How Much Does Sky Sports Cost in New Zealand?

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How Much Does Sky Sports Cost in New Zealand

Sky Sports is one of the most popular network of sports channels in the world. Based out of the UK, and owned by Sky Group, Sky Sports covers a wide range of sports from all over the world including football, rugby, golf, tennis, UFC, and much more. If you want to know how much does Sky Sports cost in New Zealand, this is your chance.

Read our guide below and find out what it costs to watch Sky Sports in New Zealand.

How much is Sky Sport in New Zealand? [Pricing and Plans]

Wondering how much does Sky Sports cost in New Zealand? Take a look at the most popular pricing and plans available.

Sky TV, Netflix & Sports Complete Sky Sports Sky Glass TV & Sky Sports
Starting at £46/$98 NZD per month Starting at £26/$55.39 NZD extra per month Starting at £34/$72.43 NZD per month

Sky Sports has three main packages that you can get without being affiliated with providers such as Virgin Media or BT Sports. Although, you can also get Sky Sports through NOW, which offers daily and monthly Sky Sports packages as well. Sky Sports prices differ according to the packages and add-ons you pick. Sky Sports also charges a setup fee.

How much do Sky Sports cost through BT Sport in New Zealand?

You’ll be glad to know that Sky Sports is also available in New Zealand through BT Sport. It is included in their Big Sport package. Currently, the cost stands at £41 GBP/$87.34 NZD per month for the usual package and £74 GBP/$157.65 NZD per month for the VIP package,

What’s included in the Sky Sports package?

Now that we know how much does Sky Sports cost in New Zealand, let’s find out about what’s included in the packages. The great thing about the Sky Sports package is that you get access to many sports and hundreds of live events worldwide, ranging from Formula 1 races to cricket matches, Premier League games, and even rugby games, to name a few.

For your convenience, you can browse through dedicated channels for each major sport that Sky Sports covers. You can find the best popular sports on Sky Sports. So, here’s a quick look at what you can expect from every Sky Sports channel.

  • Sky Sports Main Event

The Sky Sports Main Event channels are for the biggest clashes in the world, whether it’s the cricket World Cup final or the decisive match in a title race in the Premier League. It is the channel for all the excitement.

  • Sky Sports Cricket

This dedicated cricket channel is for all cricket lovers who want coverage of local, county-level cricket and international events, including bilateral series and tournaments.

  • Sky Sports Mix

As the name suggests, Sky Sports Mix shows a little bit of all the best shows on Sky Sports. Not only that, but it focuses on events that aren’t given that much coverage, either. The mix also shows highlights of the biggest events regularly.

  • Sky Sports Premier League

Sky Sports Premier League offers complete coverage of all matches selected for broadcast. Not only that but you can expect expert analysis, talk-shows, and interviews as well.

  • Sky Sports F1

Catch up with Ferrari, Red Bull or Mercedes, watch all the Grand Prix races all over the world, and tune in to all the fiery action with Sky Sports’ dedicated Formula 1 channel.

  • Sky Sports News

If you want to tune in to the latest news regarding the sporting world and all that’s happening in it, Sky Sports News is the best channel around. It will give you all the best sporting updates.

  • Sky Sports Golf

Coverage, updates and news regarding the Open Championships and the US Open are all available on Sky Sports Golf, from Scotie Scheffler to Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm.

  • Sky Sports Football

Games from the English Football League pyramid, including the Premier League and the Championship, as well as Bundesliga games and Champions League games, all can be watched on Sky Sports football.

  • Sky Sports Arena

Sky Sports Arena is another great channel that mixes up sports, focusing on this channel being games like rugby, basketball, darts, bowling, and more.

  • Sky Sports Racing

Sky Sports Racing not only airs F1 races and highlights but also other races from around the UK and the world, including the Isle of Man TT, rally races, and many others.

  • Sky Sports NFL

Sky Sports even covers the NFL, surprisingly, for UK users who are into American Football. It is a vastly different sport, yet it has gained a significant following all around the world as well.

What is the most basic Sky package?

If you’re wondering how much does Sky Sports cost in New Zealand and which basic Packages are the best, here is your answer. There are two basic Sky packages, Ultimate TV and Sky Signature.

The latter offers 100 channels and 500 Box Sets only, while the Ultimate TV package also includes a basic version of Netflix. Both are priced the same so the Ultimate TV package is preferable.

Can you get a free trial on Sky Sports?

No, you cannot get a Sky Sports free trial, unfortunately. Not directly, at least. There is no option for a free trial when signing up for the game. But you can get one through NOW Broadband, which can offer Sky Sports as part of its free trial. You can cancel Sky Sports subscription later after you are done with it.

What Else Is Worth Watching On Sky Sports?

There is a lot worth watching on Sky Sports, with enough content for everyone’s tastes. If you’re an F1 fan, the Singapore Grand Prix is coming up. Football fans can enjoy Premier League football, while cricket fans can tune in to the upcoming World Cup at the end of the year.

With a streaming VPN for Sky Sports, you can unblock Sky Sports in New Zealand. After all, Sky Sports available countries only include the UK. So, you will need to switch your New Zealand IP address to a UK IP address with the help of a VPN to get access.

Here is the list of the most popular shows that you can watch on Sky Sports:


If you want a simple Sky Sports package, you can choose the Complete Sky Sports Package, which costs GBP 24 per month and gives you access to 8 different sports channels.

The cheapest way to get Sky Sports is through Virgin Media Stream, which offers Sky Sports channel bundles in a premium TV service and broadband connection.

While Sky Sports has a wider coverage of sports, BT Sport offers some exclusives that you can’t miss. BT Sport is also cheaper across the board compared to Sky Sports.


Owned by Sky Group, Sky Sports is one of the best sporting broadcast networks in the world. Its pricing can be confusing, but if you get a decent package, you can enjoy Sky Sports for a long time. Now that you know how much does Sky Sports costs in New Zealand, you can enjoy it in New Zealand.

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