Hola VPN Review 2021

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Hola is an Israeli VPN service that offers both premium and free versions to its users worldwide. However, the service is famous for selling its users’ idle bandwidth from its free users to support its operational cost.

Apart from this, it keeps logs of its users’ activities, unlike other impressive VPN services that do not store their users’ information. Continue reading this extensive Hola VPN review to know its other user-aversive activities.

Quick Overview

  • Security and ease of use – Not a suitable privacy option security-wise but it is easy to use
  • Streaming – Works with US Netflix but does not unblock BBC iPlayer
  • Speed – Its speed is average when connected to different servers

Jurisdiction – Where is Hola VPN situated?

This VPN primarily works from Israel. The country is not a part of any of the 5 eyes, 9 eyes, and 14 eyes countries. However, the country has cooperated with the 14 eyes countries in terms of intelligence in the past. Therefore, the provider may share its users’ data with intelligence agencies of eyes countries as and when needed.

Pricing – How much does Hola VPN cost?

Hola VPN provides different pricing plans to its users. These packages are categorized duration-wise. If you are willing to subscribe to its 3-year plan, you have the luxury to choose your desired plan from two pricing plans. The Hola Premium package is available at the cost of $107.55, for 3-years. It means you will need to pay $2.99 to continue using the said plan.

Similarly, you can get the subscription of the Hola Ultra plan by paying $287. 64 for 3-years. You will have to pay $7.99 per month to avail this package.



Aside from its 3-year plans, you can subscribe to its yearly packages as per your convenience. You can obtain the Hola Premium plan’s subscription at the price of $92.26/year and $7.69/month, respectively.

If we discuss its Hola Ultra yearly plan pricing, you will need to pay $239.88 yearly that translates to $19.99 every month.



Besides, you can obtain its monthly pricing packages as well. The Hola VPN premium plan is available at the cost of $14.99 per month. Likewise, you can subscribe to the Hola Ultra monthly plan by paying $29.99.



As far as its money-back guarantee feature goes, you can claim for your refund within a month after subscription if you are not satisfied with the service’s performance. Interestingly, you can also use its free plan to secure your privacy accordingly.

Other Salient Features

The provider does not offer numerous security features to its users. The service only provides a Smart DNS feature apart from the customer support feature. Let’s have a look at these features one by one:

Smart DNS

Hola VPN does offer a Smart DNS feature but seems to be a miss or hit affair based on its streaming unblocking feature. This feature uses your Domain Name Server (DNS) to unblock your favorite geo-blocked websites or services.

Customer Support

Customer support lacks a live chat feature, which is a big miss considering its importance. Otherwise, you can use Hola contact us option to solve your queries. Furthermore, you can approach them through phone number as well.

Moreover, the service provides a troubleshooting section that allows you to install Hola VPN on your preferred devices. Besides, you can explore its FAQ section to get the answers to general or VPN-related queries timely.

Security – Is Hola VPN safe to use?

Hola VPN did not impress us at all when we reviewed its official website in detail. The service does not provide any information regarding tunneling protocols, encryption levels, and other security or privacy features.

Therefore, users should refrain from using Hola VPN since it is not safe to use.

Logging Policy

Surprisingly, the service categorically states that it stores its users’ data and shares it with the official authorities as and when needed. If we talk about other VPNs in the market like PureVPN and NordVPN, they do not store their users’ information and follow the no-logging concept appropriately.


Additional Security Features

Hola VPN needs to include some impressive additional features in its armory like TOR support, ad-blocker, etc. But, this Israel based VPN service does not offer essential security features like an internet kill switch to its users. Consequently, the provider has to focus on improving its users’ online privacy first, which is possible only by offering obligatory features like tunneling protocols, encryption, etc.

Hola VPN Server Locations

Hola VPN offers 2000+ servers in different countries worldwide. However, the provider has not classified them either as standard VPN servers, obfuscated servers, or P2P servers.


Obfuscated Servers

As already mentioned, Hola VPN does not describe whether it offers obfuscation feature. The said feature helps you remain anonymous on the internet while residing in oppressive countries like China, Iran, etc.

On the contrary, NordVPN has classified its server network in various categories like standard VPN, double VPN, and P2P servers. Thus, the provider will need to perform out of its skin to compete with a quality VPN service in the future.

Does Hola VPN leak your information?

Fortunately, Hola VPN will not reveal your actual IP address, DNS, and WebRTC information. However, the Hola VPN’s download link does contain some malicious files, so you should avoid downloading its apps on your devices.

