB Rating: 6.8/10

Watch Leap! (2016) Trailer on Youtube

Felicie is a budding dancer and close friends with Victor, a budding inventor. He and Victor have grown tired of living in their drab old orphanage and have decided to flee to Paris to pursue their aspirations.

Felicie wishes to attend a prominent ballet academy, but she must first obtain an invitation. As a result, she resolves to steal an invitation granted to a wealthy female dancer with years of expertise.

Unlike the affluent girl, Felicie has never done ballet before, so she decides to take lessons from a maid who wants to adopt her.

8. Klaus (2019)


Director: Sergio Pablos

Writer: Sergio Pablos

Cast: Jason Schwartzman, Rashida Jones, J. K. Simmons

IMDB Rating: 8.2/10

Watch Klaus (2019) Trailer on Youtube

When Jesper establishes himself as the worst student at the postal academy, Klaus begins. As a result, they sent him on a frigid island above the Arctic Circle, where the feuding natives barely exchanged words, let alone letters.

Jesper is on the verge of giving up when he meets Alva, a local teacher, and meets Klaus, a strange craftsman who lives alone in a cottage filled with homemade toys.

Their unusual alliances bring a fresh heritage of helpful neighbors, mystical lore, and carefully strung stockings by the fireplace to Smeerensburg is among the best kids movies ever.

9. Raya And The Last Dragon (2021)

Raya and the Last dragon

Director: Don Hall

Writer: Paul Briggs

Cast: Awkwafina, Izaac Wang, Kelly Marie Tran

IMDB Rating: 7.3/10

Watch Raya And The Last Dragon (2021) Trailer on Youtube

Raya and the Last Dragon features water as the power source. It is the catalyst for the warrior princess to focus on Disney’s new animated feature to transform. Water, not fire, empowers Kumandra’s dragon, who breathes a mist of vapors and can swim. Water connects Kumandra’s five lands.

It protects the people’s lives from a fatal plague that has rendered the majority of the world a wasteland. It’s a natural force that aids in the healing of old wounds before allowing for transformation and rejuvenation. Also, check out Marvel movies in order.

10. Scoob! (2020)


Director: Tony Cervone

Writer: Matt Lieberman

Cast: Will Forte,Jason Isaacs,Mark Wahlberg

IMDB Rating: 5.7/10

Watch Scoob! (2020) Trailer on Youtube

In this film, Scooby and the gang face the largest, most difficult mystery yet, a plot to release the ghost hound Cerberus upon the world after hundreds of cases solved & adventures shared. As they work to end the worldwide apocalypse, the crew discovers Scooby’s hidden past and epic destiny, which no one could have foreseen.

11. Back To The Outback (2021)

Back to the outback

Director: Clare Knight

Writer: Gregory Lessans

Cast: Tim Minchin, Isla Fisher, Eric Bana

IMDB Rating: 6.6/10

Watch Back To The Outback (2021) Trailer on Youtube

A ragtag gang of Australia’s most dangerous species plots an escape from their zoo to the outback, where they may fit in without being judged by their scales & fangs, fed up with being trapped in a reptile house where humans regard them as monsters.

Maddie, a lethal snake with a golden heart, leads the group, including Zoe, a confident Thorny Devil lizard, Frank, a lovelorn hairy spider, and Nigel, a sympathetic scorpion.

When their arch-enemy Pretty Boy, an adorable but irritating koala, surprisingly joins their escape, Maddie takes him along. As they are pursued by a zookeeper Chaz & his adventure-seeking mini-me, they embark on a hair-raising and funny automobile trip throughout Australia.

12. Luca (2021)


Director: Enrico Casarosa

Writer: Jesse Andrews

Cast: Jack Dylan Grazer, Emma Berman, Jacob Tremblay

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10

Watch Luca (2021) Trailer on Youtube

The original animated picture, set in a beautiful seaside town on the Italian Riviera, is a coming-of-age story about a little boy who has a wonderful summer filled with gelato, spaghetti, and endless scooter rides.

Luca tells his newfound best friend about his adventures, but the fun is overshadowed by a sinister secret: he is a sea monster from some other world lying just below the surface of the water.

13. The Grinch (2018)

The Grinch (2018)

Director: Scott Mosier

Writer: Michael LeSieur

Cast: Rashida Jones, Kenan Thompson, Benedict Cumberbatch

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10

Watch The Grinch (2018) Trailer on Youtube

Inside a cave on Mount Crumpit, The Grinch and his faithful dog, Max, live a lonesome existence. His primary source of annoyance occurs around Christmas time when his Whoville neighbors go all out for the holidays.

