Best TV Shows in New Zealand on Sky Sports

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Best TV Shows in New Zealand on Sky Sports

Watch the Best TV Shows in New Zealand on Sky Sports, as it provides you with unlimited sports entertainment from around the globe. With the most diverse and engaging sports varying from the NFL’s exhilarating touchdowns to WWE’s intense punches, Sky Sports delivers sports action for everyone. But Sky Sports only operates in its approved streaming regions adhering to the content licensing laws; a VPN resolves this issue by intercepting the blocking restrictions of Sky Sports. So you can stream restricted content by switching your New Zealand IP address to a local UK IP and enjoy your favorite show on Sky Sports without any restrictions. watch Sky Sports in New Zealand by downloading ExpressVPN, as it is our top recommendation for streaming platforms.

What are the Best TV Shows in New Zealand on Sky Sports?

Sky Sports brings you the most thrilling TV shows in New Zealand and presents you with live sporting events and talk shows with in-depth analysis by the most qualified experts in sports. Sky Sports also updates you with all the intriguing highlights and all the upcoming matches and series. Sky Sports, since the start, has been the source of sports action in the UK, covering all sports events worldwide.

Soccer AM – 1995

Soccer AM debuted in 1995 and quickly became the front for all the football news and entertainment. Football pregame analysis and postgame debates bring the fans a chance to divulge all that football has to offer. The show has become a must-watch for viewers all across the UK and brings together fans of football to celebrate this beautiful game.

Ford Super Sunday – 1992

Ford Super Sunday, from its first time airing in 1992, has captured the audience with its exclusive broadcasting of live matches with premier league matches as a prime focus. The show, for over three decades, has given its audience intense football action and expert reviews. Ford Super Sunday has been a must-watch for every football fan around the world as it brings you the most significant moments in the game.

Goals on Sunday – 2000

In 2000, Sky Sports launched Goals on Sunday, and it quickly rose to become a Sunday morning ritual for football fans in the UK. The show’s comprehensive and in-depth analysis makes it a primary platform to stay up to date on all that is happening in the football world. Goals on Sunday invite you to watch fascinating interviews with the most significant figures in football.

NFL on Sky Sports – 1995

NFL on Sky Sports – 1995


NFL on Sky Sports has been the constant source of American football in the UK since its commencement in 1995. With live coverage and insightful commentary, the show has been the go-to for all the NFL action in the UK. From the Super Bowl to regular seasons, the NFL on Sky Sports brings all the American football from across the Atlantic to the UK, ensuring to provide the fans with every adrenaline-filled moment as it happens.

Sunday Supplement – 1999

Serious football followers have made Sunday Supplement an essential part of their lives since its debut in 1999. To find out the latest stories, the panel discusses and debates the highlights and all the news coming from the football world. Sunday Supplement proves to be the show that provides insightful and in-depth analysis of the beautiful game, leaving viewers well-informed about the current affairs of football.

Live: Monday Night Football – 1992

Live: Monday Night Football, since its inception, has managed to bring you nonstop live premier league matches to make your Monday night exciting. With the prime-time coverage, the show brings you post-match analysis with the most experienced panel of hosts, giving you insights that are otherwise missed. Live: Monday Night Football transforms the viewers’ experience of football in the most interesting and fun way.

Soccer Saturday – 1992

Since 1992, Soccer Saturday has provided football enthusiasts with the ultimate platform for highlights, updates, and fixtures. The panel consists of the most interesting experts who deliver all the latest scores from the football ground and intriguing insights. That Soccer Saturday has been the UK’s favorite Saturday night entertainment source.

The Women’s Football Show – 2020

The Women’s Football Show debuted in 2020 and became an instant hit, throwing the limelight on women’s football, with interesting interviews of all the players and showing the most vital stories of women in the sports world. The show is hosted by the two most talented former football players, Izzy Christiansen and Pien Meulensteen. The show focuses on giving you all the highlights, latest scores, fixtures, and insights on the games and players.

WWE Main Event – 2012

WWE Main Event – 2012 on sky sports

WWE’s Main Event on Sky Sports takes the fans into the center of all the action and drama happening in WWE. The show brings you each and every moment from inside the ring and the stories occurring behind the scenes. WWE Main Event has been the staple for fans around the UK, as it dives deep into the captivating fights and drama that WWE offers.

Premier League Fixtures – 2017

Premier League Fixtures kicked off in 2017 and quickly became the center of all the premier league action, with show presenting fixtures of every team that provides the premier league fans with insight on each match and who will be going against their team in the next play, the premier league fans have made the show as their guide for the football experience.

What Else Is Worth Watching On Sky Sports?

Here is the list of the most popular shows that you can watch on Sky Sports:


Sky Sports ensures that its viewers get to enjoy the best of all the sporting events from around the world. From football to WWE, all the sports enthusiasts are catered to within one platform. To catch the Best TV Shows in New Zealand on Sky Sports, we suggest you download ExpressVPN as it unlocks all the best of Sky Sports for you, with live coverage of every important sports event like the premier league and NFL Super Bowl. It is the best Streaming VPN for Sky Sports due to its capability to cover your New Zealand IP address perfectly and multiple advanced features like the mediastreamer that allows you to view Sky Sports on any device you prefer. ExpressVPN gives you a safe and secure route to uninterrupted streaming and continues to prove itself as the Best VPN for Sky Sports.

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