How Much Does Neon Cost in New Zealand?

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Heard of NeonTV? want to know how much does Neon cost per month? Read about Neon Cost in New Zealand so that you can decide whether you want to get a subscription or not.

It is one of the top online streaming platforms in New Zealand, which doubles as a movie rental place. Very few streaming platforms are available in New Zealand, and Neon TV is one of them.

It doesn’t require any VPN like ExpressVPN to unblock it. You can choose any movie or show directly by signing up for Neon TV NZ.

Keep reading our blog to know further details about Neon Cost in New Zealand.

Neon Cost In New Zealand – Prices & Packages

Neon Cost in New Zealand varies on the plan you choose. It offers its users three packages to its subscribers to choose from:

Basic Standard Annual
12.99 NZD 17.99 NZD 179.99 NZD
7-day free trial 7-day free trial 7-day free trial
Watch on 1 screen at a time Watch on 2 screens at same the time Watch on 2 screens at same the time
2 user profile 5 user profile 5 user profile
No offline download Offline downloads available Offline downloads available

Learn more about Neon Free Trial in New Zealand.

Which Methods of Payment Does Neon Accept in New Zealand?

If you want to subscribe to Neon TV but are confused about which card they accept, then don’t worry; Neon TV accepts all Mastercard (credit) and Visa debit/credit cards. The only requirement is the billing address should be in NZ.

Is Neon Worth the Cost?

Yes, Neon’s merger with Lightbox and its deal with other big streaming platforms like HBO Max in NZ, Neon TV is now home to all the shows that you would want to watch in your downtime. Additionally, Neon Cost in New Zealand is budget-friendly and provides you with options regarding subscription packages.

With parental control and kids’ shows, it is a perfect option for families as well. You can also watch Neon on any streaming device on the go with their offline download feature. You can also check Neon reviews NZ to understand whether it is worth the hype.

If you are interested in price comparison, check out Amazon Prime cost.

What is Neon?

Neon TV is a streaming platform like many others, but what sets it apart is that it is also a movie rental hub. So regardless of the year the movie was released, if it is available on the platform, you can rent it.

Unlike many other streaming platforms, you do not need ExpressVPN or any other VPN to watch Neon TV, as it is available in New Zealand.

It is a venture of Sky Network; you can watch chart-topping shows, movies, and mini-series on it simultaneously with your friends and family.

Neon pros and cons


  1. Affordable packages and plans.
  2. 7-day free trial.
  3. Hit shows and movies like Game of Thrones and House of Dragons.
  4. Movie renting option.
  5. Offline download.
  6. Available in New Zealand.


  1. The content library is not extensive.
  2. The content library is not diverse.
  3. Lacks subtitles.

Check out Acorn TV NZ if you are looking for other streaming platforms.

How do I sign up to Neon?


If you want to sign up for the service, then you must:

  • Launch Neon TV’s official Website.
  • Go to the sign-up in the top right corner.
  • Select a plan best suited to you.
  • Enter your details.
  • If you have a promo code or a voucher, you can place it at this point.
  • Agree to their term and condition.
  • Select your mode of payment.
  • Now your process is complete.
  • Enjoy streaming Neon TV in NZ.

What can I watch on NEON?


Neon TV has merged with Lightbox. So now, if you subscribe to Neon TV, you can watch all the Lightbox content. Additionally, you can also watch HBO Max’s releases.

Some of the shows that you can watch on Neon TV are:

  • The Man Who Fell to the Earth
  • Breaking Bad
  • Games of Thrones
  • The Flight Attendant
  • Younger
  • The Outsider
  • Watchmen
  • Succession
  • House of Dragons

And the Neon movies include:

  • Harry Potter series
  • The Rehearsal
  • The Brokenwood Mysteries
  • Venom
  • The Batman
  • Top Gun
  • Jurassic World
  • The Lost City
  • Spiderman: No Way Home

What devices and platforms are compatible with Neon?

Neon TV is compatible with almost all major streaming devices. The list includes:

  • Standard TV (with an HDMI cable).
  • Smart TV (Samsung or other brands)
  • Apple TV
  • iPad or iPhone
  • Laptops and PCs
  • Android Phones
  • Freeview Recorder
  • Vodafone TV
  • Playstation 4
  • Google Chromecast

Netflix vs. Neon

Netflix and Neon TV are two streaming platforms that are highly in-demand in New Zealand. Netflix’s cost in NZ is somewhat similar to Neon Cost in New Zealand.

To help you choose between Netflix NZ vs. Neon TV, we listed all the highlighting features of both streaming platforms.

Features Netflix Neon
Content Library Has Netflix original and largest library but lacks other platforms blockbuster shows and movies (17000 titles) It is home to GoT, breaking bad, succession, and others

(400 movies and 300 TV shows)

Plans and Packages Basic: 12.99 NZD

Standard: 18.49 NZD

Premium: 24.99 NZD

Basic: 12.99 NZD

Standard: 17.99 NZD

Simultaneous device connection 1-4 simultaneous device connection Upto 5 simultaneous device connection
Video Quality SD to 4K HDR video quality HD video quality
Offline Download Available Available
Kids shows Available Available
Free Trial none 7-days
X-factor Diverse content and subtitles Movie rentals 4.99 to 29.99 NZD (Depends on how old the movie is)

Common FAQs:

How do I get Neon in NZ?

To watch Neon TV in NZ up must:

  • Launch Neon TV’s official website.
  • Use your Neon Login credentials for the service.
  • Choose your plan or click on rent a movie.
  • Enter your personal information and payment details.
  • Agree to the term and conditions.
  • Now enjoy your subscription.

How do I pay for Neon?

You can pay for your Neon TV subscription through a Mastercard (credit), Visa debit, or credit card.

Can you watch Neon for free?

You can watch Neon for free with a 7-day free trial. However, you need to subscribe to its monthly or annual plan to use its services.

Who owns Neon in NZ?

Sky Network Television Limited owns Neon TV.

Is Neon free for Sky customers?

Although Sky TV Network owns Neon, it is not free for Sky customers. To watch Neon, you need to subscribe to its monthly or annual plan.

Wrapping Up

Neon TV is a reliable option when it comes to a streaming platform. The Neon Cost in New Zealand is reasonable for all the features they provide. You can watch the new season of House of Dragon on it too.

Unlike other streaming platforms in New Zealand, you do not have to pay an additional cost of ExpressVPN like you do to get Hulu in New Zealand.

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