How to Cancel Sky TV Subscription in New Zealand [Easy Steps]

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Are you considering to cancel Sky TV subscription? If so, this guide will tell you how to do it in easy steps. Canceling your Sky TV subscription can be hassle-free; just follow these simple steps.

Unlike other streaming platforms, Sky TV is available in New Zealand. You can use a Sky TV guide to find out what you can watch and the service.

Keep reading for information on the different ways you can cancel Sky TV subscription and what happens when you cancel Sky TV subscription NZ.

How to Cancel Sky TV Subscription in New Zealand Through the Website (Step-by-Step Guide)

There are four ways you can cancel Sky TV subscription in New Zealand:

  1. Cancel it on the Phone.
  2. Using their live chat support.
  3. Email Sky TV.
  4. Canceling before your minimum contract period expires.

How to Cancel Sky TV Subscription Over the Phone

Calling Sky’s customer service line is the quickest way to end your subscription. Callers should dial 03332 022 135. Sky TV customer support stays active 24/7, and no call is charged. However, if you don’t have a package by Sky TV for your phone, you will be charged.

Do as the representative ask you to do. First, clear your intentions of canceling your Sky TV subscription. You will be informed when your service ends, but keep checking your bank payments for upcoming months if the cancelation wasn’t successful.

After completing your cancellation process, you now need to return your equipment within 90-days.

Also, check out how you can cancel Sling TV.

How to Cancel Sky TV Subscription Through Live Chat Portal

You can terminate your account through Sky’s Live Chat. Find Sky’s contact information at You can use their live chat 24/7. Ask for a cancelation of your Sky TV subscription.

You will be informed in writing of the day your services will terminate after your cancellation has been validated.

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How to Cancel Sky TV via Email

Sending an email to cancel Sky TV subscription is another option. However, this process can take longer than the other two because Sky needs more information about your account than just your email before they will close your account.

Make sure your email has all the necessary details. While writing the email, clearly state that you are closing your account and that it will close at the end of the notice period if you don’t do this.

When you’re finished, send it to Sky at; if you are facing a delay in response, call customer support.

Once your services have ended, promptly return any equipment and confirm that your direct debit has been terminated.

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How to Cancel Sky TV Before Your Minimum Contract Period Expires

All Sky services have minimum contract terms, typically 12-18 months. Although you have the option to terminate the contract before it ends, doing so will cost you money.

Check your contract to find out how long it is, the current status, and if any terms would allow you to terminate it earlier.

How much is the Sky cancellation fee NZ? If you terminate it before your contract expires, the Sky cancellation fee will be calculated based on the time remaining in your term, the items you are subscribed to, and the time already billed. You can calculate your cost here:

Call customer service and explain that you wish to terminate the contract and request confirmation of any early termination fees.

Similarly you can also cancel Amazon Prime subscription.

What happens if I Cancel my Sky TV?

If you’re in Sky’s trial period or a “cooling off” period, you can terminate your subscription in 31 days without being charged extra fees.

If you’ve been with Sky longer, you must offer 31 days’ notice. Due to monthly payments, you may continue to be paid after canceling your service. However, account credits are returned in 45 days.

Canceling a Sky subscription early may result in an early termination fee. You can log into your Sky TV account to see how much of your contract is left, and you must return Sky Q equipment promptly.

Before cancelling the subscription, you must binge-watch the best shows on Sky TV that can change your mind.

What is the Cheapest Sky TV Package?


You can get Sky Signature TV and Netflix combined with an 18-month commitment starting at £26 per month. You may choose this option on the Sky website. Or you can decide to make your own bundle at the exact cost.

Customers of Sky often have some sort of package, unlike other streaming services that offer clear, separate plans. Therefore, you should compare packages to choose the one that meets your needs and preferences. Or you can test the service with Sky TV free trial.

What Streaming Service Should I Get After I Cancel Sky TV?

Several streaming choices are available now, and they are all continually improving. That’s probably why Sky includes Netflix in many of its packages. Maybe you still want Sky but don’t want to sign the contract.

Alternatively, you can grab a subscription to one of the top streaming services on the crowded market, which provides new collections of movies and TV shows. Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and Acorn TV NZ are just a few examples of streaming services you can opt for instead of Sky TV.

Common FAQs

How do you cancel Sky without calling?

You can terminate your Sky subscription through the live chat feature on the website or by sending an email to the Sky customer support service.

Can Sky charge me for Cancelling?

Yes. It depends on how many days are remaining on your minimum term after the end of your subscription, the days you’ve previously been invoiced for, the price you pay, and when your subscription ends.

How do I speak to someone at Sky?

You can make a free call to Sky from your mobile device at (150). When doing so, ignore the messages at the beginning of the conversation, and if it prompts you to hang up, don’t. Instead, continue speaking as long as you can.

Can I just cancel my Sky Direct Debit?

Yes. You can. You need to contact your bank to cancel your Sky direct debit. However, a confirmation in writing may be required. Also, notify Sky by using the contact us option on their website.

Can I watch Sky without a subscription?

Yes. You can watch a free subscription to Sky using satellite television that is available with a dish and decoder.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it. How to cancel Sky TV subscription, NZ. It’s a lot easier than you might think and can be done in just a few simple steps. We hope this article has been helpful and that you are now ready to take the next step in canceling your subscription.

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