Does ExpressVPN Work With Netflix?

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ExpressVPN is one of the most premium VPN in the industry. Since it costs significantly more than other VPNs, you will get better performance as expected. As a result, ExpressVPN literally annihilates geo-blocks imposed by streaming services like Netflix.

With tons of US servers, we were able to get past the logging screen of Netflix and stream multiple shows without any issues. We encounter no proxy errors and everything played in crisp HD quality. The only issue we have with ExpressVPN Netflix NZ is its price.

If you want something more affordable, I suggest checking out PureVPN. Anyways, for this blog post, we’re going to cover ExpressVPN’s performance with Netflix and also look at some user comments about its performance.

Does ExpressVPN work for Netflix?

As I mentioned earlier, ExpressVPN works exceptionally well with Netflix. We conducted multiple tests and didn’t encounter any interruptions, not even once. We tried streaming “House Of Cards” while connected to the USA – Los Angeles – 1 server location and managed to play it in full HD quality.

We also managed to stream other Netflix shows as well like “Black Panther” and “Grey’s Anatomy” and everything played just fine without prompting us to ExpressVPN Netflix proxy error. As for speeds, we got around 93 Mbps while simultaneously streaming shows on Netflix.

ExpressVPN best server for Netflix

Although the USA – Los Angeles – 1 worked the best and offered the most consistent speeds, here are some of the best US servers of ExpressVPN that worked great with Netflix:

  • USA – Los Angeles – 2
  • USA – Miami
  • USA – New Jersey – 1
  • USA – New York
  • USA – New York – 2
  • USA – Salt Lake City

ExpressVPN Netflix Reddit

Overall, we mostly came across positive comments about ExpressVPN. In fact, we even saw a couple of user comments who shifted from NordVPN to ExpressVPN. Check out this comment of a user who ditched NordVPN for ExpressVPN:


Aside from reputation, we also wanted to check out what ExpressVPN servers work for Netflix on Reddit. As per multiple Reddit users, Washington DC, New York 2, and Atlanta are the best server locations.


Last but not least, we also wanted to look for other alternatives of ExpressVPN suggested by Reddit users that are on the affordable side. Here’s one Reddit comment suggesting TorGuard which is quite a bit cheaper than ExpressVPN:


Wrapping up!

So yes, ExpressVPN does work with Netflix. In fact, we’ve even given it a spot on our best VPNs list of 2021. Although a bit on the pricier side, however, ExpressVPN is still the best when it comes to unmatched performance.

Overall, we hope that you found this short blog post rather informative. Do let us know more VPN services that do work flawlessly with Netflix in NZ.

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