Netflix vs Neon: Everything You Need to Know

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If you want to know about the detailed comparison of Netflix vs Neon, then you are in the right place!
Netflix is the world’s premier online video-on-demand service that allows you to watch TV shows, movies, and documentaries of the highest quality. On the contrary, Lightbox (now known as Neon), due to the merger with Neon in July 2020, is a local Kiwi streaming service.

That said, Neon has become a one-stop-shop for viewers who want to stream Game of Thrones, Succession, Breaking Bad, The Handmaid’s Tale, Outlander, and other record-breaking shows under one roof. You can check out the comprehensive guide on Neon NZ.

If you want to watch the latest and old classic films on your preferred devices without any issue, Neon turns out to be a great choice. Moreover, the service provides various enticing features like offline viewing, compatibility, simultaneous streams, etc. to its users.

Read this guide in detail to discover the performance of Netflix and Neon, both in terms of pricing, content quality, features, streaming quality, and free trial. You can read our article on a detailed review of Netflix New Zealand.

Netflix vs Neon: Price

As far as the pricing plans of Netflix are concerned, the famous US-based online video-on-demand streaming service offers three types of packages to its users. These packages are Basic, Standard, and Premium. Check out how to get American Netflix in NZ.

If you want to subscribe to its Basic plan, you will need to pay $11.99 per month. Similarly, you will pay $16.99 per month to get the subscription to the Standard plan.

Likewise, you will pay $21.99 per month to use the Premium plan on your desired devices accordingly. However, the Basic plan does not offer simultaneous stream features to it users.

Furthermore, you can stream content in SD (Standard Definition) quality while using the Basic plan. That said, you can watch media content in HD (High Definition) quality on two devices simultaneously when using the Standard plan.

When you use its Premium plan, you can stream content in 4K quality on four (4) different devices at a time.

Moreover, If you face an issue with the stored data on the Netflix app, check out the quick fixes of Netflix NZ Error Code UI-800-3.

In contrast with Netflix, Neon only offers two types of pricing plans to its users. You can subscribe to its monthly plan by paying $15.99 per month. Moreover, you will need to pay $159.99 per year to avail its yearly plan. Check out our article on Neon cost in NZ.

Both these plans allow users to enjoy streaming content in HD (High Definition) quality on two devices at a time. That said, Neon provides another enticing feature by the name of rentals that helps you rent new and old movies of your choice hassle-free.

The price of movie rentals varies from film to film as you will have to pay less i.e. $4.99 for older titles and more up to $29.99 for new titles.


If we compare both Netflix and Neon pricing-wise, the latter differentiates itself from the former through the rentals feature. That said, other features, such as simultaneous streams and video quality of Netflix and Neon, are quite similar. Also, check out popular action movies.

Netflix vs Neon (formerly known as Lightbox): Content

Netflix is famous for producing top-notch, original TV shows, movies, and documentaries for its viewers. Apart from this, Netflix lets you enjoy watching internationally licensed content on your screens without any hassle.

For instance, you can watch I Am All Girls, Love or Money, Four Sisters Before Marriage, Killing Heydrich, Downfall, etc., on multiple devices. Moreover, you can watch some famous shows on Netflix NZ, like Halston, Lupin, Behind Her Eyes, Shadow and Bone, The Wedding Coach, etc.

If we talk about the media content library of Neon specifically, you can find TV shows and movies based on different genres. These genres include action, comedy, romance, suspense, adventure, etc.

Besides, you should turn to Neon if you want to stream popular shows of all time like Outlander, Game of Thrones, Succession, Grey’s Anatomy, Breaking Bad, The Handmaid’s Tale, Watchmen, etc.


The best thing about Neon is that the service allows you to watch Kiwi shows or documentaries on your preferred devices. For instance, you can watch Help Is On The Way, How We Eat with Simon Gault, Underarm, SIS, The Sounds, and other impressive shows or documentaries accordingly.


Furthermore, there is a dedicated kids’ content library that helps your kids watch their favorite shows or movies without any trouble. Interestingly, kids’ content is also related to numerous genres, as mentioned above.


In addition, kids can also watch family movies of their choice alongside their parents on a wide range of devices straightaway. Moreover, use our TV guide to learn the schedule of weekly shows.


Compared to Netflix’s huge content library, Neon does have impressive shows and movies that can easily grab the attention of viewers instantly. Additionally, you can use your official Neon account to watch some of the best Harry Potter movies stress-free.

Netflix vs Neon: Streaming Quality

As already discussed, Netflix offers better streaming quality to its users than Neon. When you use Netflix’s Premium package, you can stream movies, TV shows, and documentaries in 4K quality.

Sadly, this is not the case with Neon, as you will have to be content with HD (High Definition) streaming quality. Therefore, Netflix turns out to be a much better option than Neon streaming quality-wise.

Also, check out the detailed comparison of Netflix NZ vs US.

Netflix vs Neon: Features

As expected, Netflix has beaten Neon in terms of features by some distance. When you try Netflix in New Zealand, you can experience numerous enticing features on different platforms and devices. These features are offline viewing, parental controls, kids’ activity report, compatibility, play something, etc.

Above all, Netflix offers an exclusive party feature that allows subscribers to watch their favorite TV shows or movies along with their friends virtually.

If we discuss the performance of Neon in terms of features, subscribers can use different features like offline viewing, rentals, compatibility, parental controls, etc.

However, Neon will have to improve its performance features-wise to keep its viewers engaged and entertained in the near future.

Netflix vs Neon: Free Trial

Netflix does not offer a free trial to its new users. On the contrary, Neon (previously called Lightbox) provides a generous 14-day free trial that helps its new subscribers explore the other features in detail. Learn more about Neon free trial in NZ.

In terms of the free trial, Neon clearly holds an edge over Netflix.

Comparison: Netflix vs Neon

Price/month USD 11.99- USD21.99 USD15.99
Content Mostly airs Original Netflix content along with International licensed content In addition to popular International shows, Neon gives you access to famous Kiwi documentaries & shows.
Streaming Quality  4K Quality HD Quality
Features Offline viewing, parental controls, kids activity report, compatibility, play something, Offline viewing, rentals, compatibility, parental controls
Free Trial Not available 14-day free trial

Wrapping Up

Summing up, both Netflix and Neon are reliable streaming options when it comes to watching famous movies and TV shows on various devices. Furthermore, both these video-on-demand platforms allow users to access media content based on numerous genres including action, comedy, romance, suspense, science-fiction, etc.

But on the features front, Netflix looks like a much better streaming service than Neon. However, you cannot ignore the importance of Neon as it helps you legally stream HBO content in New Zealand accordingly.

As a whole, Neon does have its unique selling point in the shape of Game of Thrones, Succession, Outlander, The Handmaid’s Tale, and other popular titles.

Likewise, Netflix depends on top-notch quality content and additional features like offline viewing, parental controls, kids activity report, etc. Moreover, Netflix is the world’s leading media entertainment service catering online streaming needs of millions of viewers worldwide.

That said, Neon is still a handy streaming service ideal for accessing Harry Potter movies and other famous titles appropriately. Now you know lightbox vs Netflix NZ, if still have any confusion, drop your comment below.

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