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Are you in search of the best VPN for Mac? That gives you end-to-end encryption from possible threats. Mac VPNs act as a defense mechanism that protects your online identity from unwanted cyber threats. During COVID-19, there is a significant rise in the malware cases that have eventually emphasized VPN’s importance for Mac.

The best thing about using a Mac VPN is it allows you to encrypt the data you transfer through your Mac device. Whether you’re using a MacBook on a free Wi-Fi network, a VPN will shield your digital footprints from ransomware. Due to the indispensable worth of data security, the VPN market is estimated to get a net worth of $35.73 billion by 2022. 

We’ve tested thousands of VPNs and found few of them worth giving a shot. And in this Mac VPN guide, we will be sharing the 7 best VPN for Mac that are proven successful in providing top-tier security. Let’s read further to find out what makes them outperform the other VPNs.

TLDR: Which is the best VPN for Mac in 2021?

If you’re short on time, we’ve summarised the list of 7 best Mac VPNs that are working great in 2021. Have a quick review of the following providers. 

ExpressVPN – Secure Mac VPN with high-performance 3000+ servers 

Surfshark – Budget-Friendly Mac VPN with 3200+ servers & free multi-logins

NordVPN – Premium Mac VPN with 5400+ servers & lightning speed

PureVPN – First-rate Mac VPN with 6500+ servers & top-notch security protocols

Cyberghost – Dedicated 6000+ servers & Reliable VPN for Mac  

IPVanish – Gives end-to-end encryption to Mac Device with zero-logs

ZenMate – Affordable VPN for Mac with protection against cybercrimes

How to pick the Best VPN for Mac?

Well, for deciding on the best VPN for Mac, it is essential to look forward to the features the provider offers. Most apparently, a pre-configured client, iOS support, and high-end security protocols are the key facets that you need to look for before selecting a Mac VPN. Not all VPNs you find in the market provide end-to-end encryption. 

Therefore, we’ve come up with the best VPN software for Mac that you’ll not regret buying. Next, VPN performance plays a massive role because none of you like getting their security connection disconnected. In case you want to use Mac for online streaming and torrenting, then you need to go for a streaming VPN with zero-buffering. 

Moreover, make sure the VPN you are using for Mac has robust security protocols to combat the viruses. When we were in the testing phase of macOS VPNs; some of the VPNs did not give satisfactory performance. And only the 7 VPNs have performed well, and that’s why we are confident that these providers will help you make the most out of your Mac device. 

7 Best VPNs for Mac in 2021 – Detailed Analysis


1. ExpressVPN (Best VPN for Mac with User-Friendly Interface App)



  • Provides 3000+ servers in 90+ countries for Mac users
  • Provides multi-devices connections on up to 5 devices 
  • Super compatible with browsing with Safari privately 
  • Gives a 31-day money-back guarantee to all users

ExpressVPN for Mac is another outperformer in macOS VPNs, including 3000+ servers in almost 94+ countries. The provider is well-reputed in exhibiting the fastest VPN performance that gives you an uninterrupted experience on MacBook and iMac models. ExpressVPN offers Mac users unique IP addresses to get increased security. 

Moreover, security standards for macOS and best-in-class encryption systems include OpenVPN, SSTP, Kill Switch, etc. It gives you unlimited bandwidth and has separate apps supported for macOS, iOS. Android, Windows, and other devices. 


ExpressVPN has a super-competitive speed among all other VPNs for macOS. Concerning prices and quality of connection, the provider has a relatively high price. However, if you opt for their macOS service from budget-friendly deal offers, you have to pay the $6.67/mo only. 

2. Surfshark (High-Speed & Affordable Mac VPN)


  • Provides 3200+ high-speed servers for macOS device  
  • 100% RAM servers for increased user privacy 
  • Has zero limitations on multi-device logins
  • Gives a 30 Day money-back guarantee

 Surfshark has made its way to the list of top Mac VPN through its high-end protocols. OpenVPN protocol and encryption of AES-256-GCM. It has no restrictions on multi-device logins. Surfshark VPN for macOS is well-recognized for its exceptional performance in providing security from cyber theft with a starting price of just $2.49/mo (24 months)


The macOS VPN provider is British Virgin Island-based that came recently in the digital arena and soon gained popularity. Apart from other features, this VPN works amazingly to unblock streaming content on Macbook. 

Surfshark support devices, for instance, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Further, it also offers dedicated apps for most compatible devices. The macOS VPN app is compatible with browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Other than that, it works for devices like Android and iOS. 

The provider security protocols for macOS have some smart features, for instance, MultiHop, CleanWeb, Private DNS, and Camouflage Mode. You can easily hide your IP address so that no one can track your online activity. 

3. NordVPN (Lightning Speed for MacOS with Security Protocols)


  • Gives MacOS user 5400+ servers in nearly 59+ countries 
  • Gives multi-login benefit on up to 06 devices 
  • Super compatible to use with Android, iOS, Windows & Mac 
  • Zero-logs policy & encrypted security protocols

NordVPN is another first-rate VPN for macOS that you can use to get ultimate security. It is quite popular among macOS users for its high performance in securing your MacBook with high-tech protocols. It has all those features that make the macOS free from data theft issues. 

The provider has an extensive range of widespread servers with the continuous upgrade of new servers. It gives you a Double VPN technology that will protect and encrypt your macOS data. 


NordVPN for macOS has compatibility with any of the devices, including Windows, iOS, Android, and others, and has separate apps to operate. You can opt for their VPN service for macOS and get 3 months free at a price of $3.30 per month on its 2-years plan subscription along with a 72% discount. Besides that, it has a 30-day money-back policy for Mac users to have a risk-free experience. 

