Neon Free Trial NZ: How to Get it in 2023

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If you are a fan of HBO Max, then you would enjoy Neon Free Trial NZ. Due to exclusive distribution rights, Neon TV can air multiple shows from HBO Max in NZ, and you can watch them for free in NZ without ExpressVPN.

Neon TV is a Sky TV network division. Unlike most streaming platforms, you do not require a VPN to watch Neon TV in NZ.

When Neon TV was launched, Sky TV decided to offer a 30-day free trial to its subscribers. However, now they have settled on fewer days one can watch the service for free.

Keep reading to learn about how to get Neon free trial NZ, subscription cost, and how you can sign up for the service.

When it comes to Neon TV, you get two options. Either you can rent a movie or subscribe to one of its plans. You get a Neon NZ free trial when you subscribe to a basic, neon standard plan, or its annual plan.

A Neon free trial NZ allows you access to the entire library. You can view all the content as you would on a normal Neon subscription cost plan; however, you are not being charged for it.

Neon TV offers a 14-day free trial. If you like the service, you can keep viewing Neon TV, which will automatically convert to a regular plan. However, if you want to cancel the Neon free trial NZ, do it before it ends to avoid being charged a subscription fee.

To get a Neon free trial NZ, you must follow the Neon sign up steps below:

  • Launch Neon TV’s official website.
  • Sign up on Neon TV.
  • Select a Subscription plan.
  • Enter your details.
  • Click on create your account.
  • Enjoy Neon TV free trial.

How Does Neon Free Trial NZ Work?

A free trial is not available to all. Those who have already subscribed to Neon service are not eligible to apply for a 14-day free trial. Only new subscribers who have selected one of the plans can avail of the Neon trial.

If you no longer wish to use the Neon free trial NZ, cancel it before it ends. You will be charged a monthly or yearly subscription fee if you do not cancel a free trial before it ends.

Unlike many other streaming platforms, including Disney Plus and Netflix free trial, Neon TV does offer a free trial. The Neon free trial period is 7 days long. This free trial is available with all the plans.

The length of the free plan is enough for you to decide whether you want to commit to Neon TV or not.

Also, check out Disney Plus free trial.

If you no longer want to continue with your Neon free trial NZ, you can cancel it before the time.

  • Sign in to your account with Neon login credentials.
  • Go to my account.
  • Under plan and payment, click on manage your plan.
  • Cancel your free trial.

Finally, you would know how to cancel Neon subscription before the free trial ends to avoid being charged a subscription fee.

After cancellation, if you want to subscribe to a new streaming platform, then you can get Hulu in NZ.


Neon TV offers three plans to its subscribers: a basic, Standard, and Annual plan. Neon NZ price varies on the plan you choose. Learn more about the Neon NZ cost in New Zealand.

Check out these Neon Prices of different plans:

Basic Standard Annual
12.99 NZD 17.99 NZD 179.99 NZD
free trial available free trial available free trial available
streaming on 1 screen You can stream on 2 screens at a time You can stream on 2 screens at a time
2 profile 5 profile 5 profile
No offline download Offline downloads Offline downloads

You can also check Acorn TV NZ for price comparison.

What Programs are on Neon Free Trial NZ?


On Neon TV, you can watch sports, reality TV, comedy, drama, romance, action, sitcoms, family, and animation shows.

Following is the list of programs:

  • Death on the Beach
  • House of Dragons
  • The Pizza show
  • Munchies Guide to
  • Pretty Little Liars: Orignal Sins.
  • The Rising
  • Pivoting
  • WWE: Ruthless Aggression
  • Super Pumped
  • Somebody, Somewhere.

Are movies Free on Neon Free Trial NZ?

No, movies are not free on Neon TV. You would either have to subscribe to Neon movies or pay the rent of each movie you want to watch.

Some of these movies are exclusive to Neon TV, but you can watch some of these on HBO Max in NZ. The recommended Neon movies list are the following.

  • Dune
  • Belfast
  • Venom: Let there be carnage
  • Stillwater
  • Scream
  • The Suicide Squad
  • Space Jam
  • The Lego Movie
  • Kang Fu Panda
  • Last Night in Soho

You can rent movies on Neon without any subscription. Follow the below easy steps to rent movies on the streaming platform.

  • Head to the Rentals section.
  • Choose from our great range of movies and select ‘Rent.’
  • Choose from SD or HD.
  • Add your password or pin code to confirm the rental.
  • Finally, start watching your favorite movies/shows!

Is there any Neon free trial code available?

Currently, there are no Neon free trial codes available to get, but we will let you know once there is any Neon promo code NZ available for the streaming platform.

FAQs – Neon Free Trial NZ

Is Neon TV free in NZ?

No, to watch Neon TV in NZ, you would have to pay a subscription fee. However, you can use their free trial if you want to watch Neon TV.

Which is better Netflix or Neon?

Netflix is a better option because of its vast content library, diversity of content, and ability to stream content in 4K HDR. However, with Neon, you only get limited movies and TV shows and can only watch them in HD quality.

So, in the war between Netflix vs. Neon, Netflix wins.

Is Neon free with Vodafone TV?

If you are a new subscriber to Vodafone, you will get 12 months of Neon TV. A promo code will be given to you via email, with instruction on how to redeem it.

How can I watch Neon in New Zealand?

To watch Neon TV in NZ, firstly, you need a compatible device.

  • Go to
  • Do Neon TV sign up.
  • Select a payment plan.
  • Enter your payment method and details.
  • Start streaming Neon TV in NZ.

Does Neon NZ have an app?

Yes, the Neon app is available on smart TV, android phones, iPhones, iPad, Apple TVs, PCs, Mac, and Play stations.

How much does it cost to join Neon NZ?

It cost 12.99 NZD to join Basic plan and 17.99 NZD for Standard plan.

Is Neon free for Sky customers?

No, Neon is not free with Sky customers as it is a separately streaming service.

Wrap Up

If you have a binge-watching habit, you can use the Neon free trial NZ to the max. Therefore, subscribe to it and finish any season of your choice in 7 days for free.

You can enjoy drama, action, comedy, documentary, animation, romance, and other genres. Finally, enjoy watching HBO Max’s Dune on Neon TV as well.