Jason Alexander, First Ex-Husband of Britney Spears Accused of Breaching Security at Nashville Airport

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Jason Alexander remains in the headlines on a continual basis. This time, he has been accused of breaching security at Nashville airport.

Alexander was Britney Spears’s childhood friend and first ex-husband. Both Spears and Alexander tied the knot in 2004 and surprisingly their relationship just ended within 55 hours.

Alexander was arrested on Sunday at a Nashville airport due to alleged air security violation. As a result, Jason was forced to spend a night at the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.

However, he was released the next day i.e. Monday after posting a $2500 bond. But, Alexander has to appear in court for the hearing on Sept. 24, 2021.

Jason Alexander called his arrest ‘Inconvenience’

Per Alexander, he has not done anything wrong and considers himself innocent. He shared the details regarding the incident on Instagram live on Thursday,

He added further,

You end up in handcuffs for something stupid. The media and police are not your friends.

Alexander still supports spears unconditionally

Despite being a notorious character, Alexander still supports her former wife Spears. He knows that her life is under the influence of other people including her father and other family members.

Jason Alexander is a habitual offender

This is not the first time Alexander has found himself in such a precarious situation. Earlier this year,  he was arrested and charged with three misdemeanors including driving under the influence, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, and possession or casual exchange of a controlled substance.

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