How Do I Cancel ITV Hub Subscription in New Zealand

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Are you wondering how do I cancel my subscription to ITV Hub? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. There are numerous ways to unsubscribe and cancel ITV Hub subscription, depending on your device type.

The ITV portal provides unrestricted access to the shows as well as the movies on ITV, such as the BAFTA Awards, Crime Season 2, and Love Island. ITV is available on numerous platforms, and you can watch ITV On Roku too. 

Users from other regions, let’s say New Zealand, can have a taste of ITV player in New Zealand using a VPN to avoid the geo-blocks, ExpressVPN being the best VPN for ITV Hub. Let’s dive in as we examine the 17 best shows you can enjoy if you are a drama series fanatic.

Let’s take a look at the ways you can cancel your ITV hub subscription in New Zealand:

How To Cancel ITV Hub Subscription On ITV Hub Website? [Steps]

You must recall how you initially paid for ITV subscription cost in New Zealand to terminate your subscription. If you subscribed via the ITV Hub website with the best VPN for ITV Hub, you must take the following steps to cancel your ITV Hub+ subscription in New Zealand:

  1. Log in to your account on the ITV website.
  2. Click your name in the upper-right corner, navigate to “Manage Account,” confirm your email address.
  3. Select “Manage payment details” on the page’s right-hand side.
  4. Click “Cancel” and affirm to move forward.
  5. You have successfully canceled your ITV Hub+ subscription in New Zealand.

How To Cancel ITV Hub On iPhone?

When using the iPhone app to subscribe to ITV Hub, your account is associated with your Apple ID. If so, you must deactivate ITV Hub+ via the Apple ID menu. Here’s how to do it:

  1. On your iPhone, tap the “Settings” icon.
  2. By selecting your name, you can access your profile. It is in the upper-right-hand quadrant.
  3. Navigate to “Subscriptions” in the resulting menu.
  4. Find ITV Hub in the subscriptions list, then click “Cancel Subscription.”

Note: A third party is probably billing you if you are unable to find the option to cancel your membership on the “Account” page. In such a circumstance, you will be provided with a link or other means of contacting the billing service.

You can also cancel your ITV Hub+ subscription by contacting the ITV Hub support team directly.

How To Cancel ITV Hub On Android?

If you subscribed through the ITV Hub app on an Android device, you would need to go to the Google Play Store to terminate your subscription.

Here’s how to cancel ITV Hub+ on Android:

  1. Verify that you use the correct Google account by visiting the Play Store.
  2. In the upper right, click the first letter of your name. The “Payments & Subscriptions” option should be chosen.
  3. Now you need to find your ITV Hub+ account.
  4. Select “Manage” and then “Cancel subscription”
  5. To confirm the cancellation, click “Yes” when prompted.

How To Cancel ITV Hub From Amazon Fire TV?

If you are logged into ITV Hub on an Amazon Fire device and already have an Amazon account, you will be taken there immediately. Let’s take a closer look at the steps you need to follow to cancel ITV hub from Amazon Fire TV:

  1. Sign in using the Amazon ID you used to subscribe to ITV Hub+.
  2. Select “Your Memberships and Subscriptions” next.
  3. Find the option to “Cancel” ITV Hub+.”

Note: For those who have subscribed via the Amazon site, the easiest way to terminate their ITV Hub+ membership is to visit the Amazon support page, navigate to the “Subscriptions” section, and follow the instructions.

What’s New to Watch on ITV in 2024?

ITV keeps updating its content library, and we bring you fresh and updated content each month; these are some of the most hit titles that you can enjoy on ITV in January 2024:

Cheltenham New Year’s Day 2024 Jeopardy uk 2024 Riddiculous season 2
Mr Bates vs The Post Office Real Madrid v Mallorca Mr Bates vs the Post Office: The Real Story
Crystal Palace v Everton Tottenham Hotspur v Burnley FA Cup Live: Sunderland v Newcastle United
Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win series 3 Big Zuu’s 12 Dishes in 12 Hours Wheel of Fortune 2024
vera series 13 Deal or No Deal Celebrity Special 2024 FA Cup Live: Wigan Athletic v Manchester United
The Martin Lewis Money Show Live After the Flood Exeter v Glasgow Warriors
Grantchester Series 8 Dancing on Ice 2024 World Grand Prix Snooker
Bahrain Darts Masters Sale Sharks v La Rochelle Extraordinary

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Follow these simple instructions to disable auto-renewal on ITV Hub:

  • Log in with your details at the ITV Hub website.
  • Proceed to the “Subscription” tab under the “Billing” menu.
  • The three dots in the vertical position next to “Change Plan” should be tapped.
  • To disable automatic renewal for your ITV Hub subscription, click the “Off” button.

If you subscribed to ITV Hub using Google Play in New Zealand, here’s how you can cancel your subscription:

  • Launch the website or app for Google Play.
  • Use a proper Google account to sign in.
  • Left-hand menu: My Subscriptions
  • Pick “ITV Hub+.”After selecting ‘Manage,’ select ‘Cancel subscription.’
  • Select “Yes” when asked.
    After completing these steps, you can watch ITV on-demand for free through the Hub app or website on any device. However, you will be forced to endure advertisements throughout the viewing. But do remember that you can watch ITV outside UK for free after canceling your subscription.

Depending on how the user subscribed to ITV Hub+, there are different procedures for canceling the free trial. You can terminate your free trial by following the comprehensive instructions we’ve provided for various signup methods.

If you have an ITV Hub account, it is most likely associated with the Apple ID you used to sign up for an iPhone or iPad. However, Apple ID parameters are modifiable. Here’s how you can cancel ITV Hub on Apple:

  • To access Settings, swipe left from the main screen.
  • Apple ID menu: “Subscriptions.”
  • Please affirm your final call to cancel ITV Hub.
  • Contact support to terminate your account if none of the following solutions work.


It is fairly simple to cancel ITV Hub subscription and disable the auto-renewal feature on your account in New Zealand. ITV Hub makes it very easy for users to deactivate any subscriptions associated with their accounts without causing any sort of hassle in the process.

But if you want to stream ITV online, ExpressVPN is the best combination as it lets you stream ITV Hub by letting you watch securely anywhere.

If you want to access ITV again, simply navigate to your account page, sign in with your previous login information, and then select “Restart Subscription” from the drop-down menu on that page.

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