20 Best Movies on iON Television to watch in 2023

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If you’ve wondered what movies you could watch in your spare time, you’ve come to the right place. We have listed the 20 best movies on iON television to watch in 2023.

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Ion television has many TV shows and movies that are family-friendly and perfect for get-togethers during the holiday season.

So if you’re a rom-com fan or a sucker for a good ol’ high-school reunion, make sure you go through our list of 20 best movies on iON television to watch in 2023 to help you get by this holiday season easily.

Best Movies on iON Television

Let’s take a look at the best movies on iON television:

1. A Christmas Witness (2021)


Director: Melissa Kosar

Writer: Joany Kane

Cast: Linzi Fenix, Colin Egglesfield, Arielle Kebbel

IMDb Rating: 5.4/10

Watch A Christmas Witness trailer on YouTube.

On top of our Best Movies on iON Television list, we have a Christmas witness. The film is about a federal agent named Jessie, who has to look after a witness, Dean McCoy, until he testifies right after Christmas.

The pair spend time with one another during this time and slowly fall for one another. Also watch best shows on iON Television.

2. Snowmance (2017)


Director: Douglas Mitchell

Writer: Blaine Chiappetta

Cast: Adam Hurtig, Ashley Newbrough, Jesse Hutch

IMDb Rating: 5.1/10

Watch Snowmance trailer on YouTube.

The film’s plot revolves around two best friends, Sarah and Nick. Sarah builds a “Snow Beau,” a snowman, with her closest friend Nick every Christmas. But unfortunately, Sarah’s love life is a bit of a mess, as she faces one breakup after the other.

This time it’s no different, as she’s reeling from one lately and wonders if she will ever find true love. Then, with a bit of magic, SnowBeau comes to life, and she now has to decide between him or someone who has always been there for her.

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3. A Cinderella Christmas (2016)


Director: Tosca Musk

Writer: Kelly Goodner

Cast: Peter Porte, Sarah Stouffer, Emma Catherine Rigby

IMDb Rating: 6.2/10

Watch A Cinderella Christmas trailer on YouTube

A Cinderella Christmas is about a wealthy celebrity who falls in love with an ephemeral woman who visits his Christmas masquerade ball.

In classic Cinderella style, the handsome celebrity, Nikolaus, is smitten by the woman, Angie, but fails to learn her identity. Unfortunately, the film is a modern take on the classic fairytale.

If you want to watch more fairytale movies, then get US Netflix in NZ.

4. A Holiday Heist (2011)


Director: Christie Will Wolf

Writer: Serge Kushnier, Christie Will Wolf, Jarret Golding

Cast: Rick Malambri, Vivica A.Fox, Lacey Chabert

IMDb Rating: 3.8/10

Watch A Holiday Heist trailer on YouTube

A Holiday Heist is about a group of students that stay at their school over Christmas to work on a special art exhibition.

The college students soon discover a trio of out-of-place individuals who might just be planning an infamous heist at the exhibit. As everyone is held hostage, the group decides to take it into their hands to eliminate the miscreants. Read our guide on Netflix movies in NZ and binge watch it.

5. A Christmas Princess (2011)


Director: Fred Olen Ray

Writer: Fred Olen Ray, Peter Sullivan,

Cast: Travis Burns, Erin Gray, Shein Mompremier

IMDb Rating: 5.5/10

Watch A Christmas Princess trailer on YouTube

A Christmas Princess is about a struggling chef, Jessica, who’s trying to make it big in New York. In a chance encounter, Jessica meets Jack, a prince, who’s in town for a grand family annual Christmas Charity Dinner.

He requires a last-minute chef for the opulent event, and Jessica seems like the right fit, or he might just like a bit more. From our list of best movies on iON television, this is the one we recommend the most.

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6. Christmas Matchmakers (2019)


Director: David DeCoteau

Writer: Tamara Kiwi, Zelma Kiwi, Natalie Kiwi

Cast: Andrew Rogers, Vivica A.Fox, Anna Marie Dobbins

IMDb Rating: 5.3/10

Watch Christmas Matchmakers trailer on YouTube

Christmas Matchmakers is about matchmaking and hoping two tough bosses fall for one another. Jen and Jon devise a plan to get their respective bosses ‘busy’ during the holiday season so they have more free time. There are more movies you would love to watch some of them include movies from HBO Max which is Dune movie in NZ.

