Does ESPN Plus Offer Free Trial in New Zealand?

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Does ESPN Plus free trial still exist? A question everyone asks before subscribing to a plan so they can review it and make a solid decision about whether they want to pay the cost or not. If you are looking for the answer, you have come to the right place.

ESPN is a sports streaming platform owned by Disney media that lets you stream some of the best shows on ESPN plus. However, the content available on the website is only for its US audience. Much like its competitor, Youtube TV, Fubo, and other streaming platforms, ESPN places geo-restriction on its content such as UFC fights like KSW 78: Materla vs Grove 2, UFC283: Teixeira vs Hill, and you cannot view it in New Zealand.

Wondering how to watch ESPN Plus in NZ? ExpressVPN is the best NZ VPN for streaming, effortlessly unblocking geo-restricted content within minutes while ensuring the security of your online presence. Simply connect to a US server, and you’re all set to enjoy ESPN Plus in New Zealand.

After you have unblocked the content, it’s time to preview it before the final purchase. Like Netflix, ESPN+ has also removed its free trials. In this blog, we have discussed how you can avail the best discounts and deals that would be budget-friendly and have no long-term commitment so that you can cancel it any time. Keep reading!

How To Access ESPN Plus in New Zealand?

You must have a VPN subscription to watch ESPN Plus in New Zealand. A VPN hides your online footprint by masking your IP address. ExpressVPN is the best choice when it comes to unblocking geo-restricted content. After you have installed a VPN

  • Connect to a US-based server.
  • Launch ESPN plus official website.
  • Create an account and choose a plan.
  • Put in your payment detail.
  • After you have successfully created an ESPN account, start streaming.

Does ESPN Plus Offer a 7 days trial?

Unlike its competitor Showtime and Amazon Prime, ESPN Plus does not offer any free trial. However, the subscription cost of ESPN Plus is very low. The monthly plan costs around 6.99 USD or 11.21 NZD. ESPN+ also allows users to cancel their subscription anytime without additional charges.

How Long was the ESPN Plus Free Trial?

Although ESPN Plus free trial is no longer available to potential new subscribers, it launched in 2018 and had a free trial for 7 days. However, it does not mean you can not enjoy ESPN plus at a budget-friendly price.

One ESPN plus can be shared on three devices. So, if the monthly cost is 6.99 USD or 11.21 NZD, you can split it three ways, making it 2.33 USD or 3.71 NZD, which is a lot cheaper. Additionally, you can cancel the subscription at any time.

Where Can I Get an ESPN Plus Free Trial?

We are sorry to inform you that ESPN currently doesn’t offer any free trial to its users. You can check other budget-friendly plans, bundles, and offers to help you decide if you want to commit to the sports streaming platform.

However, If it announces any information regarding restarting ESPN Plus free trial, you will hear it here first!

ESPN+ Bundles

Plans Cost Channels
Per Month 11.21 NZD
Per Year 112.24 NZD
ESPN bundle with Hulu and Disney Plus (with Ads) 22.29 NZD
ESPN bundle with Hulu and Disney Plus (without Ads) 31.86 NZD
ESPN bundle with Hulu, Disney Plus, and live TV (with Ads) 112.24 NZD 70+
ESPN bundle with Hulu, Disney Plus, and live TV (without Ads) 121.10 NZD 70+

Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ Bundle

The independent cost of Disney plus is 7.99 US or 12.73 NZD, Hulu (with Ads) is 6.99 USD or 11.21 NZD, and ESPN+ is 6.99 USD or 11.21 NZD. So if you subscribe to all platforms separately, you would be paying 21.97 US or 35.09 NZD.

There is a better way; subscribe to a bundle with the three streaming platforms at 13.99 USD or 35.01 NZD a month. This way, you would save 7.98 USD or 12.72 NZD while getting all your favorite content. Even with this bundle, you don’t get Disney Plus ESPN+ free trial.

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Other ESPN+ Deals and Discounts

If you are not looking for a bundle subscription, you can still get ESPN at a great deal.

  • Opt for ESPN’s yearly plan and save 15% on your total cost.
  • A single pay-per-view of UFC costs 74.99 USD or 119.50 NZD. But with the ESPN+UFC deal, you can choose UFC PPV and a whole year of ESPN in just 90 USD or 143.42 NZD.

How To Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription?

To cancel your ESPN Plus subscription.

  • Open your account and use your ESPN Plus login.
  • Go to Manage.
  • Choose Cancel Subscription.
  • Confirm the cancellation when it asks you to.


How do I watch ESPN Plus trial?

ESPN Plus free trial is no longer available for its new subscribers. Instead, you can subscribe to ESPN+ for 6.99 USD or 11.21 NZD a month.

Is ESPN Plus free on Hulu?

No, the ESPN+ add-on on Hulu costs 6.99 USD or 11.21 NZD a month.

How much is ESPN+ Plus a month?

ESPN+ costs 6.99 USD or 11.21 NZD a month.

How do I add ESPN+ to Disney+?

To add ESPN to your Disney+, you need to

  • Go to Disney Plus and create an account.
  • Once you have made your account, go to “My account.”
  • In the subscription setting, Click on “switch to Disney Plus bundle.
  • Click “agree” to finish setting up.
  • Watch ESPN with your Disney plus credentials.


Numerous well-known sporting events, including football, NHL Games, and NFL Games, are hosted by ESPN Plus. Since the streaming service canceled its free trial offer in 2020, there is sadly no ESPN Plus free trial anywhere, even in New Zealand.

However, as mentioned in the blog, fans can purchase Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN Bundle, or other packages. This way, you can enjoy movies, sporting events on television, documentaries, etc., while saving money.

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