How to Get HBO Max Roku in New Zealand? [Updated 2024]

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Are you wondering if HBO Max Roku is available? Yes! You can watch Max on Roku using an app. However, due to geo-restrictions, you will need a reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN, to watch it in New Zealand.

You may access HBO Max in NZ by connecting your local IP address to the US of VPN. It is a practical HBO Max, Roku workaround that will let you stream titles like The Last of Us, Perry Mason, The White Lottus and many more on your Roku device.

Furthermore, HBO Max and Discovery Plus have officially merged and transformed into Max, providing subscribers with a seamless and inclusive streaming experience.

So, let’s dive into all the details to obtain HBO Max Roku with a reliable VPN.

Can I get HBO Max on Roku?

Yes! HBO Max is available on Roku. You can get the app from the Roku Channel Store if you wish to watch Max on Roku.

After installing the app and logging in with your account information, you may access HBO Max to begin watching.

Easy Installation Guide on HBO Max Roku

By following the 6 steps shown below, you can add HBO Max Roku to your current gaming console.

  1. Join any trustworthy VPN service; ExpressVPN is an excellent choice.
  2. Link up with the US server (ideally New York).
  3. Switch on your Roke media player.
  4. Navigate to the Channel Store
  5. Click “Add Channel” after selecting HBO Max to set it as your default channel.
  6. You can complete HBO Max Roku sign in with your current credentials.

How to set up HBO Max on Roku through the Website?

You may install any app to your Roku device by visiting the Roku website by following 4 steps down below:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Go to the Roku website and log in.
  3. After logging in, click the account symbol in the top-right corner and choose Channel shop.
  4. Search for HBO Max and click Details, then click +Add channel.
  5. When you turn on your Roku again, HBO Max Roku will be on the home screen.
  6. Click to watch Max on Roku.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch HBO Max on Roku in New Zealand?

HBO Max Roku is only accessible in the US and a couple of its countries in Latin America and the Caribbean; due to licensing copyrights. So if you’re trying to watch it from New Zealand, you’ll need a VPN.

Otherwise, you will receive the following error warning while attempting to access the HBO Max Roku video in New Zealand:


HBO Max geo-restriction error

You will therefore require a trustworthy VPN to avoid the error and watch HBO Max Roku in New Zealand. A VPN masks your local IP address and assigns you one in the United States.

This trick deceives the streaming site into believing that you are accessing from the USA. One of the best VPNs for HBO Max is ExpressVPN.

How to Download HBO Max Content on Roku?

HBO Max allows you to download 30 titles simultaneously, but only on mobile devices, not Roku.

It provides you 48 hours to finish your episode after pressing play. If you don’t open the download, it’ll disappear from your downloads folder after 30 days.

To download your title, do as described below:

  • Open the HBO Max app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Select the title to download.
  • Press the Download icon on the video.
  • After downloading, the video will appear in HBO Max’s Downloads folder.

Binge-Worthy Movies & Shows to Watch on HBO Max Roku

HBO Max offers 10,000 hours of content, from kids’ movies to adult series. Some binge-Worthy movies and shows to watch on HBO Max:

The Climb 90 Day Pillow Talk: The Other Way, Season 5
Scooby-Doo! and Krypto, Too! Succession Season 4
Poor Devil Murder in Boston: Roots, Rampage & Reckoning
Prancer: A Christmas Tale Elmo & Tango Holiday Helpers
Daniel All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

Is Other Streaming Services Available on Roku in 2024?

In addition to HBO Max, Roku has more than 4,000 channels covering news, gaming, movies, fitness, and streaming music.

On Roku devices, you have many options, including a combination of subscription-based and free services.

Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Peacock and Apple TV Plus are among the most well-known VOD services available on Roku Store.

How much does HBO Max Cost on Roku in New Zealand?

The current subscription of HBO Max cost in New Zeland plans is $15.99 per month plus applicable taxes for the Ad-Free plan and $9.99 per month for the With Ads plan.

If you are using Roku for the first time, you can also avail of a free trial for HBO Max Roku, as the service no longer offers a free one-week trial as it once did.