7. March of the Penguins (2005)


Director: Luc Jacquet

Writer: Luc Jacquet, Michael Fessler, Jordan Roberts

Cast: Morgan Freeman, Charles Berling, Romane Bohringer

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

Watch March of the Penguins trailer on YouTube.

The movie “March of the Penguins” is about the adorable journey penguins take to look for their perfect mate and start their own family.

The film is set against the massive backdrop of Antarctica and is narrated by Morgan Freeman.

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8. Holiday High School Reunion (2012)


Director: Marita Grabiak

Writer: Barbara Kymlicka

Cast: Jon Prescott, Rachel Boston, Jonathan Bennett

IMDb Rating: 4.9/10

Watch Holiday High School Reunion trailer on YouTube.

We’ve all had one that got away. When Georgia returns home at Christmas, she’s just in time for an impromptu high-school reunion. She’s ecstatic as she plans everything in advance and hopes to bump into a love interest she had during high school.

9. A New Lease on Christmas (2021)


Director: Leigh Scott

Writer: Jack Marchetti, Robert A.Friedman

Cast: Jerry E England, Claire Coffee, George Stults

IMDb Rating: 5.5/10

Watch A New Lease on Christmas trailer on YouTube

The film is about a single real estate agent falling for a charming coffee shop owner, only to discover that her latest project involves her evicting him from his sole livelihood: his coffee shop. Awkward!

10. A Wedding for Christmas (2018)


Director: Fred Olen Ray

Writer: Anna White

Cast: Colton Little, Cristine Prosperi, Vivica A.Fox

IMDb Rating: 5.3/10

Watch A Wedding for Christmas trailer on YouTube

Christmas is a jubilant time, so imagine having two reasons to be celebratory: A wedding at Christmas! Haley is a wedding planner in the hustling and bustling Los Angeles.

However, she soon has to return to the small-town and small life she once escaped from since her sister is getting married. Once she’s in town, she meets her childhood flame, and sparks fly between them.

11. A Royal Christmas Ball (2014)


Director: David DeCoteau

Writer: Suzanne Dunn, Peter Sullivan, Jeffery Schenck

Cast: Tara Reid, Haley Pullos, Ingo Rademacher

IMDb Rating: 4.6/10

Watch A Royal Christmas Ball trailer on YouTube

The movie revolves around a bachelor king who decides to reconnect with this old college sweetheart around Christmas.

He’s in for a surprise, though, because his American college sweetheart, Allison (Tara Reid), never married and single-handedly raised a beautiful daughter called Lily. Charles suspects Lilly might be his daughter, but he’s not sure. You can also check out the best movies on acorn tv in New Zealand.

12. A Christmas in Vermont (2016)


Director: Fred Olen Ray

Writer: Michael Varrati, Jeffrey Schenck, Peter Sullivan

Cast: Chevy Chase, Abigail Hawk, David O’Donnell

IMDb Rating: 5.4/10

Watch A Christmas in Vermont trailer on YouTube

The film revolves around a company executive tasked with an awkward task at an even more awkward season: Christmas. The company executive, Riley Thomas, must shut down a small town manufacturer of outerwear in Vermont for not being able to hit profit turrets.
However, once Riley visits the town, she realizes that the city depends on the company for its livelihood. She surprisingly finds love in this small town, too, and now it’s a matter of the heart vs. the mind.

Will she side with her greedy boss, or will she come out clean to help the people of the town? Watch the old iON TV movies to find out!

13. A Christmas Cruise (2017)


Director: David DeCoteau

Writer: Jeffrey Schenck, Jay Cipriani, Peter Sullivan

Cast: Kristoff St.John, Vivica A.Fox, Jessica Morris

IMDb Rating: 4.7/10

Watch A Christmas Cruise Trailer on Youtube

What could go wrong with a holiday-themed sailing experience, a few good friends, and some eye candy aboard? Or go, right?

That’s precisely what happens in “A Christmas Cruise” when a woman gets invited by her best friend to come aboard for an evening of fun, frolic, and laughter. If you are a comedy fan, then you can go through our blog on the best comedy movies available in New Zealand.