The Grinch understands there’s only one way to find harmony when the Whos intend to create Christmas even bigger & brighter. The green grump concocts a scheme to imitate Santa Claus, steal Christmas, & put a stop to the Whos’ holiday cheer for good with the help of Max.

14. The Mitchells Vs The Machines (2021)

The Mitchells Vs the machines

Director: Mike Rianda

Writer: Mike Rianda

Cast: Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Abbi Jacobson

IMDB Rating: 7.7/10

Watch The Mitchells Vs The Machines (2021) Trailer on Youtube

Katie Mitchell, a young film student, embarks on a road trip to begin her first year of film school with her proud parents, younger brother, & pet dog. When the world’s biggest electronic equipment awakens & launches an uprising threat, their attempts to bond as a family is rapidly thwarted.

The Mitchells must now band together with the help of two friendly robots to preserve one another and the planet from the new technological advancement.

15. Incredibles 2 (2018)

Incredibles 2

Director: Brad Bird

Writer: Brad Bird

Cast: Craig T. Nelson, Sarah Vowell, Holly Hunter

IMDB Rating: 7.6/10

Watch Incredibles 2 (2018) Trailer on Youtube

Helen is tasked with leading a campaign to bring the Superheroes back in Incredibles 2. At the same time, Bob deals with the day-to-day heroics of “regular” life at home with Violet, Dash, and infant Jack-Jack, whose superpowers are about to be uncovered.

However, their purpose is sidetracked when a new adversary appears with a cunning & dangerous plot that threatens to destabilize everything. The Parrs, on the other hand, aren’t afraid of the challenge, particularly with Frozone on their side. That is what makes this family stand out. Also check out, the best action movies.

16. We Can Be Heroes (2020)

We can be heroes

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Writer: Robert Rodriguez

Cast: Hala Finley, Andy Walken, YaYa Gosselin

IMDB Rating: 4.7/10

Watch We Can Be Heroes (2020) Trailer on Youtube

When aliens abduct Earth’s superheroes, their kids are sent to a government safer place. On the other hand, Missy Moreno is a clever tween who would go to any length to preserve her superhero father, Marcus Moreno.

Missy teams up with other super kids to escape their strange government nanny, Ms. Granada. If they are to save their parents, they should band together and form an extraordinary team by combining their various powers, ranging from flexibility to time control to the ability to predict the future. Also, check out the best comedy movies.

17. Sonic The Hedgehog (2020)

Sonic the hedgehog

Director: Jeff Fowler

Writer: Pat Casey

Cast: James Marsden,Tika Sumpter,Ben Schwartz

IMDB Rating: 6.5/10

Watch Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) Trailer on Youtube

The world was in distress need of a hero, and it found one in the shape of a hedgehog. Moreover, Sonic appreciates his new house on Earth, powered by his incredible speed, until he accidentally knocks off the power grid, drawing the attention of uncool malevolent scientist Dr. Robotnik.

Now it’s supervillain vs supersonic in a global race to prevent Robotnik from using Sonic’s special ability to achieve world dominance.

18. Vivo (2021)


Director: Kirk DeMicco

Writer: Peter Barsocchini

Cast: Zoe Saldana,Lin-Manuel Miranda,Juan de Marcos

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10

Watch Vivo (2021) Trailer on Youtube

Vivo is all about a one-of-a-kind kinkajou that spends his days performing music for the public in a bustling square with his devoted owner Andrés. Even though they don’t speak the same language, Vivo and Andrés make an excellent team since they share a passion for music.

But tragedy occurs soon after Andrés receives a letter from Marta Sandoval calling her old partner to her farewell act in the hopes of reconciliation, & Vivo is left to give a message that Andrés will not be able to deliver: I wrote a song-from-love letter to Marta many years ago.

Vivo will need the help of Gabi, an exuberant preteen who dances to the beat of her offbeat drum to fulfill his owner’s demands, to go to Marta, who lives on the other side of the planet.

19. The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

The Christmas Chronicles


Director: Clay Kaytis

Writer: Matt Lieberman

Cast: Kurt Russell, Darby Camp, Judah Lewis

IMDB Rating: 7/10

Watch The Christmas Chronicles (2018) Trailer on Youtube

Kate & Teddy are siblings who recently lost their father. Claire, their widowed mother, fights to keep the house in order and prevent the two children from harming each other. Teddy makes fun of Kate because she still believes in Santa Claus.

