How Much Does SonyLiv Cost in New Zealand? [Update 2023]

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How Much Does SonyLiv Cost - HTWNZ

SonyLiv is an Indian-based streaming service with thousands of hours worth of original and hosted content. It is a versatile streaming service that you can watch SonyLiv in New Zealand. All you need is a VPN connection to Indian servers and you’re good to go. SonyLiv offers all kinds of content, from Best Trending movies to Best shows to live sports as well.

SonyLiv also doesn’t cost that much. So, it is a good choice for Streaming SonyLIV in New Zealand. Despite being geo-restricted in New Zealand, you can use the best VPN to access it. In this blog, we will talk all about SonyLiv and how much its subscription tiers cost. So, stay tuned. If you wish to enjoy this amazing platform’s content and are wondering what are the devices compatible to stream SonyLiv in New Zealand, you have landed on the post with all the answers.

How Much Does SonyLiv Cost In New Zealand? [Quick Guide]

Take a look at what the cost of SonyLiv  looks like in New Zealand. So, do you wanna pay for SonyLiv in New Zealand but don’t know how much it costs? SonyLiv has multiple subscription tiers that you can easily choose from. SonyLiv’s fees are also fairly affordable, so you wouldn’t be putting a lot of stress on your wallet either.

SonyLiv has multiple subscription plans but they aren’t overcomplicated. It offers a monthly premium package for just 299 INR or $6.01 NZD. Which is quite reasonable compared to other streaming services.

And if you don’t want to subscribe every month again and again, you could just subscribe yearly. So, you won’t have to go to the trouble again and again. The yearly package is also quite affordable, coming in at just $20.08 USD per month. Alternatively, you could go for the Mobile-Only package, which costs simply $12.04 NZD.

SonyLiv Monthly 6-Month Yearly
LIV Premium (INR) ₹299 ₹699 ₹999
LIV Premium (NZD) $6.01 $14.05 $20.08
Mobile-Only (NZD) $12.04

How Do I Pay For My SonyLiv In New Zealand In 2023?

It’s not hard to pay for SonyLiv in New Zealand. You can pay for SonyLiv in New Zealand the usually way. But first, you just need to use your ExpressVPN to connect to an Indian server. After that, you can use a number of online payment methods to pay for your SonyLiv subscription. You should also know what are the devices compatible to stream SonyLiv in New Zealand.

How Do I Access SonyLiv In New Zealand in 2023?


If you are unauthenticated, you will not be able to access SonyLiv in New Zealand. You need to have an account on SonyLiv and have to be connected to a VPN to access SonyLiv, otherwise you will encounter an error and will not be able to watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

SonyLiv Member

If you are a SonyLiv member, you will not have any issues with accessing SonyLiv in New Zealand. Just connect to an Indian server with a premium VPN, such as ExpressVPN and you will be good to go.

SonyLiv Premium Member

SonyLiv Premium members will also have no problems accessing SonyLiv in New Zealand. As long as you are connected to a VPN, all you need to do is use the website or mobile app and log in with your credentials. That’s it.

What to Watch On SonyLiv With Subscription?

Here are the top 10 movies and TV shows available on SonyLiv right now.

Movies TV Shows
Salute Gullak
Bachelor The Kapil Sharma Show
James Rocket Boys
Madhuram Avrodh: The Siege Within
Freedom Fight Shark Tank India
Enemy Indian Idol
Skylab JL50
Churuli Your Honor
Dark Waters Jehanabad – Of Love & War
Jodi MasterChef India

What do you get with SonyLiv Subscription?

With a SonyLiv subscription, you not only get access to the entire SonyLiv content library, it will also be completely ad-free. SonyLiv not only has amazing original movies and TV shows but also access to live sports streams including Premier League streams, The Ashes 2023, Big Bash League, Tennis, and much more. You can enjoy a SonyLiv Free trial as well as cancel SonyLiv subscriptions at any time with a few clicks. Keep reading to learn more!

What Else is Worth Watching on SonyLiv?

Here are the most popular Best Shows and Best Trending Movies list that is available on SonyLiv.

FAQs – SonyLiv Cost

To watch SonyLiv for free in New Zealand, you can just connect to an Indian server using a VPN. After that, just log in to SonyLiv and watch the free content available on SonyLiv.

Yes, SonyLiv is free on AppleTV. As long as you are connected to a VPN, you can access the free library of SonyLiv and watch SonyLiv for free.

Yes, SonyLiv can be free in New Zealand but it also has some paid tiers that you can purchase to get access to the entire content library and even get ad-free access.

SonyLiv is free to a certain extent. On the free level, you only get access to certain content but if you upgrade to the free tier, you can get access to a lot more, including live sports streams.


SonyLiv is a great Indian platform that you can enjoy in New Zealand. It has a lot of amazing content and is quite affordable. So, enjoy a ton of authentic Indian content, all you need is an ExpressVPN connection and you are good to go. What are you waiting for? Grab your SonyLiv subscription today!

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