How Much Does Netflix Cost?

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How much does Netflix Cost

Netflix is one of the streaming services companies that has launched a global plan of attracting streamers all over the world. The streaming service is available in New Zealand with an extensive catalogue of movies and shows, but how much does Netflix cost?

The streaming wars show no signs of slowing down, with the big content companies fighting it out for global domination. Different price ranges are one of the strategies employed by the companies to attract subscribers, which is no different here in New Zealand.

Let’s break it down without further ado and compare Netflix to other streaming services to find out whether Netflix is worth it.

TLDR: How Much Does Netflix Cost?

The question remains, how much does Netflix cost? Netflix is a little pricier than some competitors in New Zealand. The table below is a breakdown of the Netflix prices NZ 2022.

Basic Standard Premium
Monthly subscription NZD 12.99 NZD 18.49 NZD 24.99
No. of screens you can watch simultaneously 1 2 4
Number of phones you can have downloads on 1 2 4
Unlimited movies and TV shows
Watch on mobile phone or tablet
Stream on a laptop or TV
HD available
Ultra HD/4K available

Netflix Plans and Pricing

As you can see from the table above Netflix price NZ Basic costs NZD 12.99, Standard is NZD 18.49. Premium is currently available for NZD 24.99 a month. Also, check out the Youtube Premium Price Plan.

The streaming service was already pricier than its competitors last year but increased the subscription rates by between 9 and 14 per cent.

Netflix’s reason behind this move was to offer more and better content, and there’s no doubt the streaming service has lived up to that promise. You can enjoy a number of best TV shows on Netflix NZ.

The Basic Plan has the lowest subscription rates and is the best for any movie and TV show buff looking to save some money. However, this Netflix plan doesn’t offer high definition (HD) content, and you can only stream on one screen.

If you’re looking to share your Netflix account with a roomie or a friend, the Standard Plan is the best bet. It offers HD streaming and supports account sharing on one more streaming device.

However, choose the Premium Plan if you want to go all out to stream content in Ultra HD or 4K and share your Netflix account with four others. With this plan you can get access to the best movies on Netflix NZ!

Remember to create profiles on your Netflix account if you have a Standard or Premium Plan to keep your suggestions just the way you like them.

However, you can also get Netflix free trial in New Zealand with the help of a VPN! Other streaming services allow you to use their free trial, such as Crunchyroll does offer a free trial, or Epix now has a Free trial in New Zealand, and you can also access it using the Premium VPN.

How Does Netflix Cost Compare to Other Streaming Platforms?

How does Netflix cost NZ compare to other streaming services in the country? Well. The truth is, Netflix doesn’t have a free run in New Zealand, and the company faces stiff competition from other streaming services. Also, check out the detailed comparison of Netflix NZ vs US.

The competition from other streaming platforms isn’t restricted to cost but also the quality of the content.

The table below is a breakdown of how Netflix compares to other streaming services:

Service and Cost TV Shows Movies Monthly Cost (NZ$) Maximum Simultaneous Devices
Netflix 1838 3880 NZD 12.99 (Basic), NZD 18.49 (Standard), NZD 24.99 (Premium) Up to 4 Devices
Disney+ 241 900 NZD 9.99 4
Amazon Prime Video 1571 13194 NZD 9.00 2

Netflix has a large content library than Disney Plus, but Amazon Prime Video is hot on its heels in terms of best TV shows on Prime Video. Moreover, no streaming service can match best movies on Amazon Prime Video which  currently stands at over 13000 and growing.

Netflix is the most expensive streaming service in terms of monthly subscription rates. But the streaming service offers better overall content than its competitors. Disney Plus, for instance, is releasing original content that’s getting positive reviews from movies and TV show critics. These include high-budget shows like The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett.

Also, Prime Video released big hit TV show hits like Reacher, Star Trek Picard, and Hanna. But overall, Netflix has the edge in TV and film selections and, best of all, notable international productions.

However, you can also check out our article on Epix now costs, Acorn TV costs, Sling TV costs & ESPN Plus costs in New Zealand.

How Much Data Does Netflix Use?

You don’t need a super internet connection to watch Netflix, especially if you’re not on the Premium Plan.

You need at least a 3 Mbps connection for the Basic (SD) Plan and 5 Mbps for the Standard (HD) Plan.

You will need at least 10 Mbps to maintain HD quality on concurrent streaming. A 20 Mbps connection should be sufficient to stream Premium Netflix on two screens.

Here’s a table with the full breakdown of Netflix internet connection speed requirements:

Netflix Plans Recommended Internet Speeds (Mbps)
Basic (SD) 1 Mbps – but choose a faster connection for better video quality.
Standard (HD) 720p – 3 Mbps, 1080p – 5 Mbps
4K/Ultra HD (UHD) 15 Mbps

Use a speed test tool to figure out your actual internet connection speed as it will help you get the best Netflix streaming experience.


Is Netflix free with Amazon Prime?

You cannot get free Netflix when you pay for your Amazon Prime subscription. These are two different streaming companies, and you’ll be billed separately for them. For example, you’ll only get access to Amazon Prime Video if you pay for the video streaming service. The same goes for Netflix.

How much is Netflix per month in NZ?

Netflix has three plans in New Zealand: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The three plans have different price points, namely $12.99, $18.49, and $24.99.

Can I get Netflix for free?

Netflix is available for free in some countries like Kenya, where mobile Netflix streamers get the service free of charge. However, the content and quality of the stream are limited.

How much is a 1-year Netflix subscription?

Netflix only allows users to pay for a monthly subscription instead of a yearly subscription. However, you can calculate the amount you’ll spend for a year based on the plan you want to go for.

Wrapping Up

Netflix is one of the best streaming services with a great lineup of shows and movies. The streaming service is available in most countries globally, but the monthly subscription you pay depends on your geographical location.

That’s because Netflix has a different content library for the regions where the service is available. In New Zealand, the Netflix cost is higher than Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, the streaming service’s highest competitors. However, Netflix is worth the extra few bucks because of the number and quality of shows.

So, pay for your preferred Netflix subscription plan and enjoy the vast amount of content on the platform.

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