How To Get 9Now Free Trial In New Zealand [Step-By-Step Guide 2023]

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9Now is an Australian-based video-on-demand streaming platform that provides access to a broad range of entertainment content, including live sports events, news coverage, TV series, documentaries, movies, etc. 9Now content is eagerly awaited not only in Australia but around the globe.

Finding and accessing platforms that provide free access to engaging and captivating content in the ever-growing streaming service environment is surely a blessing for content lovers and entertainment enthusiasts. But the 9Now platform itself is a completely free service and can be downloaded free of cost. It is an excellent resource for those streamers who seek a cost-free streaming service. We recommend VPN service to stream 9Now in New Zealand is ExpressVPN.

So let’s explore how to use and benefit from 9Now free trial in New Zealand in 2023.

How do I get 9Now free trial in New Zealand in 2023 [Quick Guide]

The popular Australian VOD service, 9Now, is available for free, and you can enjoy a broad range of premium content without breaking the bank.

It offers unlimited access to its huge TV series, movies, news, and live sports library without any monthly or hidden costs. But to stream 9Now in New Zealand, you will require a high-end VPN service. Follow these easy steps to access 9Now in New Zealand:

  1. Subscribe to a trustworthy VPN service provider. (ExpressVPN is recommended).
  2. Connect to a local Australian server.
  3. Open the 9Now website or app on your device.
  4. Enjoy 9Now premium content anywhere in New Zealand.

How much is a 9Now subscription after the free trial?

9Now is an entirely free service, and they do not charge any subscription fee. It provides unlimited and unrestricted access to all its high-quality entertainment content without charging a subscription fee. Because of this, 9Now is a great choice for anyone who wants to stream content completely free without sacrificing entertainment quality.

If you are struggling to find out the best VPN to access 9Now, you are at the right place to learn about 3 best VPNs to access 9Now.

How long is the 9Now free trial in New Zealand?

9Now does not offer free trials because it is a completely free streaming service. It provides access to a wide range of content, including engaging TV shows or series, gripping movies, up-to-date news coverage, and live sporting events, without needing a subscription or trial period.

How to subscribe to 9Now once my free trial expires?

9Now is a free-of-cost service that does not require any monthly or yearly subscriptions. You can continue to enjoy 9Now services and content without worrying about free trial expirations or subscription costs for an unlimited period. Just open the 9Now website or official application on the gadget and start streaming. You can also watch the best shows on 9Now and enjoy the Best trending movies on 9Now.

How do I cancel my free trial on 9Now?

9Now does provide free trials, so there is no need to cancel or terminate a free trial as it does not exist. Streamers can enjoy its services without any trial period or subscriptions.

What does 9Now free trial include?

9Now offers its services and content for no cost. Their service includes access to a broad range of entertainment content, including live sports events, news coverage, TV series, documentaries, movies, etc. You can enjoy unlimited access without any trial restrictions or limitations.

What device is the 9Now Free Trial In New Zealand Available?

9Now streaming service is available on several streaming devices like mobile phones (Android & iOS), laptops, Apple TV, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, computers, Chromecast, Roku, etc. You can stream the 9Now content library on any of these devices.

Is 9Now Free Trial in New Zealand Worth it?

9Now is an entirely free-to-use streaming service, and it is totally worth it for the Kiwi audience. They charge zero monthly or yearly subscription costs and do not have any hidden charges. They let the streamers enjoy their streaming experience without any financial commitment. They boast a diverse content library. It also provides flexibility and convenience. Once you have subscribed to ExpressVPN you can enjoy 9Now free streaming.

What Else is Worth Watching on 9Now?

Here is the most popular show list that is available on 9Now.

  1. The Block Season 19
  2. Bledisloe Cup 2023
  3. State of Origin Game 3
  4. NRL Season 2023
  5. Love Island Australia Season 4
  6. Big Miracles


Yes, 9Now services are completely free without any hidden charges.

9Now free service lasts for an unlimited time period.


9Now is an excellent streaming option for people residing in New Zealand because it is an entirely free service. The absence of subscription costs and content availability without any financial commitment makes it a desirable option for entertainment fans.

It offers various options to accommodate different preferences, whether you’re interested in Australian TV episodes, dramas, news, or live sporting events.

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