Watch Alone in New Zealand on Channel 4

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Watch Alone in New Zealand on Channel 4

If you love reality survival shows and are thrilled to see the average Joe trying to survive and thrive in the unforgiving wild, then it’s high time you get excited for the brand-new show Alone, released on Channel 4 in the UK on 6th August 2023. Adapted from the hit American show of the same name, Alone features eleven unprepared city dwellers fending for themselves in the harsh Canadian wilderness. Kiwi audience must wonder how to watch Alone in New Zealand on Channel 4.

Unfortunately, Alone and all other shows or movies on Channel 4 are restricted by location barriers and are only available in the UK and Ireland. Viewers outside the British Isles can only view Channel 4’s content by using a virtual private network (VPN) like ExpressVPN. A VPN enables you to hide your current IP address by replacing it with a different location anywhere on the planet.

Keep on reading this guide to find out further information about Channel 4’s Alone and accessing Channel 4 content via a VPN. Read this blog, as we’ll guide you through the simple steps to watch Channel 4 in New Zealand, so you can enjoy every heartfelt moment without any limitations.

How To Watch Alone in New Zealand on Channel 4- [Easy Steps]

To watch Alone in New Zealand on Channel 4, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose and download a reputable VPN service. (ExpressVPN is highly recommended).
  2. Go through the available subscription plans and select the one that suits you.
  3. Connect to any of the servers available in the UK or Ireland.
  4. Go to Channel 4’s website and create an account.
  5. Search for Alone & Start streaming!

Where to watch Alone in Australia?

Unfortunately, Channel 4’s Alone is unavailable for streaming outside the UK and Ireland, but fellow Kiwi viewers don’t need to fret as they can easily access Channel 4’s website using an easy-to-use VPN.

Viewers looking to watch Alone ad-free but are unwilling to pay for the monthly or annual subscription can alternatively opt for the seven-day Channel 4 free trial, but remember one important thing, if you want to avoid getting charged, make sure to cancel Channel 4 Subscription before trial period’s ending date. there is no longer needed to pay for Channel 4 cost.

Why do you need a VPN to watch Alone in New Zealand on Channel 4?

As Channel 4 is not available for streaming outside of the UK and Ireland, viewers outside the British Isles are unable to access Channel 4’s content. To solve this problem, a VPN is an excellent solution. It helps you to bypass location restrictions by hiding your IP address and replacing it with a different IP location of your choice.

When does Alone release on Channel 4?

Alone has already been released on Channel 4 on the 6th of August, 2023. If you are into adventure, survival and suspense, be sure to tune in to Channel 4’s website and stream the reality survival show, Alone.

Kiwi viewers need to remember that Channel 4 is unavailable for streaming in New Zealand; therefore, they must use a VPN. We highly recommend ExpressVPN as it is the best VPN for Channel 4.

What is the Narrative of Alone?

Eleven city-dwelling Brits are flown off to the harsh Canadian wilderness, where they must use all their wits and abilities to survive for the longest time possible. The contestant who survives for the longest period gets to take home the grand prize of £100,000 ($210,165).

Viewers looking to get the most out of their subscription to Channel 4 or the trial period must also check out the best shows on Channel 4, such as Hollyoaks, Young Sheldon, The Inbetweeners and The Girl from Plainville. If long shows are not to their liking, viewers can also stream the best trending movies such as Mean Girls, Predator, Rita, Sue and Bob Too, and Greed.

What is the Plot of  Alone?

Based on and adapted from the hit American show with the same name, eleven woefully unprepared city-dwelling Brits are flown off to the great Canadian wilderness where they must face the harsh elements alone and survive long enough to win the grand prize of £100,000 ($210,165).

Kiwi viewers can stream Alone from the comfort of their homes via a streaming VPN for Channel 4. New Zealanders looking to check out what these Brits are doing in their backyards can replace their New Zealand IP address with one from the UK or Ireland via a VPN.

Three famous astrologers, Michelle Waite, Francesca, and Colin, will also be part show.

Who are the Featured Cast of Alone?

Alone is a reality TV show that portrays real-life everyday people as contestants. There are eleven contestants:

Contestant Age Job
Alan 43 Forestry manager
Elise 32 PR Executive
Eva 25 NHS project manager
Javed 58 Business coach and mentor
Kian 19 War Studies student
Laura 40 Entrepreneur
Louie 28 Builder
Mike 49 Joiner and master craftsman
Naomi 26 Clothing designer
Pip 47 Wild swimming coach
Tom 39 Company director

How Many Episodes of Alone are there?

Currently, two episodes of Alone are available for streaming on Channel 4’s website.

  • Episode 1: Who can face the harsh, unforgiving Canadian wilderness and survive their first night?
  • Episode 2: The reality of living alone begins to creep in; will it be too much for the contestants?

Both of these episodes are available to stream for viewers from Channel 4 available countries: The UK and Ireland.

Is there any trailer for Alone?

Yes. Channel 4 has released an enthralling preview of the series “Alone.”

What Else is Worth Watching on Channel 4?

Here is the most popular best shows and best trending movies list on Channel 4.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Alone in New Zealand on Channel 4

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Alone in New Zealand on Channel 4 because it has many UK-based servers. With fast, reliable, and secure servers, it ensures smooth streaming on your device. Viewers can connect to ExpressVPN for a stable and efficient streaming experience anytime.

ExpresVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Alone in New Zealand on Channel 4


ExpressVPN stands out from other VPNs as the ultimate choice to unblock restricted content in New Zealand. With over 3000+ servers across 105 countries, it effortlessly bypasses location restrictions, ensuring smooth streaming on any device.

With ExpressVPN, you can enjoy solid encryption, high speeds, and 24/7 customer support. Popular features like Threat Manager, Split Tunneling, and more are beloved by streamers.

ExpressVPN MediaStreamer DNS service is perfect for non-VPN-compatible devices. You can easily and swiftly unblock Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and more with ExpressVPN.

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Channel 4’s Alone isn’t listed on IMDB yet. Thus, no ratings are available.

Yes, if you like survival and adventure, this show is for you.

There are currently two episodes available to stream.

Wrap Up

Channel 4’s Alone is available for streaming. There are two episodes out. If you love adventure, wilderness and survival, this is a must-watch show for you. To bypass Channel 4’s location restriction and watch Alone in New Zealand on Channel 4, a tried and tested VPN is a must. ExpressVPN is the ultimate VPN service available that will fulfill your every streaming need.

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