How Can I watch Discovery Plus on PS4 in New Zealand in 2023? [Simple Guide]

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Are you finding easy ways to watch Discovery Plus on PS4 in New Zealand? Unfortunately, Discovery Plus is not directly available on PS4 in New Zealand. However, you can access it by using a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN.

Due to geo-restriction, Discovery Plus is not available in New Zealand but a reliable VPN helps you to stream Discovery Plus NZ using easy steps.

By using a VPN, you can easily watch some of the best shows on Discovery Plus like High Science, Home Town Takeover, and others from various channels like HGTV, TLC, and others.

Since Discovery Plus is compatible with various devices, including PS4, you can easily watch these shows on Discovery Plus PS4 in New Zealand!

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How Do I Watch Discovery Plus on PS4? [2 Methods]

You have two methods to watch Discovery Plus PS4 in New Zealand. Discovery Plus is available on practically every major device. If you want to watch it on PlayStation, each device requires a unique installation method.

This is why we’ve offered you the two options listed below to simply install Discovery Plus on PS4 in New Zealand.

By Installing the Discovery Plus App on PS4

If you own a PlayStation system, you already own a ‘4K’ or ‘Full HD’ Smart TV, which means you can enjoy Discovery Plus at the best resolution available with your current equipment.

Here are the steps you may take to watch Discovery Channel on PlayStation in New Zealand.

  • Connect the Smart TV and PS4 console to an Internet connection.
  • Return to the console’s home screen.
  • Navigate to the PlayStation Store, and go to the Apps area.
  • Navigate to the All Apps section to locate the Discovery Plus application.
  • Go ahead and download and set up Discovery Plus.
  • Launch the Discovery Plus application and sign in with your account details.
  • Watch Discovery Plus content on your PS4 system now!

Note: You can access the best Shows to watch on Discovery+ by following these steps above. You just have to pay Discovery Plus cost to enjoy every bit of the content available on Discovery Plus.

By Using the PlayStation Remote Play

Here are the quick steps for getting Discovery Plus New Zealand on PlayStation without getting Discovery Plus not working on PS4 error.

  • Plug in the PS4 and Smart TV, and then connect to the Internet.
  • Navigate to Settings > Remote Play connection settings > Remote Play is enabled.
  • In the Account Management area, enable PS4.
  • From the Power Save options, choose Rest Mode and check the items on that page.
  • Connect your phone to the Internet via which your PS4 is connected.
  • Download and go to the Discovery Plus New Zealand signup page.
  • Launch PS Remote Play on your mobile device.
  • Combine the PS4, mobile device, and PS Remote Play for watching Discovery Plus content.
  • Enjoy watching Discovery Plus on PS4 in New Zealand!

Note: You can download Discovery Plus app and can watch your favorite content by getting Discovery + free trial for 7 days. The trial will continue until you cancel Discovery Plus subscription.

What Devices are Compatible to Watch Discovery Plus in New Zealand?

Discovery Plus PS4 in New Zealand is accessible via one of the best Discovery Plus VPNs such as ExpressVPN.

After you’ve got access to Discovery Plus, you might be curious to know which devices are compatible with Discovery Plus. Don’t worry; here are those:

Windows LG Smart TV
Samsung Smart TVs Sony Smart TV
Amazon Fire Smart TVs VIZIO Smart TV
Comcast Xfinity Roku
Apple TV Fire TV
Google Chromecast Xbox

Note: Some of the latest releases that are worth watching on PS4 are 7 Little Johnstons Season 13 and Home in a Heartbeat Season 1 on Discovery Plus.


You cannot watch Discovery Plus on PS4 since there is no special Discovery+ application on the PlayStation Store in New Zealand.

But don’t worry. You can try one of our listed methods to watch Discovery Plus on PS4 in New Zealand. Make sure you’re connected to a VPN such as ExpressVPN.

No, because Discovery Plus is not currently available on the PS4. In contrast to other streaming devices, the streaming service has yet to produce an app for PlayStation consoles such as the PS4 and PS5.

Discovery Plus is not available on the PlayStation 4 since it is a cable TV streaming application that needs a cable subscription. Make sure to get subscribed to ExpressVPN to enjoy uninterrupted streaming!

Wrap Up!

Now that you know how to watch Discovery Plus on PS4 in New Zealand using ExpressVPN, it’s time to watch your favorite shows!

With hundreds of on-demand shows and movies, you’ll love every minute spent streaming your favorite shows and movies on PS4.

We hope this article was helpful – Happy streaming!

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