While planning to film Santa, they mistakenly crash his sleigh, leading him to lose his magic hat & his sack full of toys. Now Santa, Kate, & Teddy must gather all of the items before the time limit for Santa to give the presents expires, and the Christmas Spirit vanishes forever.

20. Onward (2020)


Director: Dan Scanlon

Writer: Keith Bunin

Cast: Chris Pratt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tom Holland

IMDB Rating: 7.4/10

Watch Onward (2020) Trailer on Youtube

One of the best kids movies ever in which Ian and Barley, two teenage elf brothers, set off on a magical expedition to spend one more day with their late father. Their trip is loaded with cryptic maps, unfathomable challenges, and unbelievable discoveries, just like any good adventure.

When Mom thinks that her sons have gone away, she teams up with the famous manticore to bring them home.

21. Paw Patrol: The Movie (2021)

PAW Patrol The movie

Director: Cal Brunker

Writer: Billy Frolick

Cast: Ron Pardo,Iain Armitage,Marsai Martin

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10

Watch Paw Patrol: The Movie (2021) Trailer on Youtube

Best new kids movies The PAW Patrol is enjoying the time of their lives! With exciting new technologies & weaponry, the PAW Patrol fights to protect the citizens of Adventure City! When their fiercest foe, Humdinger, is elected Mayor of neighboring Adventure City & begins wreaking havoc, Ryder, and the rest of the heroic pups, go into overdrive to meet the challenge.

While one of the pups is required to confront his past in Adventure City, the squad finds a new friend in the form of Liberty, a sharp dachshund. Also, check out the best movies of all time.

22. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018)

Spider-Man Into the spider-verse

Director: Bob Persichetti

Writer: Phil Lord

Cast: Mahershala Ali, Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson

IMDB Rating: 8.4/10

Watch Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018) Trailer on Youtube

Miles Morales, a Brooklyn-based teenager, is bitten by a radioactive spider in the subway and develops extraordinary powers that convert him into the one and only Spider-Man.

He quickly finds that he isn’t alone in his exceptional, high-flying abilities when he meets Peter Parker. Miles must now put his newfound abilities to use against the evil Kingpin, a monstrous maniac talented to open portals to other realities and bring various versions of Spider-Man into our world. Also, check out Avenger movies in order.

23. Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)

Space Jam A New Legacy

Director: Malcolm D. Lee

Writer: Tony Rettenmaier

Cast: Sonequa Martin-Green, Don Cheadle, LeBron James

IMDB Rating: 4.4/10

Watch Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021) Trailer on Youtube

When a rogue algorithm known as AL-G Rhythm traps basketball champion and global icon LeBron James and his young son Dom in a virtual space, LeBron James must guide Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Lola Bunny, and the whole undisciplined Looney Tunes to success over AL-digitized G’s champions on the court.

24. Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (2021)

Peter Rabbit 2 The runaway


Director: Will Gluck

Writer: Patrick Burleigh

Cast: Domhnall Gleeson, David Oyelowo, Rose Byrne

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10

Watch Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (2021) Trailer on Youtube

Thomas & Bea are now married and live with Peter and his bunny family in New York City. Dissatisfied with life in the garden, Peter moves to the big city, where he meets shady characters and wrecks havoc on the entire family.

The sequel to ‘Peter Rabbit’ was released in 2018. Following the marriage of Bea & Thomas and the publication of the acclaimed novel based on Peter and his friends’ experiences, Peter feels as though everyone only sees him as a renegade.  As a result, when Bea & Thomas decide to take a trip, Peter sees it as an opportunity to flee.

25. Soul (2020)


Director: Pete Docter

Writer: Mike Jones

Cast: Graham Norton, Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey

IMDB Rating: 8.1/10

Watch Soul (2020) Trailer on Youtube

A middle school music teacher, Joe Gardner has long wanted to perform jazz music onstage and now has the opportunity after impressing fellow jazz artists during an opening act at the Half Note Club.

Gardner’s soul is split from his body and begins to travel to the Great Beyond due to an unexpected accident, but he manages to escape to the Great Prior.

In this world, souls acquire personalities, quirks, and peculiarities before being transferred to Earth. To return to the ground before his buddy dies, Gardner must work with spirits in coaching a gloomy vision of life.

