Hannah Waddingham jokingly chooses revenge after hearing Seth Rogen mispronounced her name at Emmys

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Hannah Waddingham richly deserved Emmys awards but, Seth Rogen tried his level best to present the said award to a different Hannah.

Rogen mispronounced the Ted Lasso actress’s name as ‘Waddington’ instead of ‘Waddingham’ while presenting the first award of the night for ‘Outstanding Supporting Actress’ in a Comedy Series.

Per EW, Waddingham gave Rogen a befitting response,

I didn’t hear that. It’s brand new information. Oh man. I’ll have to call him Seth Ragin.

Fellow Ted Lasso co-star Brett Goldstein, an award recipient for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, also responded hilariously saying,

He’s dead.

During her Emmys speech, Waddingham applauded co-star Jason Sudeikis,

Jason, you changed my life with this and more importantly my baby girl’s. I’m honestly so privileged to work with you. I really am.

Waddingham also praised the writer’s work,

The thing that’s charming about you, all of you, is that you don’t realize how wonderful you are. I just don’t think people realize what you bring to the room when we’re all quiet together. I am so grateful to even be in your gaggle.

Rogen’s mispronunciation did not go well among Emmys fans as they thought the actor should have pronounced the actress’s name correctly.

Another fan tweeted her reaction,

2021 Emmys awards will be remembered by fans because of Rogen’s epic blooper for a long time. That said, people must learn how to pronounce the stars’ names.

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