14. A Golden Christmas (2009)


Director: John Murlowski

Writer: Jay Cipriani

Cast: Nicholas Brendon, Andrea Roth, Elisa Donovan

IMDb Rating: 5.5/10

Watch A Golden Christmas trailer on YouTube

This movie is a Christmas romance movie that was released in the year 2009. The plot revolves around a woman visiting her family for Christmas when she finds out that her parents have sold her childhood home.

She’s devastated and tells them that she wishes to purchase it. When she was nine years old, she used to have a best friend in the woods called Han Solo.

She soon meets the purchaser and cannot help but see a resemblance. But could it be her Han?

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15. Christmas Mail (2010)


Director: John Mulowski

Writer: Steven Palmer Peterson, Lorene Lacey

Cast: A.J Buckley, Lochlyn Munro, Ashley Scott

IMDb Rating: 5.3/10

Watch A Christmas Mail trailer on YouTube

Starring A.J.Buckley as a delusional, eccentric mail carrier and Ashley Scott as a new employee at his workplace, the film is a rom-com, more of a one-sided infatuation.

The new lady at his office answers Santa’s mail and children’s letters to Santa Claus.

16. A Christmas Kiss II (2014)


Director: Kevin Connor

Writer: Joany Kane

Cast: Elizabeth Harnois, Jonathan Bennett, Adam Mayfield

IMDb Rating: 5.9/10

Watch A Christmas Kiss || trailer on YouTube

The movie is set at Christmas time, under the mistletoe, with a handsome playboy and a pretty woman. Jenna, the lady in question, shares a kiss with the ever-so-charming billionaire playboy, Cooper Montgomery.

Jenna hasn’t had much luck with love and is wary of this little hookup’s consequences. But, as she spends more time with Cooper, she realizes that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to him and his dalliances.

17. A Christmas Hero (2020)


Director: Phil Wurtzel

Writer: Patti Wittenberg, Phil Wurtzel

Cast: Patrick Floch, Michael Welch, Cat Grey

IMDb Rating: 4.4/10

Watch A Christmas Hero trailer on YouTube

Heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, A Christmas Hero sheds light on how much emotional and psychological turmoil war veterans go through the rest of their lives.

When a disoriented war veteran returns to his home during Christmas, a guardian angel decides to show him that his life’s work did impact many people.

18. 12 Wishes of Christmas (2011)

Director: Peter Sullivan

Writer: Jeffery Schneck, Michael Ciminera, Peter Sullivan

Cast: Gabrielle Carteris, Elisa Donovan, Fred Willard

IMDb Rating: 5.4/10

Watch 12 Wishes of Christmas trailer on YouTube

The plot revolves around a mysterious woman called Noel, who grants a lady (Elisa Donovan) 12 wishes for Christmas.

Things start to get messy when each of her wishes begins to come true, and the lady realizes that you have to be careful what you wish for. She then sets forth to manage the mess that she’s created.

19. A Christmas Truce (2015)


Director: Brian Skiba

Writer: Alexandra Julson

Cast: Ali Lambert, Craig Olejnik, Kate Vernon

IMDb Rating: 5.6/10

Watch The Christmas Truce trailer on YouTube

Set in the backdrop of an ongoing war, an American soldier and a Belgian belle fall in love with one another. A temporary truce is in place, and the two meet one another during this time.

However, once fighting resumes, they both promise to be with one another if they manage to make it out alive. The catch? They promised one another they would meet again at Christmas.

20. A Beauty & the Beast Christmas (2019)


Director: Dylan Vox

Writer: Scotty Mullen

Cast: Rob Raco, Leah Pipes, Ryan Kelley

IMDb Rating: 4.7/10

Watch A Beauty & the Beast Christmas trailer on YouTube

Lastly, another Christmas movie is on our list to watch with your family this holiday season. Ginger Holiday, our main protagonist, is a social media celebrity and self-proclaimed Queen-bee of Christmas.

She hurts her face in a bizarre incident and decides to take some time off from online activities. Her lack of online presence results in her losing followers on her social accounts, which puts her at risk of losing her sponsorship.

Her agent devises a plan to regain her followers by faking her engagement with a well-known notorious fellow.

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Best Movies on iON Television: Conclusion

Ion television has many movie titles to help you and your family get by the holiday season. If you are planning to watch iON movies, then use ExpressVPN. Their VPN Christmas deals are also available.

Let us know in the comments below which movies you have seen already and which ones you plan on visiting from our list of 20 best movies on iON television to watch in 2023.

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