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Choice TV, a free-to-air channel that has been providing entertainment and lifestyle content related to different genres, such as natural history, food, comedy, property, gardening, and others since 2012. The channel has become a one-stop solution for all Kiwi viewers who want to watch a variety of content without breaking their bank.

Read this comprehensive Choice TV guide to know about this Freeview channel’s salient features alongside supported devices and signup procedures in detail. Also, check out our NZ TV Guide to know programs available on a daily and weekly basis. 

Countries where Choice TV is available

Choice TV is a Freeview TV channel compared to the international media network Sky (read our Sky TV NZ Guide). Apart from this, the channel is famous for providing free-to-air on-demand services to its local New Zealand streaming fans.


What to watch on Choice TV and how?

Unlike Amazon Prime NZ, Netflix New Zealand, Disney Plus NZ, and other videos on-demand services, you do not need to pay for streaming Choice TV on demand. Once you start examining its official site in detail, you may find different categories such as WatchTV GuideSubscribe to our NewsletterSearch, Sign in, and Create New Account.


This category lets you watch content be it shows, movies, documentaries, and others within Kiwi territory instantly. Luckily, the content covers a wide range of enticing genres like entertainment, kids, food and cooking, greener living, etc.

Suppose you are interested in watching documentaries based on nature, you can watch the newest TV documentaries on-demand like Secret Life of the Coala, Outback Vet, Secrets of Wild Australia, etc.

Likewise, you can access shows related to the home and garden genre such as Big Dreams Small Spaces on your screens in no time.


Choice TV Guide

The TV guide section enables you to know about the shows’ broadcasting day and time. This way, you cannot miss your favorite movies, shows, and documentaries. Besides, Choice TV NZ guide provides the synopsis of every single show that allows you to discover the history of any particular show, which you have not watched before. tv-guide-section-of-choice-tv

Subscribe to our Newsletter

Choice TV wants to keep its prevailing and potential subscribers engaged. Therefore, the channel encourages its users to sign up for its exciting newsletter that offers valuable insights about upcoming programming schedules and demand updates.



The search category helps you find your desired movies, shows, and other content right off the bat. As a result, you do not need to search for the complete TV guide to find your preferred shows or documentaries. Also check out which TV show is available at a specific time like morning, afternoon and evening.

Sign In

There is a dedicated users’ sign-in page you can use to start watching all your favourite content trouble-free. You will need to provide your email address and password to access the Choice TV media library. As a result, you can use your Choice TV account accordingly.


Create a New Account

You can create your account on Choice TV by clicking the “Create New Account” option. To create your account successfully, you will need to enter information such as name, email address, password, and other details, etc.


HGTV is an exclusive TV channel of Choice TV that covers the genre of “Home & Garden” primarily. The channel has its subsections like GenreTV GuideSign-in, and Create New Account as well.


Through the Genre subsection, you can find content based on different categories like building projects, buying, and selling, up-cycling, renovation projects, etc.


Hence, you can watch documentaries and TV series related to home construction and interior designing like Home Town if you want to develop your homes using DIY (do it yourself) techniques.

TV Guide

The TV Guide subsection of HGTV (Home & Garden), known as HGTV NZ Guide, offers enough information about all the TV shows’ broadcasting days alongside timing. If you are interested to know what TV shows are coming during the week, you can check the TV guide subsection.


The other subsections like sign-in and create new sections are the same. Thus, you have to provide the same procedure to create your HGTV account to watch shows and documentaries on home and garden related genres.

What’s new on Choice TV?

When you explore Choice TV NZ TV guide thoroughly, you would be surprised to know that you can watch some new shows and documentaries regularly. Here are these new shows and other content:

  • Aaron Hernandez: An ID Murder Mystery
  • Dead North
  • Ice Vikings
  • Love Nature: Wonders of Life
  • Greek Island Odyssey with Bettany Hughes
  • Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico
  • Who Killed Jeffery Epstein
  • Salvage Hunters

Pricing Packages

Interestingly, Choice TV is a free-to-air entertainment and lifestyle channel like Prime TV on Demand NZ that does not cost you a cent. Furthermore, you can watch Choice TV on your desired devices if you are a Sky customer using your Sky Starter package.


How to sign up for Choice TV in New Zealand?

As already mentioned, Choice TV is a Freeview TV channel that allows you to watch content related to different genres like lifestyle, entertainment, traveling, history, nature, etc. If you are willing to access Choice TV to stream popular shows of your choice, here is what you should do:

  • Provide your name, email address, password, and other details such as Gender, Birthday,
  • Check “I would like to receive regular updates and promos” mark
  • Once you have entered all the required information, click the “Create New Account” option and complete the signup process


Similarly, you can use your existing Freeview account to watch Choice TV on multiple devices without any hassle. If you have not created your Freeview account already, follow these below-mentioned steps or check out our detailed guide on Freeview TV NZ:

  • Agree to Freeview’s Terms of Use and enter your email address
  • Now, you have created your temporary account that lasts up to seven (7) days
  • You can watch TV shows and documentaries for a week
  • You will see an email asking about the completion of your registration process
  • Open the email and click on the link provided in the email to create your account permanently

Famous shows you can watch on Choice TV

Choice TV broadcasts various interesting shows and documentaries for its Kiwi viewers. Here is the list that consists of:

  • Hysteria
  • Billionaire Boys Club
  • Ugly House to Lovely House
  • Jade Fever
  • Mysteries at the Museum
  • Nigella Bites
  • Cheese Slices

On what devices Choice TV is accessible?

Choice TV supports numerous platforms and devices including:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Smart TVs
  • Web browsers (Chrome, Opera, IE)


How do I access Choice TV?

To access choice TV, use a dedicated users’ sign-in page to begin watching all of your favorite material without any problems. Next, provide your email address and password. Then, you can access your Choice TV account.

Can you get Choice TV on demand?

Choice TV has created a “On Demand” channel on the internet. However, it has merged with ThreeNow. So, if you try to access, it takes you to ThreeNow website that allows you to watch Choice TV.

What channels do you watch with Choice TV?

Choice TV allows you to watch ESPN2, CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business,  Gold Channel, FS1, NBC Sports, MSNBC, Tennis Channel, and local Sports Channels. Choice TV is aimed towards budget-conscious viewers who want greater flexibility when it comes to content.

Who owns Choice TV?

Choice TV started its operation on April 28, 2012, but the channel was acquired by Discovery Inc and its sister company HGTV during the last quarter of 2019.

What channel is Choice TV available on Sky and Freeview?

All the Sky customers should tune into Channel 24. As far as the Freeview TV users go, they will have to select Channel 12 to watch Choice TV within New Zealand.

What channel is Better Homes and Gardens on in NZ?

You can watch Better Homes and Gardens on Choice TV via Freeview and Sky TV.

What is on Choice TV NZ tonight?

You can watch Salvage Hunters, Property Brothers: Forever Home, and Mysteries at the Museum only on Choice TV.

Wrapping Up

Although different TV networks and streaming services are available in New Zealand, Choice TV has a clear advantage over its competitors. The channel does not charge a single penny from its users. Moreover, it offers a comprehensive content library that helps you watch content based on a variety of genres.

This extensive Choice TV guide suggests that this Freeview channel can accomplish the media cravings of New Zealanders to a certain extent.

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