Here are the results of our IP leak, DNS leak, and WebRTC leak test:

IP Leak Test:

We tested its IP leak protection feature on IPLeak.org and found the following result:


DNS Leak Test:

We examined its DNS leak protection feature via DNSLeakTest.com and obtained the following outcome:


WebRTC Leak Test: 

In terms of WebRTC leak, we checked its performance on ip8.com and received the following result:


Virus Test:

We tried to check the download link of the Hola VPN to see if it has viruses or not. Unfortunately, the link could not come up clean during our testing process and we received the following outcome:


Is Hola VPN fast?

Hola VPN is not an ideal VPN service on the speed front. We performed speed tests via base 15 Mbps internet connection on our Android device. Here are the results:

Hola speed while connected to the US – New Jersey server:


Speed of Hola VPN when connected to UK – London server:


Speed of Hola when connected to its New Zealand – Auckland server:


Hola VPN’s speed performance does not look encouraging, as you may face issues while streaming your favorite content. When we connected to its US server, the speed dropped by more than 30%.

However, the speed was reduced by 70 to 80% when tested on the UK and New Zealand servers. It means Hola VPN has to improve its performance on the speed domain substantially.  

Does Hola VPN unblock US Netflix and BBC iPlayer?

Hola VPN allows people from New Zealand, Australia, and other countries to watch American Netflix from anywhere across the globe. We tried to watch episode 8 of Money Heist using its US – New jersey, and luckily we succeeded in doing so eventually.



But, unfortunately, we could not unblock BBC iPlayer via Hola VPN’s any UK server. Hence, you had a better look for other options like ExpressVPN to accomplish your media streaming cravings.

Does Hola VPN allow torrenting?

Interestingly, Hola VPN follows the concept of peer-to-peer technology. It allows torrenting activities of its users but, at the same time, does have a dedicated DMCA section. Therefore, you should not download copyrighted content using any of its servers.

You can also try out different VPN services like PureVPN, Avast SecureLine, and NordVPN that provide exclusive P2P servers.

Does Hola VPN offer a simultaneous connections feature?

Hola VPN offers an excellent multi-logins feature based on your subscription plan. When you start using its Hola Ultra monthly plan, you can protect 20 devices with a single account simultaneously.

The said feature applies to Hola Ultra yearly and 3-yearly pricing plans. In case you opt for Hola Premium monthly plan, you can get 10 multi-logins features upfront.

Can I use Hola VPN while working from home?

You have much better options than Hola VPN like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, PureVPN, etc. that protect your privacy next level when working from home. The Israel based VPN service does not offer enough security and privacy features that help you keep different notorious elements at bay while working remotely.

How many devices does Hola VPN support?

Hola VPN supports a variety of operating systems and devices. These operating systems and devices include Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web Browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox) Routers, Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, etc.


Hola VPN for Windows

The Windows app is simple and easy to use. You do not need any rocket science to operate its user interface. The whole installation process completes within a few minutes. However, you will not find desired security features such as internet kill switch, split tunneling, etc.


Hola VPN for Android

The Android app is light-weight, and its user-friendly interface makes your life so easy. You can select your desired server from the list of servers instantly. But again, the lack of security features may harm your online privacy when you use its Android app.


Hola VPN for iOS

The iOS app is also simple but needs a lot of improvement overall. You have to use a VPN to protect your digital footprints over the web. Surprisingly, Hola’s iOS app, like Windows and Android, has fallen short on different privacy or security fronts like internet kill switch, split tunneling, ad blocker, and others.



Is Hola VPN a virus?

Hola VPN primarily works as a proxy service and can inject malware or viruses into your devices. Thus, you should use this VPN at your own risk.

Does Hola VPN work with Netflix?

Based on our Netflix testing result, you can use this Israel based provider to unblock Netflix.

How does Hola VPN make money?

Hola VPN works as a peer-to-peer VPN that routes users’ connections through each other’s devices. Aside from providing premium packages, the service sells its free subscribers’ idle bandwidth to make money.

Do we recommend Hola VPN?

No, we do not recommend this provider to our users based on this Hola VPN review. There are many reasons to justify our verdict. Firstly, Israel based VPN service keeps a lot of users’ information. Despite offering a free package, Hola VPN’s premium plans are much on the higher side in terms of pricing. 

If we talk about its jurisdiction precisely, the country is a close ally of 14 eyes countries. Moreover, the service does not help you unblock BBC iPlayer. Above all, the service has a history of serious misconduct on users’ data privacy front. Likewise, Hola VPN has been alleged to inject malware or viruses into users’ devices previously.

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