How to Disable A VPN?

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Everybody wants to know what a VPN is and how does it work. However, not many of us know what it takes to deactivate a VPN connection once you are done with streaming, downloading, online shopping, and other tasks requiring the utmost anonymity level.

If you are one of those who do not know how to turn off a VPN, then you have arrived at the right place.

Continue reading this guide if you want to know how to disable a VPN connection on multiple devices without any trouble.

When should I turn off the VPN?

You should not turn off your VPN if you want to stay safe and anonymous all the time. That said, there are situations where you should turn off your VPN for a while. These situations are:

Resolving network issues

When troubleshooting network issues, it is a good idea to disable your VPN. There are common network issues such as misconfigurations, unable to connect to a file or printer, weak office Wi-Fi signals in your area, etc.

If you are dealing with such problems, disabling a VPN will give you much-needed breathing space to resolve all these issues appropriately.

Installing software or updates

At times, you have to install different software depending on your official or personal needs. Therefore, you had better pause your VPN connection for a certain time. By doing so, you can install apps or software on your systems accordingly.

Similarly, you should disable your VPN service when you need to update your devices to appropriately improve their performance. If you do not perform timely updates to your devices, they may not perform as per your preferences.

Accessing local content or services

You cannot access local content if you have turned on your VPN service. This is because you need to have a local IP address that lets you successfully access local TV shows, movies, and other media content.

Likewise, some websites do not allow you to log into your accounts with a foreign IP address. Therefore, you will have to disable your VPN before accessing them.

For instance, you have created an official account on a local food delivery service app. In this case, you will rely on a local IP address every time you log into your account.

Data back-ups

When you are bound to backup your data weekly or monthly, you should turn off your VPN. Otherwise, you may not be able to create a backup of your official or personal data correctly.

How can I turn off the VPN on a Windows device?

You can turn off the VPN on your Windows devices hassle-free. Here is what you should do:

  • Go to “Settings” then select “Network & Internet”


  • Click the “VPN” option given in the left menu


  • Click ” Disconnect” to turn off your VPN connection

Fortunately, NordVPN has started offering an impressive pause your VPN feature that lets you disconnect your VPN connection for up to an hour (60 mins). Surprisingly, your VPN connection will be restored after an hour automatically.

Hence, you will not have to enable a VPN connection on your Windows or Android device yourself as this feature is available for Windows and Android users.

What should I do to disable a VPN on Android?

When you want to turn off or disable a VPN on your Android device, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to “Settings” then select the “Wireless & networks” option
  • Now, click “VPN” and toggle off the VPN connection
  • This is how you can turn off the VPN connection on your Android device instantly

How can I turn off the VPN on macOS?

To turn off or disable a VPN service on your Mac device, follow these simple steps:

  • Through “System Preferences” select the “Network” option
  • Choose a VPN connection you wish to disable from the left panel
  • Click “Disconnect” to turn off the VPN service

What should I do to turn off the VPN on iOS?

Interestingly, you do not have to follow so many steps to disable the VPN connection on your iOS device. In reality, you only need a handful of steps including:

  • Go to “Setting”, select the “General” option
  • Click “VPN” then set the VPN status to “Not Connected”

This way, you can deactivate the VPN app installed on your iOS device in the blink of an eye.

Why should I keep my VPN always on?

Many reasons suggest you should keep your VPN connection on always. For example, you tend to perform different data-intensive activities such as long VoIP calls, content streaming by unblocking geo-limited services, online gaming, torrent downloading, casual web surfing, etc., all the time.

These reasons aside, you can use the best VPN NZ services for the following purposes:

Securing your privacy while using public Wi-Fi networks

Public Wi-Fi networks are easy targets of hackers and other cyber goons. Thus, you should use a VPN to outsmart cybercriminals, including hackers, doxers, scammers, and others comprehensively.

Another benefit of using a VPN is that you can still safeguard your online whereabouts if, unfortunately, connected to a rogue public hotspot. A rogue hotspot looks like a valid hotspot, but in reality, it is operated by hackers.

When you connect to this public hotspot, hackers can manipulate your data and even inject viruses or malware into your devices. For the safe side, you should keep activating your VPN connection while traveling.

Browsing the web privately

When you surf the web once you have deactivated a VPN on your devices, ISPs and other surveillance actors can see what you do online. Above all, ISPs may sell your browsing information to third-party advertisers to make ends meet.

Considering this alarming fact, you should only browse the internet once you have enabled a VPN connection on your device.

Wrapping Up

Summing up, disabling a VPN connection on your preferred devices, be it Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS is not a difficult task. We hope now you can disable a VPN from anywhere after reading our guide in detail.

No matter which VPN services (PureVPNSurfshark, or ExpressVPN) you are using, you can turn off a VPN connection within a few seconds.

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