How Much Does CBC Cost in New Zealand [Update 2023]

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How Much Does CBC Cost in New Zealand

If you are looking for a reasonably priced platform to stream your favorite shows, then CBC is the one. CBC Gem is one of the most popular streaming platforms based in Canada and has a massive collection of Trending movies and Best shows like Pretty Hard Cases Season 3, Murdoch Mysteries Season 16, and many more.

As the platform is based in Canada, you will need to use the best VPN to get around the platform’s geo-restrictions which is ExpressVPN. You can enjoy a CBC Free trial as well as cancel CBC subscriptions at any time with a few clicks. If you are struggling to find out the best VPN to access CBC, you are at the right place to learn about 3 best VPNs to access CBC. Keep reading to learn more!

How Much Does CBC Cost Per Month in New Zealand? [Quick Guide]

Take a look at what the cost of CBC looks like in New Zealand. CBC gem currently offers two memberships options, a regular membership and a VIP/ Premium membership for which the costs and features are as follows:

  Unauthenticated CBC Member CBC Member – Premium
Monthly cost 0 0 4.99 CAD
Free trial None None 1 month
Ad supported Yes Yes No
Early Access to CBC originals No No Yes
Streaming access No Yes Yes

How Do I Pay for my CBC Gem in New Zealand in H2023?

CBC Gem accepts subscription payments through many channels, such as Apple TV, Google Pay, MasterCard, Visas, Visa Debit, and Debit Mastercard. CBC does not accept payment from American Express, pre-paid credit cards, or Interface online. Furthermore, only cards with a Canadian billing address on them will be accepted.

How Do I Access CBC Gem in New Zealand in 2023?

As the platform is based in Canada, its access will be limited to devices physically located inside Canada. If you want to access the CBC gem app or website from New Zeeland or any other place, you will need to use an ExpressVPN service to get ahead of the platform’s regional restrictions.


A CBC unauthenticated account will give you access to none of CBC’s content with commercial breaks and interruptions, and you will only be able to live stream CBC TV.

CBC Member

A regular CBC membership will cost you nothing and give you access to all of CBC’s released content with commercial advertisements supported. You will also get access to 14 local TV channels across the country to live stream.

CBC Premium Member

A CBC premium membership will cost you 4.99 CAD per month and will come with a one-month free trial. With a premium, you can access all of CBC’s content and any early access content without commercial interruptions.

You should consider what are the devices compatible to stream CBC in New Zealand? You can stream CBC in New Zealand on various devices now.

What to Watch On CBC With Subscription?

CBC has a great and varied collection of hit movies and shows from almost all categories

Shows IMBD
Coroner 6.8/ 10
Workin’ Moms 7.7/ 10
Being Erica 7.5/ 10
Murdoch Mysteries 8.2/ 10
Still Mine 7.4/ 10
Across the Line 5.5/ 10
Hyena Road 6.5/ 10

What do you get with CBC Gem Subscription?

With a premium CBC gem subscription, you can access all o the content offered by CBC plus any early access CBC originals. You can also live stream the CBC News Network 24/7 without commercial interruptions.

What Else is Worth Watching on CBC?

FAQs – CBC Cost

CBC Gem currently offers two membership plans, a regular membership for o cost but with limited features and a premium subscription for 4.99 CAD per month. With the premium membership, you will get the first month for free and an AD-free streaming experience.

To watch CBC Gem for free in New Zealand, you can either take advantage of the one-month free trial you get with the premium membership or choose s the regular membership, but it has fewer features.

Yes, the  CBC Gem app is free on Apple TV.

No, CBS Gem streaming is not free in New Zealand.

CBS has a free membership and a premium membership for 4.99 CAD per month.


In conclusion, CBC Gem is a great platform with a vast collection of  Best Trending movies and shows in its library up for online streaming. After going through the article, you now know how Much Does CBC Cost in New Zealand in 2023. You can use the ExpressVPN to watch CBC Gem in New Zealand.

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