4. PureVPN (Best & Secure Mac VPN with Huge Servers)


  • Widespread 6500+ network servers in 140+ countries
  • Multiple devices connections; support 10 devices within a single account 
  • Includes support for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows
  • Works with Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, and other macOS models
  • Zero limitations on bandwidth 

PureVPN has gained immense popularity among all other providers for being the best Mac VPN. It enables users to get end-to-end identity protection from online scams. You can experience the best Mac VPN service at the most reasonable price of $3.33/month for a 2-year plan.


Next to security features, PureVPN has great unblocking functionalities, one-click protection, and a kill switch. Currently, PureVPN provides Mac users with a wide range of 6500+ servers located in nearly 140+ countries worldwide. It also provides a 31 Day money-back guarantee so that users can experience the VPN service risk-free. 

PureVPN has top-notch military-grade encryption of AES-256-CBC. They make sure all your online activity is protected with encrypted tunnels. Their VPN speed is matchless and ensures you get a secure connection free from errors. Besides, PureVPN has robust DNS leak protection and advanced security protocols that provide Mac users full-fledged security. You do not need to fear your critical data being shared with 3rd parties. 

5. CyberGhost (6000+ Servers & Dedicated Apps for macOS)


  • Provides multiple devices connections for 7 devices
  • Dedicated apps to use with all devices, including Mac, Android, iOS, etc.
  • Has a database of 6000+ server in more than 80 countries

CyberGhost is successfully proven for macOS device security, having an extensive array of servers for Mac users. Like other providers, it is loaded with an encryption facility of 256-bit encryption to ensure all your macOS online data is protected. Further, it carries Ad/Tracker blockers, Kill switch, Wi-Fi protection, and other security tools.

Guaranteed zero-logs policy, high-tech security, and super compatible apps make CyberGhost for MacOS the best. They are continually upgrading their list of servers of people using them to secure their mac devices. I have personally tested 8 of its country servers to secure macOS and found it excellent for speed and performance. 


For the price of CyberGhost for Mac, it will charge you approx $2.25/mo in case you plan to opt for their 3-year + 3 Months free subscription account. Next, they have a 45-days refund policy if, due to any reason, you do not want to continue with their VPN service for macOS, you can anytime call for a refund. Besides, in a single account, you can secure 7 of your devices. 

6. IPVanish (Top-tier Mac VPN with Upgraded Features)


  • Provides macOS users 1600+ server in 75+countries
  • Gives simultaneous connection on multiple devices
  • Compatible to use with devices including MacOS models
  • Allows you to secure your online identity with protocols

IPVanish is gaining popularity when it comes to securing macOS models with extreme protection because of its super competitive performance. It enables you to get high-end security tunnels that will protect your data from unwanted security breaches. 


The provider has an extensive network of 1600+ servers in 75+locations for macOS clients and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can secure any of your macOS models with its security attributes. Moreover, it also gives an encryption facility for MacOS of AES 256-bit encryption to ensure you get maximum protection. You can opt for IPVanish for macOS at a price of $2.62/month if you subscribe to its annual pricing plan. 

7. ZenMate (zero-logging VPN for macOS)


  • Provides macOS users 73+ global server locations 
  • Gives protection to simultaneous connections
  • Compatible to use with devices including Mac, Android, iOS, etc.
  • Lightning speed & strict no-logs policy

ZenMate enables you to secure macOS devices with its extraordinary speed and servers. You will get end-to-end protection against all unwanted cybercrimes that you fear hitting your MacOS. Besides that, you can leverage from seamless streaming of your favorite movies without any throttling issues.

This VPN provider follows a zero-logs policy, which means it will not own any of your data online along with a kill switch and DNS protection to give you increased security against cybercrime. ZenMate supports apps for all macOS devices and is based in Germany. It provides a 30 days money-back guarantee to all its macOS users. 


ZenMate VPN for Mac gives the best value deal in which you can use the VPN service for just $2.22/mo. They offer mac users an 80% discount, which is quite enticing for users to invest in this VPN. You can even employ their browser extensions that are way too easy-to-use with MacOS. 

Best VPN for Mac in 2021: FAQs

Do Macs need VPNs?

Yes, Macs need a VPN to ensure the device is secured enough to combat random viruses and to get a seamless browsing experience. 

Does my Mac have a VPN built-in?

macOS has built-in support to connect with a VPN of any type. If you want it to connect automatically to a VPN, then you need a 3rd party app.

How do I get a Mac VPN?

You have to sign-up for a VPN, download the VPN software, and install it on your macOS device. 

Is a Mac VPN illegal?

No, Mac VPN is not illegal to use because it provides security and anonymity for you to protect your data online from ransomware. 

Are there any free VPNs for Mac?

Yes, free VPNs are available in the market, but they are not worthy of use because they do not guarantee protection.

How do I set up a VPN on a Mac?

You have to choose the Apple menu from your Mac device then system preferences, and afterward, on the network button, you have to add up the VPN. 

Wrapping Things Up

I hope the above Mac VPNs help you take control of your device and get increased security. All the above VPNs are tested by us to ensure you get the best of all. You can invest in any of the above providers by merely matching your requirements with it. However, each of the Mac VPN listed here has some unique qualities that make it outperform.

But, you are free to select the one that works best for you. Speed, security protocols, high-tech encryptions are vital attributes that you need to look at before investing in a premium VPN. And that is why we have shared with you the list of first-rate 8 best VPN for Mac that is working great in 2021. 

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