How to Watch Epix Now in New Zealand in December 2023

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Epix Now NZ – How to Watch Epix Now in New Zealand [Easy Guide]

Epix is one of the newest US cable networks to launch a streaming service, Epix Now, only available in the US. This guide shows you how to watch Epix Now in New Zealand to enjoy live channels, films, documentaries, popular TV shows, and other VOD content including Domina, Top Gun: Maverick, Babylon, and more.

Epix Now is a great streaming service with new episodes every week and thousands of films and documentaries. The streaming service takes viewers behind the scenes of your favorite TV series to get more insight into the cast and the crew.

Also, Epix Now allows users to download movies and shows for offline viewing, which comes in handy when traveling outside of the US. The application includes features for casting on a projector or a supported smart TV.

But the one thing that separates Epix Now TV from other streaming services is it doesn’t run ads on the platform. Streamers enjoy the content ads-free, the way it’s supposed to be.

The only downside about Epix Now is it’s only available in the United States. Luckily, you can use a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to find a way past the Epix Now blocks, and this guide takes you through all the steps.

How to Watch Epix Now in New Zealand [Easy Steps]

Using a premium VPN is the only way to watch Epix Now in New Zealand. The process is easy, and you only need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose a VPN with robust and reliable servers in the US. We highly recommend ExpressVPN for its high-speed servers in the United States.
  2. Set up the VPN on your streaming device.
  3. sign in, and connect to a US server. (Recommended Server: New York)
  4. Navigate to Epix Now and log in/sign up.
  5. stream your favorite titles on Epix Now in NZ!

Best VPNs to Watch Epix Now in New Zealand

A VPN is a tool that helps you change your location to a different country to access geo-restricted streaming services. Moreover, there are hundreds of VPNs in the market, but here are our three recommended VPNs to watch Epix Now in NZ or anywhere outside of the US.

ExpressVPN – The Best VPN to Watch Epix Now in New Zealand


ExpressVPN is connected to the New York server flawlessly.

If you’re like other movie and TV show enthusiasts, having a fast VPN improves your streaming experience. The VPN will provide reliable access to streaming services, and you can stream the content in HD.

That’s exactly what ExpressVPN delivers. This is the fastest VPN we’ve ever tested on our 100Mbps network. ExpressVPN provides download speeds of 89.42 Mbps and upload speeds of 84.64 Mbps.


ExpressVPN has produced great results while streaming!

This is sufficient speed to watch YouTube TV & FX TV in New Zealand on 1080p resolution.

The VPN service has a global server network with 3200 servers in 94 countries worldwide, with 24 server locations in the US. These servers ensure that you get the Epix streaming service in NZ and of the best quality.

These are highly-optimized servers that make you able to watch Dune on HBO Max in New Zealand.

ExpressVPN supports common operating systems and has a MediaStreamer feature for streaming devices that don’t support VPNs. These devices include Amazon Fire TV, smart TVs, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, and PlayStation. The VPN supports five simultaneous connections.

The VPN service has incredible features such as Split Tunneling for choosing the apps that tunnel through the VPN and those that don’t. Also, ExpressVPN has DNS Leak Protection, a Kill Switch, and a strict no-logs policy.

Get ExpressVPN now for NZ$10.84/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan on the 12-month plan. It also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Recommended Servers: New York, Atlanta, Miami

Surfshark – Affordable VPN to Watch Epix Now in New Zealand


Choose an affordable VPN for streaming.

Looking for a VPN that’s affordable and easy to use? Then Surfshark should be high on your list when you want to watch Epix Now in NZ.

We tested the VPN on a 100Mbps connection, and it provides 88.14Mbps download and 83.72Mbps upload. These speeds are sufficient for streaming any content on Epix Now in HD or UHD. Based on the speed test results it proved that you can also watch Caracol TV & Cinemax in New Zealand.


Surfshark performed exceptionally well on the US server.

It is easy to install, and the interface has a simple and clean look since the options for choosing a server and connecting are right where you need them.

But that’s not the only good thing about Surfshark. The VPN is the most affordable among our three recommended VPNs but has all the features of a premium VPN.

First, the VPN has 3200+ servers in 64 countries worldwide and 600+ servers in the United States. These servers provide fast connections to watch Epix Now in NZ in the best quality.

With the help of these highly-optimized servers, you can watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians in New Zealand without any buffering problems.

The VPN supports Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows. Top Surfshark features include unlimited simultaneous connections on one account, a Kill Switch, and Private DNS $ Leak Protection.

Choose the 24-month Surfshark offer for NZ$3.23/mo (US$ 1.99/mo)- Get 86% on a 24-month subscription along with 30-day money-back guarantee.

Recommended Servers: Latham, Chicago, Detroit

NordVPN – Largest Server Network VPN to Watch Epix Now in New Zealand


NordVPN is connected to a US server.

It balances great features, robust servers, and affordable subscription plans, making it a great VPN when you want to watch Epix Now in NZ.

The VPN performs at top speeds, which we confirmed through a test on our 100Mbps network. NordVPN provides 86.49 Mbps download speed and 79.42Mbps upload speed. Based on the speed test results it proved that you can also watch Big Ten Network, ATRESplayer, AMC, and other streaming platforms in New Zealand with ease.


NordVPN promises to deliver the fastest speed!

However, the VPN is known for having the largest server network, which is currently at 5400+ servers in 60 countries worldwide. But you need access to fast US servers to access Epix Now in New Zealand or anywhere outside the US.

NordVPN has 1970+ servers to unblock Epix Now and stream any content on the platform in HD. Choosing a server can be an issue when faced with so many options, but NordVPN has an auto-connect feature for connecting you to the best server.

