The debut of new streaming services like Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus Quibi, HBO Max, Acorn TV, and Peacock has made the streaming industry exciting and challenging. Moreover, all these services have added more life and value to the existing competition among different streaming services.  

From the users’ perspective, they can watch a plethora of streaming services of their choice from anywhere anytime. But, streaming under their budget has become an uphill task for them. 

For the sake of your convenience, has created a streaming cost calculator that will inform you about your monthly expenditure in terms of streaming services. 

This tool will give you a clear picture of how much you are spending every month to entertain yourself. This tool will also let you save a handsome amount of money by recommending numerous affordable video-on-demand services.

The streaming cost calculator has included Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, CBS All Access, HBO, Kayo Sports, etc. Furthermore, it covers other, relatively new services that you have not realized are available for streaming. 

For example, if you reside in New Zealand and want to know which streaming services are available? Interestingly, you have to click on your respective country. Once you click, you will see different services popping up on your screen. 

Likewise, when you click on your preferred service, you will instantly see the per month cost of your chosen service. 

In short, this tool will assist you in exploring more streaming options. Similarly, it will help you make the right decision regarding your monthly streaming expenditure appropriately.  

Note: Remember, this is just a first raindrop. We will add more countries and streaming services regularly to keep our valued readers engaged and informed.