How to Watch AMC Plus Canada in New Zealand

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It’s great news for all AMC fans as the famous US-based streaming service, AMC Plus is now available in Canada on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video channels.

According to the company officials,

This is a very meaningful deal across the horizon that demonstrates the growth and momentum of AMC+, the strength of our content, and the depth of our brand, as it resonates in a very competitive marketplace.

They added further,

This expansion joins the overseas opportunities we’re just beginning to tap into with our targeted services — particularly Acorn TV and Shudder — which are expanding into markets in Europe, as well as Australia and New Zealand, and more countries.

Read this post in detail to discover how you can access AMC+ Canada in New Zealand so you can enjoy watching great content like Frozen Planet 2 without any interruptions.

How to Watch AMC Plus Canada in New Zealand through Apple TV Channels?

There is no denying that AMC Plus is an impressive video-on-demand service that allows you to watch award-winning and blockbuster shows and movies available across popular networks like AMC, IFC, Shudder, and Sundance TV under one roof.

If you want to stream AMC Plus as a channel on Apple TV in New Zealand, you will pay Canadian dollars $8.99 per month. Furthermore, you will use a VPN service that offers a Canadian IP address.

That said, you will have to install a VPN service on your router first and then connect your Apple TV app to your VPN-enabled router. As a result, you can access AMC+ Canada in New Zealand on Apple TV channels appropriately.

However, you will need to configure a VPN on your router first. Once you have installed a VPN on your router, you can connect your Apple TV app to your VPN-enabled router.

To access AMC Plus Canada in New Zealand through Apple TV channels, follow these simple steps as explained below:

  • Open the Apple TV app, select the Watch Now option provided at the top of the screen
  • Scroll down to Apple TV channels or search for AMC+ yourself using the search option
  • Subscribe to the AMC+ channel and start the trial

At this point, you can begin streaming AMC, Shudder, IFC, and Sundance TV content on AMC Plus Canada all in one place. However, your subscription will not work on AMC plus website or apps. Also, learn how to watch Hulu in New Zealand.

How to Watch AMC Plus Canada in New Zealand through Amazon Prime Video Channels?

As already discussed, AMC+ is also available in Canada on Amazon Prime Video as a channel. As far as its cost is concerned, you will have to pay $8.99 per month.

Moreover, you will again have to rely on a VPN to access AMC Plus Canada media content on Prime Video channels. This is because a VPN will mask your actual IP address with another IP address, which will be in this case Canada.

Once you have changed your online location through a Canadian IP address, you can watch AMC+ Canada on Prime Video as a channel in New Zealand anonymously.

If you want to access Prime Video Canada in New Zealand to stream AMC+ Canada, follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Through your Prime Video app, go to Prime Video Channels
  • Scroll to the right until you see AMC+
  • Choose AMC+, subscribe to the channel, and start the trial

This way, you can begin watching AMC+ exclusive content while residing in New Zealand without any problem. But, your subscription will not work on the AMC+ website or apps.

How to get a Canadian IP address with a VPN in New Zealand?

If you want to get a Canadian IP address with a VPN within Kiwi territory, follow these below-mentioned steps:

  • Subscribe to a VPN service like ExpressVPN
  • Download the VPN app on your devices including Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS
  • Login to your ExpressVPN account using your login credentials
  • Connect to a Canadian server from the servers’ list


Congratulations, you have now successfully replaced your actual IP address through a Canadian IP address. Similarly, using the American IP address you can watch Amazon Prime in New Zealand. 

Wrapping Up

We expect that you can now easily watch AMC Plus Canada on Apple TV channels or Prime Video Channels depending on your choice following our guide.

But again, you will depend on a VPN service to accomplish your AMC Plus streaming cravings in New Zealand hassle-free.

Similarly, you can stream video-on-demand services in New Zealand like Netflix, HBO, Acorn TV other than AMC Plus Canada.

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