26. The Christmas Chronicles 2 (2020)

The Christmas Chronicles 2

Director: Chris Columbus

Writer: Matt Lieberman

Cast: Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Darby Camp

IMDB Rating: 6/10

Watch The Christmas Chronicles 2 (2020) Trailer on Youtube

Kate & Teddy Pierce saved Christmas two years ago, and a lot has changed since then. Now a jaded adolescent, Kate is spending Christmas with Claire’s new lover, Bob, & his son, Jack, in Cancun.

She decides to flee, unable to accept this altered version of her family. When a mysterious, magical troublemaker called Belsnickel threatens to demolish the North Pole and put an end to Christmas for good, Kate and Jack are thrown into yet another adventure with Santa Claus. Also, check out the best Christmas movies.

27. Coco (2017)


Director: Lee Unkrich

Writer: Adrian Molina

Cast: Benjamin Bratt,Anthony Gonzalez,Gael García Bernal

IMDB Rating: 8.4/10

Watch Coco (2017) Trailer on Youtube

Best kids movies of all time. Despite his family’s perplexing generations-old taboo on music, Miguel aspires to be a famous musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz.

Miguel, determined to prove himself, ends up in the lovely and colorful Land of the Dead because of bizarre events. He meets attractive trickster Hector along the way, and the two embark on an epic trip to realize the truth about Miguel’s family history.

28. Spies In Disguise (2019)

Spies In Disguise

Director: Troy Quane

Writer: Cindy Davis

Cast: Will Smith, Rashida Jones, Tom Holland

IMDB Rating: 6.8/10

Watch Spies In Disguise (2019) Trailer on Youtube

Lance Sterling, a super spy, and Walter Beckett, a scientist, are opposites. Lance is sophisticated, elegant, and silky. Walter isn’t one of them. On the other hand, Walter makes up for his lack of social skills with his intelligence and ingenuity, inventing the excellent gear Lance utilizes on his heroic adventures.

However, as events take an unforeseen turn, Walter & Lance must rely on one other in entirely new ways. And until this odd couple can learn to work together, the entire globe is in jeopardy.

29. Peter Rabbit (2018)

Peter Rabbit

Director: Will Gluck

Writer: Rob Lieber

Cast: Domhnall Gleeson, Daisy Ridley, Rose Byrne

IMDB Rating: 6.6/10

Watch Peter Rabbit (2018) Trailer on Youtube

Peter Rabbit and his family reside in the country and frequently steal vegetables from Mr. McGregor’s garden. Then Mr. McGregor passes away, and the rabbits, along with the rest of the local fauna, have free reign over Mr. McGregor’s garden & home.

Mr McGregor’s nephew, Thomas, inherits the land and moves in, so short-lived the pleasure and independence. He’ll prove to be just as dangerous as his uncle.

30. The Bfg (2016)

the BFG

Director: Steven Spielberg

Writer: Melissa Mathison

Cast: Ruby Barnhill, Penelope Wilton, Mark Rylance

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10

Watch The Bfg (2016) Trailer on Youtube

At ten years old, Sophie is set for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure when she meets the Big Friendly Giant. The small girl is initially terrified but soon finds that the 24-foot giant is extremely gentle and sweet.

As their friendship grows, Sophie’s presence draws the unnecessary attention of Bloodbottler, Fleshlumpeater, and other giants. After traveling to London, Sophie and the BFG should persuade Queen Victoria to help them defeat all of the evil giants.

31. Cinderella (2021)


Director: Kay Cannon

Writer: Kay Cannon

Cast: Camila Cabello,Minnie Driver,Idina Menzel

IMDB Rating: 4.2/10

Watch Cinderella (2021) Trailer on Youtube

A lot of the basis is the same in this version of Cinderella. Ella’s father is gone, her stepsisters Malvolia and Narissa have given her the nickname Cinderella, and her mother Vivian is nasty.

This version, however, differs in that Ella does not spend her entire day cleaning or having animals assist her with tasks. On the other hand, Ella spends a significant portion of her time creating gowns or designing patterns.

Her ambition is to open her shop, not to meet a prince. On the other hand, Robert and Ella’s Fabulous Godmother may hold the key to changing all of that, as they ensure Ella is in the right place at the right time.

32. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019)

How to train your dragon The hidden world

Director: Dean DeBlois

Writer: Dean DeBlois

Cast: America Ferrera,F. Murray Abraham, Jay Baruchel

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10

Watch How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019) Trailer on Youtube

On the island of Berk, all appears to be well as Vikings & dragons coexist in peace and cooperation. Hiccup, now a Viking chieftain, grows increasingly attracted to Astrid, while Toothless, his beloved dragon, meets an alluring creature who catches his eye.

