How to Watch UFC 266 in New Zealand

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Watching the UFC is a great way to get into MMA. It’s also an excellent opportunity for fans of other sports, like football and basketball, to see how they stack up against one another when it comes to fighting skills.

The UFC has been around since 1993, but only recently we have seen them become more of a mainstream. They are now available on cable TV packages across North America as well as online through their website or mobile app.

TLDR: How to Watch UFC 266 in New Zealand

Here are the steps to watch UFC 266 in New Zealand

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN (our recommended choice) ExpressVPN allows you to watch all major sporting events live from anywhere in the world. You can use your computer, tablet, smartphone, game console, smart TVs, etc., with no limits. There are many different plans that suit everyone’s needs. 
  • After subscribing to ExpressVPN, download the ExpressVPN app on your devices including Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS
  • Connect to your desired Australian server from the list of servers
  • Open the official website of Kayo Sports, login to your account, and start watching UFC 266  fight on your desired devices 

What is UFC 266?

UFC started off as a small promotion based out of Las Vegas called Ultimate Fighting Championship. In 1997, Dana White bought the company and changed its name to World Extreme Cage fighting so he could take advantage of his connections within Nevada.

WEC was very successful during its first few years, but after losing money in 2001, the owners decided to sell the company to Zuffa LLC, which renamed it to what it is today – the UFC. Since then, the UFC has grown tremendously and became one of the biggest mixed martial arts promotions in the world.

Why do you need a VPN to watch UFC 266 in New Zealand?

The internet is full of information regarding the UFC, including news articles, videos, photos, forums, blogs, social media posts, etc. However, if you don’t know how to access these sites securely, you may be exposing yourself to hackers and identity thieves.

A virtual private network encrypts data going between your device and websites, making it much harder for anyone else to intercept it. With a VPN service, you’ll always remain anonymous while browsing the web. Besides, it allows you to access Kayo Sports in NZ

How to watch UFC 266 in New Zealand (Steps)

We have various ways you can watch UFC 266 in New Zealand. We’ve listed each streaming option in detail below. 

Option 1 – Stream Online via Kayo Sports (Our Recommended Choice)

Kayo Sports is one of the best online live and video on demand sports streaming services available in the market. Once you have subscribed to its monthly plan at the cost of $25/month, you can watch UFC 266 on a wide range of devices instantly.

However, you will need to use a VPN to access Kayo Sports media coverage within the Kiwi territory because it is an Australian streaming service.

Option 2 – Stream Online via Sky Sport NZ

Through Sky Sport NZ, you can watch UFC 266 live on your screens at a one-time cost of $39.95. Apart from this, you can subscribe to Sky Sport Now by paying $39.99 per month to get its monthly plan.

This way, you can watch UFC 266 on your preferred devices while residing in New Zealand stress-free.

Best VPNs to watch UFC 266 in New Zealand

There’s plenty of options when choosing a VPN provider. Some providers charge extra monthly fees whereas others provide unlimited bandwidth usage. Here we’re focusing on those services that allow users to connect multiple devices simultaneously without having to worry about paying extra fees. 



It is highly recommended that you use ExpressVPN to watch UFC 266 in New Zealand. This VPN provides excellent security features like 256-bit encryptionDNS leak protection, kill switch (network lock), OpenVPN support, P2P support, split tunneling, and many more. It also allows simultaneous connections on five different devices.

If you subscribe to its 12 months + 3 months free package, you can easily secure your entire home Wi-Fi network against eavesdropping and hacking attempts by paying $6.67 per month

You can even unblock geo-restricted streaming platforms like Netflix USA so you can binge-watch shows whenever you please!



If you prefer NordVPN to ExpressVPN, then you should definitely consider signing up for their plan. Not only does it come with unlimited bandwidth but it offers double VPN servers located in over 10 countries worldwide.

In terms of security and privacy, NordVPN offers various features like internet kill switch, dedicated IP address, split tunneling, DNS leak protection, WebRTC leak protection, etc.

If you want to use NordVPN, you will pay $3.49 per month to get its 2-year package.

How to Watch UFC 266 in New Zealand on Android and iOS devices

Watching UFC 266 in New Zealand using your mobile device isn’t difficult either. There are several ways to access the event including apps, websites, and third-party applications. We’ll be covering each one below.


The first option would be to download an app. These apps work similarly to how TV channels operate where you have to subscribe before being able to watch certain programs. Apps aren’t always free though.

One example is Kayo Sports that allows you to watch UFC 266 straightaway. However, you will have to use a VPN to bypass its geo-restriction hassles since it is an Australian sports streaming service. 

Wrapping Up

Watching UFC 266 live in New Zealand is easy if you know what steps to take. The best place to watch the much-awaited fight under your budget is Kayo Sports.

We hope our article helped you understand how to watch UFC 266 in New Zealand online.

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