Peacock vs Paramount Plus: Which Streaming Service Comes Out on Top? [Updated Dec]

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peacock vs paramount plus

Are you stuck between Peacock vs Paramount Plus for your streaming needs? Although both services offer a range of content, they are distinct in terms of their focus, features, and pricing. Peacock offers primarily NBC TV shows and movies, with a free ad-supported tier and a premium ad-supported tier. Paramount Plus offers content from ViacomCBS, including CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, and more, with no free ad-supported option and a more extensive content library.

If you’re in NZ and want to watch Peacock TV in NZ, you may need the best Peacock TV VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions on the service. With a VPN, you can connect to a server in the US, making it appear as if you’re located in the US, and access Peacock TV without any issues.

Ultimately, the choice between Peacock and Paramount Plus will depend on your personal preferences, including your content preferences, budget, and tolerance for ads.

We’ll provide a complete breakdown of the difference between Peacock and Paramount Plus, including their features, pricing, and unique offerings, so you can make an informed decision on which one is right for you.

Peacock vs. Paramount+: Which Streaming Service Should You Choose?

Both services have unique features, such as Peacock’s exclusive WWE content and Paramount Plus’s live sports options while Peacock’s streaming service TV shows include The Office and Parks and Recreation.

One thing to consider is that Peacock TV shows like Chicago Fire Season 11 and movies are ad-supported, even in the premium tier, while Paramount Plus offers an ad-free option. Peacock’s premium tier is cheaper, but ads are included, unlike Paramount Plus’s ad-free plan.

Here’s a comparison of the two streaming services to help you make an informed decision.

App Parent Corporation Price Live TV? Sports
Peacock TV NBC NZ$5.06 Yes MLB and Sunday Night Football
Paramount Plus Paramount Global NZ$5.06 Yes Champions League and NFL

Peacock vs. Paramount+: Which Streaming Service Offers the Best Price?

Peacock TV channels come in different tiers, including the free version, the Premium plan with ads, and the Premium Plus plan, which is ad-free. Here are the available plans and pricing for Peacock TV streaming service.

Subscription Type Ads? Price per Month Yearly Cost
Peacock Premium Yes NZ$5.16 NZ$50.71
Peacock Premium Plus No NZ$10.13 NZ$101.44

Here are the available plans and pricing for the Paramount Plus streaming service.

Subscription Type Price per Month Yearly Cost
Essential Plan (Limited Ads) NZ$5.06 NZ$50.71
Premium Plan (Ad- Free) NZ$10.13 NZ$101.44

Free Trial

If you’re looking to test out a streaming app before committing to a paid subscription, a free trial is a great option. Luckily, Paramount+ offers a seven-day free trial so you can try out the app and its content library without any risk.

On the other hand, Peacock doesn’t offer a free trial for its paid tiers, but it does have a free version of its platform with limited content. If you’re wondering is paramount plus free on peacock , unfortunately, it’s not. While both services offer plenty of entertainment options, you’ll have to pay for a subscription to access them fully.

Peacock vs. Paramount+: Which Streaming Service Has the Best Content?

When it comes to content libraries, Peacock and Paramount+ have some similarities in what they offer. You can find complete seasons of popular shows, original content, movies, and even some sports on both platforms.

Below are some more shows each streaming service offers.

Peacock Library:

Peacock provides access to various cable networks that fall under the NBC family, such as MSNBC, NBC News, Bravo, and Telemundo. With Peacock, viewers can watch most of the shows that air on these networks the day after they are aired.

Additionally, Peacock offers on-demand content from popular shows, including The Office, Parks and Recreation, Friday Night Lights, the Law & Order franchise, and Yellowstone. You can also enjoy original programming such as Bel-Air and Rutherford Falls. Recently, Peacock has added the Hallmark Hub, which provides access to content from all three Hallmark networks.

Paramount Plus Library:

Paramount+ primarily focuses on content from the CBS family of networks, which includes channels such as BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Smithsonian Channel. Similar to Peacock, the app offers next-day access to shows airing on these networks.

