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Alone Part 5 Channel 4

Embark on a Solitary Viewing Adventure with Alone Part 5 and unveil all the thrills, tension, and drama. Unfortunately, viewers in New Zealand will encounter location-limited barriers when attempting to access this exciting content. Luckily in this blog, you will learn How to Watch Alone Part 5 in New Zealand on Channel 4.

By using an ultimate VPN such as ExpressVPN, individuals can bypass these geographical limitations. ExpressVPN reroutes your internet connection through a server in the UK, making it appear as though you’re browsing from that region. This genius work enables streamers worldwide to Watch Alone On channel 4 in New Zealand and other restricted titles, irrespective of their actual location.

So, get ready to immerse yourself in the drama and excitement as you watch the Best Shows on Channel 4 as well as the best Trending Movies on Channel 4. Because ExpressVPN lets you access all this and unlocks a world of entertainment possibilities.

Watch Alone Part 5 in New Zealand on Channel 4 [Easy Steps]

These quick steps will provide you with a comprehensive guideline on how to Watch Alone Part 5 in New Zealand on Channel 4:

  1. Sign up for an esteemed VPN such as ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the ExpressVPN app.
  3. Connect to a server based in UK.
  4. Now access the Channel 4 official website or launch its streaming app.
  5. Finally, search for Alone Part 5 on Channel 4 and enjoy binge-watching.

Why do you need a VPN to Watch Alone Part 5 in New Zealand on Channel 4?

You need a VPN to Watch Alone Part 5 in New Zealand on Channel 4 due to licensing agreements. Unfortunately, this means that viewers in New Zealand will encounter limitations when trying to access this show. However, by using a streaming VPN for Channel 4, such as ExpressVPN, you can easily overcome this obstacle. The Best VPN for Channel 4 is surely ExpressVPN as it allows you to connect to servers in United Kingdom in no time. By choosing a UK server, you can bypass the geo-restrictions that block content in New Zealand. Your online activity will appear to come from a UK IP address, granting you seamless access to Watch Alone Part 5 on Channel 4.

Channel 4 Subscription is a good option for avid streamers because you can watch a lot of good quality content in very affordable subscription packages, With flexible pricing options, Channel 4 Cost caters to diverse budgets, ensuring quality entertainment without putting much burden on your wallet. You can also go for Channel 4 Free Trial and get a taste of its captivating shows and exclusive offerings at no cost.

What is The Alone Part 5 Release date on Channel 4?

Alone Part 5 release date on Channel 4 is 2nd September 2023. Get ready for this exciting show Alone Part 5′ which will be soon released on Channel 4. Expect to be captivated by thrilling moments and captivating drama on this highly anticipated adventure show. Refer to Channel 4 Available Countries details to check the Channel’s broadcast availability in your region.

The cycle to Cancel a Channel 4 subscription is also a breeze, ensuring you’re in control of your viewing experience without any complications. Just log into your account, navigate to subscription settings, select the cancellation prompt, and confirm your resignation.

What is the Narrative of Alone Part 5?

Alone Part 5 unfolds its captivating narrative. Eleven ordinary individuals face an unparalleled survival test, dropped solo into the untamed wilderness of northwest Canada. Each participant, aged 19 to 58, embraces this extreme competition, armed with only essential tools, as they document their solitary struggle for existence.

As the weeks progress, personal stories emerge, showcasing their resilience and the human spirit against the odds. Beyond a survival challenge, this series paints a portrait of courage and tenacity.

What is the Plot of Alone Part 5?

Alone is a gripping reality TV show that drops 11 ordinary people into the wilds of Northern Canada with just a few basic tools to fend for themselves. The contestants face a slew of dangers, from brutal weather conditions to wildlife on the prowl for their next meal.

Each participant must overcome their own unique set of challenges, with the ultimate prize of £100,000 going to the last person standing. As the weeks go by, the mental and physical pressure mounts and one contestant is eliminated each week until only the strongest remain.

Who are the Featured Cast of Alone Part 5?

The cast of Alone Part 5 on Channel 4 is:

Name Age Occupation
Alan 43 Forestry manager
Elise 32 PR executive
Eva 25 NHS project manager
Javed 58 Business coach
Kian 19 War Studies student
Laura 40 Entrepreneur
Louie 28 Builder
Mike 49 Joiner, craftsman
Naomi 26 Clothing designer
Pip 47 Wild swimming coach
Tom 39 Company director

How Many Episodes of Alone Part 5 are there?

There are 6 episodes of Alone Part 5, an hour-long each set to air weekly on Sundays. Their line-up is as follows:

Episode Number Release Date
Episode 1 August 6
Episode 2 August 13
Episode 3 August 20
Episode 4 August 27
Episode 5 September 3
Episode 6 September 10

Is there any trailer for Alone Part 5?

Yes, there is a small but very thrilling trailer for Alone Part 5 available on YouTube. With heart-pounding moments and raw determination, the trailer offers a preview of the thrilling journey that awaits.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Alone Part 5 in New Zealand on Channel 4?

ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Alone Part 5 in New Zealand on Channel 4 due to its unmatched ability to bypass geographical restrictions. Facilitating effortless platform viewing, ExpressVPN presents an array of servers across 35+ UK locations.

This VPN safeguards your data through DNS protection and a strict no-log policy. Even though Channel 4’s availability is currently confined to the UK, ExpressVPN effectively circumvents this limitation.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Alone Part 5 in New Zealand on Channel 4


Boasting an impressive array of over 3000+ servers servers across 105 countries countries, ExpressVPN ensures a seamless and flawless streaming encounter. Delight in uninterrupted access to your preferred sports content, no matter the time or place.


Distinguishing itself with cutting-edge technology, ExpressVPN introduces the innovative Threat Manager feature. This advanced capability thwarts websites and applications from communicating with intrusive trackers and malicious third-party entities. Safeguarding your privacy further, the DNS leak protection feature guarantees that your sensitive information remains secure.

Notably, ExpressVPN’s remarkable Media Streamer DNS service establishes connections with devices lacking native VPN support. Achieving a download speed of 89.42 Mbps, this VPN marvelously accommodates up to 5+ simultaneous device connections. The subscription plan is incredibly budget-friendly, making it effortlessly accessible.

ExpressVPN speed test

ExpressVPN offers robust AES 256-bit encryption for impenetrable security and fortified DNS protection, all while maintaining a strict no-logs policy. The added advantage of split tunneling empowers you to access specific networks with unprecedented flexibility. Moreover, a fail-safe kill switch empowers you to sever your network connection in case the VPN connection falters.

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What Else is Worth Watching on Channel 4?

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Alone Part 5 comes out on Channel 4, sign up for ExpressVPN to have unrestricted access from New Zealand.

You can stream content of Channel 4 from anywhere around the world by opting for a VPN service.

All new season of Alone is now available to stream on Channel 4.


Enhance your streaming experience and engage yourself in the excitement of Watch Alone Part 5 in New Zealand on Channel 4. With ExpressVPN as your trusted companion, you’re not just watching the show, you’re living every moment, every twist, and turn like never before.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away, optimize your streaming with ExpressVPN and embark on a thrilling adventure today.

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