Discovery Plus Free Trial NZ – Does Discovery+ Offer Free Trial?

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Discovery Plus is home to many channels; apart from movies and TV shows, you can watch anything: food, crime, history, sci-fi, animal documentaries, and other content. But does Discovery Plus free trial NZ exist?

Discovery Plus is an American streaming platform. It is available in selected countries, and New Zealand is not on the list. However, it’s nothing to worry about. You can use ExpressVPN to connect to a US server and watch Discovery Plus in NZ.

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Can you get Discovery Plus Free Trial NZ?

Discovery Plus offers a free trial to its new subscribers. A free trial is available to all, regardless of your chosen plan. The free trial length is 7-days, which is enough to judge whether you want to subscribe.

If you do not plan to subscribe to Discovery Plus, cancel your free trial before it ends; otherwise, you will be charged for your chosen plan.

How can I get Discovery Plus free trial NZ – [Step by Step Guide]


Follow the steps to learn how Discovery Plus’s 7-day free trial works. Since Discovery Plus is unavailable in NZ due to copyright law, you need to connect to the best VPN NZ service. ExpressVPN is our choice of VPN.

  • Now, download and install the VPN.
  • Sign up for its services.
  • Connect to a US server.
  • Launch Discovery Plus’s official website.
  • If you are a new customer, click on Start Free Trial on your homepage.
  • Select your plan.
  • Create your account by adding in your information.
  • Agree to its term and condition.
  • Provide payment details.
  • Confirm it.
  • Enjoy your Discovery Plus free trial NZ.

What do you get with your Discovery Plus Free Trial NZ?

Even if you use a free trial, you get the entire Discovery Plus library excess. You can watch cooking shows, travel, history and animal/human-life documentaries; crime shows, and reality TV. Discovery Plus free trial allows you the excess of 55000 episodes and 2500 TV shows. Check out the list of best shows on Discovery Plus.

How long is my Discovery Plus Free Trial NZ?

Discovery Plus free trial is seven days long. So if you have free time, you can watch an entire series of your favorite shows or catch up on some documentaries for free.

How do I cancel my 7-day free trial Discovery Plus?

The easiest way to cancel Discovery Plus free trial is by canceling it via a web browser.

  • Go to Discovery Plus’s website.
  • Login to your account.
  • On the homepage, go to your account.
  • Click on manage your account.
  • Cancel the subscription.

Learn more about how to cancel your Discovery Plus subscription in New Zealand.

How do I get Discovery+ in New Zealand?

Watching Discovery Plus in New Zealand is not as hard as it looks. You can do it through the Discovery Plus official website or the Discover Go application. You just need to be subscribed to ExpressVPN.

  • Connect to the US server.
  • Launch the website or the application.
  • Sign up for the service.
  • Choose a plan.
  • Enter your information and payment details.
  • Enjoy watching Discovery Plus in NZ.

Does Discovery Plus Need Subscription?

If you own a cable TV, you can ask your cable TV provider to air Discovery+ Channels. This wouldn’t cost you any extra money. But this way you would have to face a lot of advertisements.

To avoid advertisement, You can subscribe to Discovery Plus through their website or download their application on your streaming device. Check out the cost of discovery plus in New Zealand.

Which subscription is best for Discovery Plus?

It depends on your preference. If you want the best value for money, you can subscribe to Discovery Plus for 4.99 USD or 8.20 NZD; however, if you want to avoid advertisements, go for an ad-free plan costing you 6.99 USD or 11.48 NZD.

Once you purchase the desired subscription plan, go through our detailed list of the best movies on Discovery Plus.

What channels are included with Discovery Plus?


With Discovery Plus’ free trial, you can not only watch the Discovery channel but can also view the following channels for free.

  • HGTV
  • Food Network
  • ID
  • Animal Planet
  • TLC
  • OWN
  • Discover Originals
  • CNN
  • Magnolia Network
  • A&E
  • Lifetime
  • The History Channel
  • Science Channel
  • Travel Channel
  • The Dodo and more.

Common FAQs

How do I get Discovery Plus for free?

You can use their 7-day free trial if you want to test the service before subscribing to a plan. Or you can get a Verizon plan and then add Discovery Plus to your account.

How do I get my 6-month free Discovery Plus?

If Discovery Plus comes out with any promotional offer, you can only watch the service for 6 months free. There is currently an offer for selected Verizon customers who subscribe to one of their plans. All they need to do is add Discovery Plus as their add-on to their account.

Do Amazon Prime members get Discovery Plus for free?

Amazon Prime members can watch Discovery Plus for free with a 7-day free trial. After which, they would have to pay the subscription cost of the plan they choose.

What is the difference between discovery and Discovery Plus?

To watch Discovery, you need cable TV and pay a cable TV provider. To watch Discovery Plus, you need a streaming device and Wifi connection, and you pay for the applicable Discovery Plus price for subscription.

How much is Discovery Plus on prime?

You can watch Discovery Plus on Amazon Prime for only 6.99 USD or 11.48 NZD for an ad-free version. However, if you want to watch an ad-supported version, you would have to pay 4.99 USD or 8.20 NZD.

Wrap Up

With Discovery Plus free trial NZ, you can catch up on true crime, cooking shows, reality TV, and documentaries of different genres. All you need is ExpressVPN. and a connection to its US server.

You can watch this VOD by subscribing to itself or via third parties like Amazon Prime in NZ and making a Discovery Plus bundle. Keep following the blog, and in no time, you will be able to stream TLC, Food Network and other channels for free.


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