How To Add & Stream Paramount Plus On Roku in New Zealand [2023 Guide]

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Looking for a hack on how to watch Paramount Plus on Roku in New Zealand? Look no further and read this guide till the end to find out how easily you can unblock Paramount Plus in NZ by using a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN and can stream your favorite Paramount+ content on Roku.

Paramount Plus is a house of entertainment that offers Live sports, breaking news, movies, shows, and much more to its users. By using ExpressVPN you can easily watch the best Paramount+ shows and blockbuster Paramount Plus movies such as FBI True Season 2 and many more.

Moreover, a 7-day Paramount Plus free trial is available for its new subscribers, so they can get the benefit of this free offer and can watch Fatal Attraction, Personality Crisis: One Night Only without spending a dime.

Paramount Plus is a user-friendly streaming service and does not impose any condition on its customers, if for any reason you don’t want to continue with the service, you can cancel your subscription any time whenever you want by entering your account and clicking on cancel Paramount Plus subscription.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in to dig out the information regarding how to watch Paramount Plus on Roku in New Zealand.

How to sign up and add Paramount Plus on Roku in New Zealand in 2023?

Follow these simple steps to watch Paramount Plus on Roku in New Zealand.

  1. Grab a Roku remote and press the Home button.
  2. Look for the Streaming Channels
  3. Choose Search Channels, then type “Paramount.”
  4. Search for Paramount Plus on the Roku app
  5. Select Add Channel from the search results for Paramount Plus.
  6. The Paramount Plus app should now be shown on the Home screen; hit Home to choose it.
  7. When the program starts, use your Paramount Plus Roku login to sign in.
  8. Continue by following the steps to choose the Essential or Premium subscription type Paramount Plus cost. (monthly or yearly).
  9. Now you can easily watch Paramount Plus On Roku in New Zealand.

How can I activate Paramount Plus on Roku in New Zealand?

It’s simple to activate the Roku Paramount Plus by entering an email address and password; if you already have a Paramount Plus account, you can skip this step. Enter the code and follow the steps to watch Paramount Network on Roku!

  1. Open the Paramount Plus app on your Roku.
  2. Sign in and, when asked, select On the Web as your login option.
  3. Take note of the five-digit Paramount Plus Roku code that appears.
  4. Using your PC or mobile device, navigate to Paramount Plus in a web browser.
  5. Enter the code when asked.
  6. You should be able to log in shortly.
  7. Enjoy watching the Paramount Plus on Roku in New Zealand!

How much is Paramount Plus on Roku in New Zealand?

The pricing of Paramount Plus on Roku in New Zealand is reasonable. You may experience a superior network Roku with nonstop entertainment at any time and from any location.

When you subscribe to Paramount Plus via The Roku Channel, you may choose between two plans:

Monthly Plans for Roku Paramount Plus Price ($)
1. Essential Plan NZD 7.98 (US$4.99)
2. Premium Plan NZD 15.97 (US$9.99)

Note: Please keep in mind that the Essential package does not include your local CBS station in live broadcasts; nevertheless, separate live streams for the UEFA Champions League and NFL will be accessible on CBS.

FAQs – Paramount Plus on Roku in New Zealand

Yes, the Paramount+ Network is available for free on Roku as well as on other platforms such as Apple, Amazon, and Android. To watch entire episodes, create a Paramount Plus Roku account and subscribe to the channel via your TV provider. So make sure you make Paramount Plus Roku activate first.

There are several explanations for Roku services to cease working that cannot be identified by basic troubleshooting. Sometimes there is an issue with the internet or its processing is halted due to a temporary bug that may be resolved by restarting your Roku device. Alternatively, Roku internal components may require repair or replacement.

Don’t be alarmed if you are unable to stream Paramount Plus Roku app on your TV due to Paramount Plus error codes (such as video unavailable, your screen becoming black, or the app freezing). After selecting your device, just click on Troubleshooting Tips. Turn off tracking protection, check your browser, or disable ad blockers for information related to mobile or desktop online browsing on a desktop.

Wrap Up!

We hope you find our guide helpful and beneficial in learning how to watch Paramount Plus On Roku in New Zealand by using the best VPN for Paramount PlusExpressVPN. We recommend ExpressVPN because of its fast connectivity and top-notch security features that make it stand out among its competitors.

So, get ready for new excitement and watch your favorite Paramount Plus content on Roku while residing in New Zealand.

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