Britney Spears gets her first iPad at 39, calls it a ‘groundbreaking day’

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Finally, the famous US singer and pop icon Britney Spears has bought her first iPad at the age of 39. Unsurprisingly, she will remember this day all her life as she already called it a “groundbreaking day.”

Spears posted an emotional video on her Instagram and shared the great news with her fans:

I came to the kitchen, I saw something I ordered, and it is a freaking new iPad.

I am so excited. My kids have owned one, I have never owned one. This is just a groundbreaking day.

I’ve always had a little phone but now this iPad is in my hands and I feel like my life is changing as we speak. I am so excited. Upward-bound, yes!


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Britney Spears has a net worth of more than $81.2 million

According to Forbes, Spears has a net worth of $81.2 million. But she was not in a position to buy a piece of Apple tech for herself throughout her life due to allegedly controlling conservatorship.

Britney Spears was inspired by her film ‘Bridesmaids’ in the video

While posting the video on Instagram, Spears did recreate a sobriety test scene from her famous movie ‘Bridesmaids’. She added,

Could I do this if I were drunk, huh?

The Grammy winner wore a black jacket alongside hot pink heels and did a couple of foot moves while ending the video in a grand style.

Furthermore, Spear wrote on Instagram,

My life does seem different with an iPad. I’ve never had one before!!!! Pssss I was proud of my new shoes at the end … I had to recreate the scene from Bridesmaids.

Britney Spears’s fans also showed great support

Like Britney Spears, her fans are also emotional. One fan commented on her video,

She worked all her life to get a new iPad just today… That hurts.

Famous model Hayley Herms also commented,


Another follower added,
You deserve to buy what ever you want Britney !!!!!! Buy it all.

Sam Asghari played a massive role in improving Spears’s self-confidence


Spears’s boyfriend, Sam Asghari, has played a huge role in bringing positivity and hope to her life. He also shared an Instagram story wearing #FreeBritney t-shirt when the famous singer was bound to appear in court for her conservatorship hearing on June 23, 2021. 

Spears requested the court to remove the name of his father as her conservator

On Thursday, Spears filed a motion in court through her attorney to remove his father’s name as her conservative ahead of the scheduled Sept 29 hearing. 

Besides, she requested the court to consider Jason Rubin as her temporary conservator.

This is an unforgettable day for Britney Spears and her fans because this news will give much-needed momentum and life to the #FreeBritney movement a great deal.

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