HBO Max Not Working On Roku – [Easy Fixes]

If the HBO Max app isn’t working on Roku as it should, there are 7 things you may try.

Verify the DownDetector:

Finding out whether the issue is with your app or with Roku’s servers should be your first step if HBO Max Roku not working. One alternative is to look up user reports on the service’s status on

Examine your Internet connection:

Check your internet works correctly before confirming you have enough bandwidth to handle the streaming service.

Start your Roku again:

Restart the system as directed by selecting System > Power > System restart. Restarting your Roku in the hopes of resolving any performance difficulties achieves precisely what you’d expect.

Updating Roku:

After ruling out potential causes or network issues, check for the HBO Max Roku update. Make sure you’re using the most recent firmware.

  • By choosing Home > Roku, you can return to the Roku menu.
  • You can get the update by selecting Update Software from the System menu under Settings.

Delete any Roku cache:

Did you realize that Roku caches information while you use it? It may still contain data that could slow down an application even though it isn’t as smooth as a web browser. Thankfully, getting through it isn’t too challenging.

  • Navigate to the HBO Max channel from the main menu by pressing the asterisk button.
  • Elect to remove the channel.
  • Restart your Roku device after that to effect a system reset.

By doing this, you can erase the cache. Afterwards, return to the channel store and do the HBO Max login again.

Alter your password for your HBO Max Account:

Roku users have praised this bizarre solution. So, you should probably ignore it. After changing the password for your Roku account, log out. Some functions cannot be accessed using Roku, so you must use a web browser.

  • Launch a web browser right away to access the HBO Max website.
  • The profile icon is located in the top right corner. Click it to change your settings.
  • Under the Account menu, use the pencil icon to edit your password.
  • You will be required to enter a six-digit verification code that has been given to your email. Enter the code, then press the Proceed button.
  • Your new password must be entered twice on the following screen.

Do a factory reset:

A system reset will eliminate any bugs if nothing else works. Redownloading and logging into each of your channels from scratch is required.

  • Go to the Menu, select System, and then select Advanced.
  • Selecting the factory option will allow you to perform a complete reset.
  • After pasting the code into the box, click OK.

It could take some time to accomplish a factory reset. After completing this procedure, your Roku must be reinstalled like a new device.

Compatible Devices for HBO Max

The complete list of compatible devices that you may use to get HBO Max in New Zealand without any problems is provided below:

  • Roku
  • Desktop and Laptops (Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • Android (TV, phone, tablet, and laptop)
  • Macbooks
  • iPhones, iPads
  • Xbox (Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S)
  • Amazon Fire TVs
  • PlayStation
  • Apple TVs
  • Google Chromebooks, Chromecast
  • Samsung TVs

Has HBO Max rebranded itself in 2024? HBO Max and Discovery Plus merger answered

Yes, HBO Max has indeed rebranded itself in 2024, embracing the name Max to reflect its expanded content offerings and improved user interface.


On Roku, the HBO Go app is still accessible. Indeed, you may still access and utilize the HBO Max app through the Roku Channel Store.

There is no way to watch HBO Max Roku free in New Zealand. Even when it is included in a cable, satellite, or internet subscription, you still need its subscription.

HBO Max is actually available, which will please anyone who owns an older Roku device. Despite the possibility, older models might not have as many features as current ones.

The HBO Max Roku cancel process is quite simple if you join up through Roku, though.

  • Go to the Roku site on your program.
  • Under Manage Account, select Manage your subscriptions.
  • Select your HBO Max from the available subscriptions list.
  • Click the Unsubscribe button to cancel the subscription.
  • To confirm your cancellation, click “Done.”

Yes! Thanks to Comcast, HBO Max is now available on your Roku device. Customers of qualified Xfinity bundles who use the HBO Max app on a Roku device must sign in using their Xfinity credentials.


We hope this guide has informed you how to get HBO Max Roku in New Zealand. The process is quite easy and does not involve any complicated technicalities.

However, you must use a dependable VPN service like ExpressVPN to use HBO Max on your Roku in New Zealand.

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