Hiccup must unite both clans to uncover Caldera, a hidden region that holds the key to save Toothless and his flying pals, when the villainous Grimmel launches a nefarious scheme to wipe out all the dragons.

33. Surf’s Up 2: Wavemania (2017)

Surfs Up 2 Wavemania (2017)

Director: Henry Yu

Writer: Abdul Williams

Cast: Jeremy Shada, Melissa Sturm, John Cena

IMDB Rating: 4.6/10

Watch Surf’s Up 2: Wavemania (2017) Trailer on Youtube

Cody Maverick, hungry for a new challenge, persuades an iconic big wave riding team known as The Hang 5. He joins them on their voyage to The Trenches, a mystery surf area where rumor has it they’ll find the world’s biggest waves. Cody soon understands that his life was more epic than any death-defying wave.

34. Ralph Breaks The Internet (2018)

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Director: Rich Moore

Writer: Phil Johnston

Cast: Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot, John C. Reilly

IMDB Rating: 7/10

Watch Ralph Breaks The Internet (2018) Trailer on Youtube

Since the incidents of Wreck-It Ralph, several years have passed. After work, Ralph and Vanellope remained friends, spending their free time at Litwak’s Arcade exploring the other games.

When Vanellope’s game, Sugar Rush, is broken by mistake, Ralph & Vanellope must turn to the Internet to acquire a replacement part. When confronted with a world of choices and alternatives, Ralph and Vanellope’s friendship is put to the test, as each has a different perspective on what their future holds.

35. The Book of Life (2014)

The book of life

Director: Jorge R. Gutierrez

Writer: Doug Langdale

Cast: Zoe Saldana,Channing Tatum,Diego Luna

IMDB Rating: 7.3/10

Watch The Book of Life (2014) Trailer on Youtube

The Book of Life follows Manolo’s journey, which is torn between meeting his family’s expectations & following his heart. He starts on an astonishing trip that takes him around three fantasy worlds and requires him to confront his darkest fears before determining which path to choose.

The Book of Life invites us to cherish the past while looking ahead to the future, with a unique perspective on pop music favorites. Also, check out the best horror movies.

36. The Croods: A New Age (2020)

The Croods A New age

Director: Joel Crawford

Writer: Kirk DeMicco

Cast: Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Nicolas Cage

IMDB Rating: 7/10

Watch The Croods: A New Age (2020) Trailer on Youtube

The prehistoric Crood family encounters an ideal, walled-in paradise that fits all their needs while searching for a safer environment. They must also learn how to live with the Betterman’s, a family that is a few evolutionary levels above the Croods.

As tensions between the new neighbors begin to mount, a new threat compels both clans to accept their differences, take strength from one another, & survive together in an epic adventure.

37. Toy Story 4 (2019)

Toy Story 4 (2019)

Director: Josh Cooley

Writer: John Lasseter

Cast: Annie Potts, Tom Hanks, Tim Allen

IMDB Rating: 7.7/10

Watch Toy Story 4 (2019) Trailer on Youtube

With Bonnie and a new toy called Forky, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and the rest of the group get on a road trip. Woody’s minor detour leads him to his long-lost friend Bo Peep, and the adventure turns into an unexpected reunion. As Woody & Bo reminisce about the good old days, it becomes evident that they have quite different goals in life as toys.

38. Moana (2016)

Moana (2016)

Director: Ron Clements

Writer: John Musker

Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Rachel House, Auliʻi Cravalho

IMDB Rating: 7.6/10

Watch Moana (2016) Trailer on Youtube

An adventurous adolescent sets out on a perilous journey to save her people. They embark on an action-packed trip across the ocean, facing huge beasts and insurmountable difficulties.

Moana finds the demigod Maui along the road, who helps her in her quest to become a master way-finder. Moana completes her family’s old quest and discovers the one thing she’s always wanted: her own identity along the way.

Best Kids Movies: Wrapping Up

There isn’t a set formula for making a great children’s movie, but one thing is certain: children enjoy movies that emotionally challenge them, even if they are scary, sad, or just complex. Kids are kids, and they’re well aware of it, but it doesn’t mean they enjoy being belittled.

They have distinct tastes as well. Children know when they see something that makes them feel good or bad, even if they don’t have as much experience as adult viewers and may not be able to express why a film is good or awful.

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