Sunny Hostin’s Surgeon Husband Was Pulled Out of Operating Room During COVID Chaos at ‘The View’

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Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were not allowed to host the show, ‘The View’ on Friday when they both (falsely) tested positive for COVID-19. Hostin discussed real life ramifications on Monday’s show after their test results were revealed on live television.

The show was derailed for a moment as the Vice President Kamala Harris was about to walk on the set for an interview. The interview was conducted remotely later on.

Surpisingly, both Hostin and Navarro are fully vaccinated and tested negative on many occasions.  Hostin were thankful to viewers who showed great support during these difficult times.

Per Hostin,

It was really uncomfortable for my results to be released publicly before I even knew what was going on, before they were verified, before I was tested again and again.


Hostin added that her husband and the other family members were was also impacted,

My husband is a surgeon, as everyone knows, and he was in the operating room and had to be pulled out of the operating room, because God forbid, he’s operating on someone and he’s COVID-positive.

My child’s school had to be notified and she had to be pulled out. My parents had to be rushed to be tested. And my son was notified at school as well.

Hostin also said that her husband and the other family members have been tested negative. Unfortunately, Emmanuel lost his parents due to the COVID-19 virus last year.


She added,

For me it was particularly triggering, because not too long ago I delivered the eulogy at my in-laws’ funeral,” Hostin said, becoming emotional. “So you can imagine how I felt, thinking that I could possibly be COVID-positive, and my family could experience another loss, a loss that I don’t think my husband could handle.

On Monday, ‘The View’ co-host Joy Behar told the audience about the COVID-19 test results of both Navarro and Hostin,

I am thrilled to report that Sunny and Ana’s Friday results turned out to be false positives, and everyone is safe, healthy and COVID-free, no one’s got it. It was a mistake of some sort.


Brian Teta, ‘The View’ executive producer also apologized to Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin for the chaos caused by the situation,

It was just an unbelievable set of circumstances, and we found out moments before we came back on the air. And in that moment, all I could think of was that we had to keep the hosts safe, and we had to keep the vice president safe — she could not walk out no matter what.

And that led to some really awkward television that I’d like to have back if I could, but I really want to acknowledge and apologize to Sunny and Ana, because in the midst of all this chaos, they were put in this position where they had this information put out on television.

Ana Navarro joked about the whole situation saying,

The last thing I want to say is, I really can’t tell you how grateful I am to the vice president’s team that they rolled with the punches, that they went along with it. I don’t know that I wouldn’t have, you know, left. … Kamala, baby, come back please. We will bubble wrap ourselves.


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