ITV Hub Not working in New Zealand- How to Fix [Quick Fixes]

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ITV Hub Not working in New Zealand - HTWNZ

If you can’t find ITV’s live chat icon on the bottom right corner of your screen when using ITV player in New Zealand and are stranded by ITV Hub Not Working in New Zealand, then this blog is for you. We have looked upon the problems you come across and have devised the tweaks and fixes for you to get you back on board.

ITV Hub is a free catch-up service operating in the UK. It broadcasts some of the finest TV titles in the UK media. Royal Family and Robin Hood are some of the best movies on ITV you’re missing out on. “Why am I unable to watch ITV Hub?” Read along for a quick fix.

Along with movies you can also watch Rugby World Cup 2023 Live in New Zealand as well.

ITV Hub not working in New Zealand: Quick guide

The most common reason why ITV Hub Not Working in New Zealand is that the users are using older versions of the application. ITV Hub regularly updates its client app to remove any bugs or crashes.

Here is how to fix ITV Hub Not Working in New Zealand issue:

  • Set ITV app updates to automatic on phone.
  • Do the same thing on Smart TV via settings.
  • To do it on the iOS device, you need to head to the settings and App Store.
  • Click and ensure the ‘App Updates’, for ‘Automatic Downloads’.

To make this work, initially, you have to get a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to unblock the streaming service then you will need sufficient space on your phone. To check your space, you will need to go to ‘General’ on your phone. Once you sort that out you can watch Body Stories Campaign on ITV.

Different Reasons Why is ITV Hub Not Working in New Zealand?

There are several reasons why the ITV hub not working on a smart TV or any other device for that matter, you might have surfed and rushed for troubleshoots and so did we. Here are a few fixes you can try out.

VPN Subscription

You may have picked a VPN subscription for ITV Hub and it suddenly stopped working. Well, you can try out ExpressVPN’s 7-day free trial on your mobile devices to stream ITV in New Zealand.

ExpressVPN tops best VPNs for New Zealand list due to its solid security and competitive speed rates.

App Updates

Apps are often updated by developers, Smart TVs update ITV apps by default but sometimes they don’t. This could be the reason why ITV Hub isn’t working on your Smart TV and here’s how to fix it:

  • Go to ITV Hub settings.
  • Click on an update.
  • If the ITV Player gets updated there’s a strong chance that the app will work, but if it doesn’t.

Server Issue

ITV Hub servers usually go down and it might be the reason for the outage. This could also mean your device is A-OK. You should wait for ITV’s maintenance department to get you back online. If it is a code-red outage, you would have to keep on checking if the servers have recovered.

ITV has a huge video-sub base meaning it has a lot of web traffic to deal with. This is a no-brainer for the ITV app to crash. If this is the case all you can do is play the waiting game.

If you think the server is the main issue then head to ITV’s website to see if other binge-watchers are also reporting the same or similar issue. There you will also know when the outage has been resolved so, you can get back on Social Media Murders Series Two ASAP.

Connection issues

A stable internet connection is quintessential for ITV streaming. The ITV app will usually notify you if you are online or offline but sometimes it doesn’t. To troubleshoot this, you can go to settings → Wi-Fi and select the small bar next to it. After that select one of your connections.

To check if you have the internet on your Android phone, you will need to go to settings and tap on the mobile data icon. Make sure the internet bar is green and stay put as it may take several minutes to connect online via 4G or 5G connections.

Clear Your Data

Cache can be the real problem for your ITV Hub crisis. If your ITV Hub is clogged up with cache memory, you can get rid of it by going to settings on the browser and there you’ll find an option to clear your cache.

You might not be able to stream ITV on your Smart TV, you can reboot your Smart TV device and see if the issue has been resolved. If it didn’t, try our troubleshooting fixes mentioned below.

ITV Hub issues with smart TV

Here are a few fixes for you to resolve ITV Hub not working on Smart TV error:

  • Manually update the ITV Hub app on your Smart TV.
  • You can also clear your ITV Hub app cache and session data.
  • Try reinstalling the ITV Hub app.
  • If that didn’t do jack you can reset your Smart TV to the factory settings. 

Why can’t I watch live tv on ITV Hub on a Smart TV?

After 2022, Smart TV support cut ITV Hub now supports only a handful of Smart TV models meaning you will find the live-chat icon only on the following Smart TV models:

  • YouView Sony TVs
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Virgin Media Stream
  • Virgin TV360
  • Virgin V6
  • Chromecast devices
  • Roku
  • Android TV
  • Apple Mobile and Tablet (OS v12 or later)
  • Apple TV (Gen3 onwards)
  • Freesat (Panasonic TVs 2015 and earlier with built-in Freesat)
  • Freesat (second generation and later)
  • Freeview Play
  • Samsung TVs (running Tizen OS 2.4 and later)
  • Android Mobile (OS v5 and later)
  • NowTV
  • Sky Glass


If you are facing stutter, pixelation, or error messages on your ITV Hub streams, you can do a few things to avoid that in the future. Firstly, clear your ITV app cache and cookies. Check your internet, ITV requires at least a 3 Mb/sec base connection to play streams on SD quality. Make sure to get stable internet and a reliable VPN to fix ITV Hub Not Working in New Zealand.

ITV Hub does not hold rights to stream outside the UK which is why it blocks VPNs. It uses deep-packet inspection and WebRTC does block-out viewers. So, if you’re a UK ex-pat who ran out of shows on offline download you will face ITV Hub not working on TV error. You need a reliable VPN with English servers to watch Love Island UK Season 9 on ITV Hub’s network

You can fix Error 006 on ITV by changing to a different UK server on your VPN. This error occurs when the VOD service blacklists a proxy or a VPN server via an IP address. By switching to a different server you can easily watch ITVX outside the UK. If your VPN doesn’t have enough English servers, we suggest you try ExpressVPN to avert the ITV Hub Not Working in New Zealand error


Well, that is how to fix ITV Hub Not Working in New Zealand. I hope you are able to resume your favorite April highlights of ITV Hub. If the error occurs even after the fixes, you need a high-class VPN like ExpressVPN to never face problems on ITV.

ExpressVPN (49% OFF, 30-day money-back guarantee), is the most efficient and smart VPN to stream ITV outside the UK. It has broad platform support and intuitive apps for many devices.

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