Does FuboTV Offer Free Trial in New Zealand?

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If you’re a sports fan living in New Zealand, your options for streaming live sports are limited. But what if we told you there was a way to stream all the games you want without paying a cent? FuboTV free trial is your answer.

However, to get FuboTV in New Zealand, you need to connect to a US server on a VPN. Therefore, for unblocking streaming platforms and to get US Netflix in New Zealand, we recommend ExpressVPN.

There is FuboTV free trial in New Zealand, so you can test it before committing. Keep reading to find out more!

How To sign up For FuboTV Free Trial [Easy Steps]


To sign up for the free trial. First, you need to download and install ExpressVPN. After installation, log in to your ExpressVPN account and connect to a US server. After that:

  1. Visit FuboTV’s website and click the “start free trial” button.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Pick your plan and add-ons.
  4. Provide your payment details by adding your credit or debit card.
  5. Install the FuboTV app on your device.
  6. Start watching.

How To Access FuboTV Free Trial

Visit the FuboTV website and click the “start free trial” button. After that, you can open an account. You must present a legitimate credit or debit card to finish the transaction. Customers already using the service are not entitled to the FuboTV 7-day free trial.

You will be charged for a full month, and your account will be upgraded to full status if you don’t cancel your trial before the seven-day period has passed.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to keep in mind that ending your trial will immediately deactivate your account, prohibiting you from using the service for the remaining seven days.

You should cancel as soon as possible if you’re sure you don’t want to move forward but still want to test FuboTV.

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What’s Included in FuboTV Free Trial?

Your free week of FuboTV service begins when you finish the sign-up process. In exchange, you receive complete access to the FuboTV bundle of your choice from the Starter, Pro, or Elite subscriptions.

Depending on your area and the package, each option has over 100 channels that can be viewed on supported devices. The precise number varies. More information can be found in our analysis of each FuboTV package.

A lot of these channels also provide streaming on-demand content, such as TV series, motion pictures, and sporting events. Your results may vary because on-demand content is periodically available.

You will also receive cloud-based DVR storage, so you may record and watch anything you want, as you are essentially getting the entire FuboTV package.

What Plans Have a FuboTV Free Trial?


There are four different plans in all. The good news is that now all four of them offer a free trial. Following are the plans:

  1. Pro plan
  2. Elite plan
  3. Ultimate plan
  4. Latino plan

The cost plan on FuboTV is inversely proportional to how many channels you receive. This is because more channels and services are included with more priced plans.

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How does FuboTV’s Free Trial Compare to Others?

Contrary to some rivals, FuboTV’s free trial offers all top features without additional fees. Some competitors don’t even provide a free trial period.

The free trial gives you access to 100+ channels, cloud DVR, and simultaneous screen sharing on many devices, just like a paying user.

How to Subscribe to FuboTV Once My Free Trial Expires

You will be automatically charged after your free trial ends, and you can use your chosen plan. If it were to choose the Elite plan, you would get even more Cloud DVR capacity and up to 10 screens for screen sharing.

Additionally, you can upgrade your plan to include any one of the FuboTV packages.

Is FuboTV Free Trial Worth it?

The free trial for FuboTV is the ideal opportunity to thoroughly sample FuboTV without the pressure of committing before knowing whether you’ll like it or not. 100+ channels, including all the main sports networks, will be completely accessible.

You can also test out Cloud DVR recording and stream on several screens around your house for an entire week. So, in the end, there isn’t much to lose.

Even though your first week will be free, it’s crucial to keep in mind that if you decide not to subscribe, you must do so before the week ends and before the automatic billing cycle begins. However, you might decide to stay once you’ve seen what FuboTV offers.

How to cancel FuboTV free trial

You can cancel FuboTV subscription if you’ve tried it out and decided it’s not worth it. To end a free trial, take the following few actions.

  1. Go to the My Account section.
  2. Click the Subscription and Billing tab in my account.
  3. The cancel subscription tab can be found in the subscription and billing section. Just click it.
  4. You’ll be questioned about the cancellation’s cause. You can select one of the available options and then press the continue tab.
  5. It will certify the cancellation of the FuboTV free trial. Select Cancel My Trial.

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Did FuboTV get rid of free trial?

No. FuboTV offers a free trial to new customers, but previous clients can’t use it. A prior customer can re-subscribe to FuboTV, but they won’t get a free trial and will be charged immediately.

FuboTV’s free trial requires a credit or debit card, and the first payment due at the end of the trial period.

How long is the Fubo TV free trial?

Seven days are allotted for the free FuboTV trial. Your access to more than 100 channels, Cloud DVR, and screen sharing will be unrestricted.

So, if your FuboTV free trial is not working, you have already exhausted it.

How much is FuboTV a month?

The price of FuboTV depends on the package you select. The default Pro plan costs $69.99 a month.

It has over 120 channels, 1,000 hours of Cloud DVR storage, and three simultaneous streams are available on a seven-day trial period.

Also, check out Netflix’s cost to get a price comparison.

How many Fubo free trials are there?

Only one free trial will be available to you, and any effort to sign up for more trials through multiple accounts will be viewed as a violation of the terms.


So, is there a FuboTV free trial in New Zealand? The answer is yes! You can sign up for a 7-day free trial on their website.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable way to watch your favorite sports and TV shows, be sure to check out FuboTV. Then, just connect to ExpressVPN and continue streaming Epix Now in NZ or stick to FuboTV.

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