Based on the features above, you can easily watch Britbox in New Zealand without any technical glitches on these world-class streaming devices without any technical issues.

NordVPN works on Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Android, with the SmartPlay feature extending coverage to other devices that don’t have VPN apps.

The VPN service supports six simultaneous connections on one account, allowing you to watch Crunchyroll in New Zealand with your friends and family in one place.

Choose the NordVPN two-year plan currently available for NZ$5.34/mo (US$ 3.29/mo) with a 30-day money return policy.

Recommended Servers: United States #4479

What is a VPN? How Will It Help You Watch Epix Now Outside the US?

A VPN is an application that encrypts internet traffic and keeps online activity private and anonymous. By encrypting your internet traffic, hackers, your ISP, and the government can’t track your online activities. A VPN also protects your data even when connected to public Wi-Fi.

You can also use the best VPN NZ to access geo-restricted streaming services and websites such as Epix Now. Like most streaming services in the US, Epix Now geo-blocks its content to the US, preventing people outside the US from accessing the platform.

Epix Now can detect non-US IP addresses and lock them out from the platform. But a VPN hides your real IP address, encrypts your traffic, and connects you to a secure server in a different location.

So, when you connect to a server in the US, your device will be assigned a US IP address, allowing you to watch Epix Now in NZ. You can use VPN to watch Cartoon Network outside New Zealand.

How Can You Sign Up for Epix Now?

Here are the steps to sign up for an Epix Now account in NZ:

  1. Launch your favorite VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to a server in the US.
  3. Head over to the official Epix website.
  4. Click start my 7-day Epix Now free trial.
  5. Create an account by entering your Epix Now login credentials (email and password)
  6. Download the Epix Now app for your streaming device.
  7. Start the Epix Now app and sign in with your credentials.
  8. Follow the instructions and add the payment details
  9. Start watching Epix Now in New Zealand.

How To Pay for Epix Now in NZ?

Epix Now accepts wire transfers and American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. Therefore, the easiest way to pay for Epix Now in NZ is with a Visa or MasterCard, and here’s how:

  1. Connect to a US server on ExpressVPN.
  2. Navigate to the official Epix Website and start your 7-day free trial.
  3. Create an account by providing your details (email and password).
  4. Sign in to your account, follow the instructions, and choose MasterCard or Visa as your preferred mode of payment.
  5. Start streaming Epix Now in NZ.

Want to know the Epix streaming cost? Navigate to the next heading to find out!

How Much Does Epix Now Cost?

Epix Now costs $5.99 a month. Thus, it is more affordable than other streaming services like HBO Max and Netflix. You can also check the complete guide on Epix now cost in New Zealand.

On Which Devices Can I Stream Epix Now in New Zealand?

Epix Now is available on the following devices:

  • Android devices
  • Gaming consoles (Xbox and PlayStation)
  • iOS devices (iPhones and iPads)
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • TiVo
  • Web Browsers

Which are the Best TV Shows on Epix Now?

As per IMDb, Epix Now has a great collection of TV shows, but these are a must-watch when you subscribe to the platform:

Godfather of Harlem
War of the Worlds
Berlin Station
Get Shorty
Billy the Kid
Perpetual Grace LTD
Bridge and Tunnel
Deep State

Which are the Best Movies on Epix Now?

Epix Now also boasts a huge collection of blockbuster and original films, such as

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins
Wrath of Man
A House on the Bayou
The Marksman
Sky Fall
A Quiet Place II
The Wolf of Snow Hollow
World War Z
The Hunger Games
Jack Reacher
Saint Maud
G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Star Trek: Into Darkness

You can also check out our article on the best movies on Epix now.

What Can You Watch on Epix Now in December 2023?

Follow our list below to know the latest titles that you can watch on Epix Now in December 2023:

  • Creed 3
  • Domina
  • Enemy of the State
  • From Russia with Love
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves
  • Babylon
  • Women Talking
  • Top Gun: Maverick

Epix Now NZ: Common FAQs

Can you get Epix Now in NZ?

You can get Epix Now in NZ using a VPN with fast servers in the United States. Use ExpressVPN to access the fastest servers in the US.

Do you have to be in US to use Epix Now?

You don’t have to be physically in the US to use Epix Now. A VPN can change your device’s location.

Is Epix Now coming to NZ?

There’s no official word on whether Epix will be available in NZ or outside of the US.

Does Epix Now have a free trial?

Yes, Epix Now offers a free trial of seven days for new users.

What is the difference between EPIX and Epix Now?

Epix Now offers the same shows, films, and originals available on Epix, but you don’t have to sign up for the service through a cable provider. Therefore, Epix Now is the online streaming version of Epix.

Can you stream Epix Now on Amazon Fire?

You can download and activate the Epix Now app on Amazon Fire devices.

Can you stream Epix Now on Roku?

Roku devices are fully supported by Epix Now.

How to connect Epix Now to TV?

The Epix app has a “Tap to TV” option when you play any content you like on the app. This feature scans all connected devices, including TVs in your Wi-Fi network. Once the app detects your TV, select the device to cast Epix Now to your TV.

Is Epix Now worth it?

Epix Now costs $5.99 per month and is worth it, judging by the platform’s quality and amount of content.


Epix Now is a great streaming service, and at $5.99 a month, the service is worth every penny. Use this guide to subscribe and watch Epix Now in New Zealand using the best streaming VPN, ExpressVPN. Also, you can check out our article on how to cancel Epix now subscription if you want to cancel it or join another streaming service.

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