In addition to this, Paramount+ also provides on-demand access to a variety of popular hit shows, such as NCIS, Survivor, Big Brother, 60 Minutes, and The Daily Show. The app also has a collection of original programming, which includes popular titles like 1883, Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, and The Twilight Zone.

Peacock vs. Paramount+: Which Streaming Service Offers Live TV?

With Peacock, you’ll have more limited options for live TV. If you subscribe to Peacock Premium Plus, you can access your local NBC affiliate for live programming. Without Premium Plus, live TV is not available.

Meanwhile, if you opt for the premium version of Paramount+, you can access four local CBS stations, which is particularly great for sports fans who want to stream college football games or catch up on local news. This also makes it a good option for those who want to watch live TV without cable.

While the best way to watch local channels without cable is typically through an over-the-air antenna, it’s a nice option to have access to local channels through Paramount+. In terms of signing in, with Peacock, simply go to the Peacock TV sign-in page, while Paramount+ users can sign in through the Paramount+ sign-in page.

Peacock vs. Paramount+: Which Streaming Service Offers Live Sports?

For those looking to stay up to date on their favorite sports teams, Peacock and Paramount+ offer a great solution. Peacock provides access to a range of sporting events, from the Premier League to Sunday Night Football. Additionally, you can tune in to WWE, IndyCar, and even cycling events.

Similarly, Paramount+ has a robust selection of sporting events, including the Champions League, SEC football, Serie A, and the Europa League. Plus, the platform offers locally available NFL games, which is a great perk for sports fans.

For those looking for an even more comprehensive streaming experience, Paramount Plus+ and Peacock Bundle may be the way to go. By subscribing to both services, you can access a wide range of content, including live sports, hit TV shows, and exclusive original programming. And with the ability to watch NFL games without cable, this bundle is a great option for sports fans.

Peacock vs. Paramount+: Which Streaming Service Has the Better Interface?

Providing a smooth user experience is critical for streaming services to retain subscribers. Both Peacock TV and Paramount+ deliver an attractive look and feel.

Peacock TV has a simple interface that is user-friendly across all devices, from TVs and laptops to tablets and smartphones.

Browse is the default view for larger screens, while the Channels view is available on mobile devices. Selecting a title will bring you to the show’s page, which includes ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster. A purple triangle indicates content that requires a Premium account.

Peacock TV allows up to six user profiles and enables you to create a PIN for blocking specific content, making it ideal for families.

Similarly, the Paramount+ user interface is user-friendly. Upon launching the app, you can sort content by TV shows, movies, live TV, brands, and news. Using the magnifying glass icon, you can search for specific shows or movies by name.

Selecting a show title will bring you to the show’s page, where you can choose a season and episode and explore additional features like clips or outtakes. Paramount+ also allows up to six user profiles, which can be especially useful for households with multiple users.

Moreover, a bundle package of Paramount+ and Peacock TV would allow subscribers to experience both platforms’ seamless interfaces.


Yellowstone is available on Paramount+. It is not currently available on Peacock.

No, Paramount+ and Peacock are separate streaming services and are not included with each other.

No, Paramount does not own Peacock. Peacock is owned by NBCUniversal, which is a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation. Paramount is owned by ViacomCBS.

Peacock offers two plans in the UK. The ad-supported plan is free, while the premium plan costs £4.99 per month.


And there you have it, folks! A breakdown of Peacock vs Paramount Plus, two of the biggest streaming services on the market today. When it comes to entertainment, these two platforms offer a lot of options, from live sports to hit TV shows and movies.

In terms of content, both Peacock and Paramount+ have a lot to offer. Peacock boasts live sports events, including Premier League and Sunday Night Football, as well as popular Peacock TV shows and movies. Meanwhile, Paramount+ has a strong lineup of TV shows, movies, live TV, and news, including popular titles like Chicago P.D. Season 10, Star Trek, and The Good Fight.

But the big question is, which is better: Peacock or Paramount+? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re a sports fan, Peacock is a great option. If you’re more interested in TV shows and movies, Paramount+ has a lot to offer. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference.

So, whether you choose Peacock or Paramount+, you’re sure to find plenty of content to keep you entertained. Happy streaming!

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