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Television New Zealand, popularly known as TVNZ is a brainchild of New Zealand’s government. The leading media broadcaster is responsible for telecasting famous local and international TV shows, movies, documentaries, comedy series, etc. 

Read this TVNZ guide to know about its other sister channels such as TVNZ 2, TVNZ Duke, alongside other compelling features like compatibility, content library, and others.   

Countries where TVNZ is available?

TVNZ is the oldest media network in New Zealand. Compared to Sky TV and Freeview TV, the network does not have international existence. However, TVNZ is famous among the local Kiwi viewers for broadcasting popular TV shows and movies like Killing Eve, Home and Away, Dark places, etc.

How can I get TVNZ in New Zealand?

You can get TVNZ within Kiwi territory by creating an official account on its official website. Apart from this, you can access Freeview TV on your screens to access TVNZ’s shows and movies instantly.

Furthermore, you can use your existing Sky Starter package at the cost of $25.99/month to watch TVNZ2, and Duke channels accordingly.


Pricing Packages

Luckily, TVNZ does not charge a single penny from its subscribers. If we talk about other TV networks and streaming services available in New Zealand, you have to pay to get the subscription plans of Netflix NZ, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime NZ, and others, respectively. Therefore, TVNZ becomes an exciting choice for viewers who prefer to watch famous shows and movies without breaking their bank.

How can I Sign Up for TVNZ in New Zealand?

You can sign up for TVNZ by following these simple steps:

  • Click login option provided on the official site
  • Enter all the required information to complete the registration process such as email address, password, personal details, and check ” I agree to the House Rules” mark



Similar to Maori TV, Prime TV, and Choice TV, you can use your Freeview account to watch TVNZ hassle-free.  If you have not created your account on Freeview already, here is what you should do:

  • Mention your email address and agree to Freeview’s Terms of Use
  • You can watch TVNZ using a temporary Freeview account
  • You will receive an email in your inbox asking you to complete the registration process within 7 days that help you use your permanent Freeview account appropriately

What’s new in TVNZ Guide?

TVNZ adds new titles in its media content library regularly to grab the attention of existing and potential subscribers. You can see that by going through TVNZ Programme Guide. Here is the list that includes latest TV shows and movies you can watch on TVNZ:

  • Casual
  • Coroner
  • Mystic
  • Four Weddings
  • Murder in the Outback
  • Meat the Family
  • Limitless
  • Whale Rider
  • Chinese Puzzle

What to watch on TVNZ and how?

TVNZ provides live TV and on demand streaming facility to its viewers. This way, you can watch various popular shows, movies, documentaries, and much more on numerous devices in no time. Once you have explored its official site, you would realize that you can access several sections like Live TV & GuideCategories1 NewsTVNZ On Demand, and TVNZ Duke.

Live TV & Guide

The live TV and guide section is suitable for viewers who want to discover the TVNZ network’s programming schedule, including TVNZ1, TVNZ 2, and Duke.


You can get your favorite shows and movies’ broadcasting timing across all three channels like TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2, and Duke in a blink of an eye. As far as the TV guide section of TVNZ goes, you can check all the upcoming shows that will broadcast live on the same day.


The categories provides a wealth of information regarding all the exclusive content be it drama, reality, natural world, sci-fi & fantasy, movies, news & current affairs, kids, foods, etc.


Interestingly, there are other subsections such as full seasons, which you can explore to access different shows’ full seasons. Similarly, you can click the local subsection to watch local shows on your screens.

1 News

1 News is an exclusive news division of TVNZ that covers all the latest news and happenings across New Zealand including politics, crime, entertainment, health, education, and so on.


TVNZ On Demand

TVNZ on demand is an online streaming service that allows you to watch all the famous TV shows, movies, documentaries, and news.



This subsection lets you watch male-oriented TV shows like Kings of Pain, SPW WrestleFeast 2020, and others using your TVNZ account. Moreover, you can select a category of your choice, such as closed captions, music, what’s new, local, etc. to stream your favorite content genres.


On what devices TVNZ is accessible?

TVNZ supports the following platforms and devices including:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Smart TVs
  • Google Chromecast
  • Xbox One
  • PS4
  • FAQs


Does TVNZ cost money?

As already mentioned, TVNZ offers its services to its users free of cost. Hence, you do not need to pay anything from your pocket.

That said, you have to register yourself as a user without providing your financial details on TVNZ to start watching your favorite content.

What channel is TVNZ Duke on Freeview?

You can tune into channel 13 to catch all the coverage of TVNZ’s sister channel on Freeview, whose target market is the male audience primarily.

What is TVNZ 2?

TVNZ 2 is another channel of TVNZ network that broadcasts reality TV shows, comedy series, and dramas to attract and retain a younger audience.

Can you watch TVNZ live?

TVNZ enables you to watch all its TV channels such as 1, 2, and Duke on various operating systems and devices live.

Is there a TVNZ app?

You can stream all TVNZ content via Freeview app without any trouble. Likewise, you can download the TVNZ On Demand app to continue watching content on multiple devices.

Can I access TVNZ 2 to watch shows and movies?

You can watch different movies and shows on TVNZ 2 using its impressive TV guide within New Zealand. Here is the list of famous shows and movies you can watch on its sister channel:

  • Last Dad Standing
  • Wentworth
  • Love Connection
  • Amour
  • Am I a Serial Killer

Wrapping Up

We hope you would read our extensive TVNZ guide to successfully watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and other media content. What makes TVNZ different from other TV networks and services is its impressive content library that you can access within New Zealand without any cost.

TVNZ serves as a one-stop solution for all those Kiwi fans who want to watch content based on different genres.

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