How to Watch Babylon Movie on Paramount Plus in New Zealand?

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Want to watch Babylon Movie on Paramount Plus in New Zealand? This guide has the answer. Babylon is a sci-fi film about a team of astronauts who undertake a dangerous mission to explore a newly discovered planet, directed by Damien Chazelle and starring Brad Pitt, Ruth Negga, and Tommy Lee Jones. The movie is streaming on Paramount+.

Paramount Plus is a streaming service that provides a range of content from CBS, Paramount Pictures, and ViacomCBS. You get to watch award-winning movies and shows on Paramount Plus. Sadly the availability of Babylon is limited to certain regions due to licensing policies.

To watch Babylon movie on Paramount Plus in NZ, you need to get an ExpressVPN and a Paramount Plus subscription. Read on for the Babylon cast and the movie trailer!

How to Watch Babylon Movie on Paramount Plus in New Zealand – (Quick Steps)

Here’s how to watch Babylon movie on Paramount Plus in New Zealand by following these easy steps:

  1. Sign up for a VPN that offers reliable US servers (Recommended: ExpressVPN).
  2. Install the VPN software and connect to a US server location (Recommended: New York server).
  3. Visit Paramount Plus and create an account.
  4. Get excited to watch Babylon Movie on Paramount Plus in New Zealand!

Tip: Paramount Plus cost is economical and by availing Paramount Plus free trial, you can get a taste of this experience. You can also cancel Paramount Plus subscription anytime you want.

Where Can I Watch Babylon Movie?

You can watch the Babylon movie on Paramount Plus, a ViacomCBS-owned subscription streaming service.

The availability of this movie may differ according to the country you’re in which is why you must subscribe to ExpressVPN to access Paramount Plus!

What is the New Babylon Movie About?

The movie depicts the story of Nellie LaRoy, a promising actress portrayed by Robbie, and a famous actor named Jack Conrad, played by Pitt, during a time of unrestrained indulgence and corruption in the early days of Hollywood.

The official summary states that the Babylon (2022 film) plot delves into the extravagant and shameless world of these characters as they experience a cycle of success and downfall repeatedly.

According to Chazelle, the director, the goal was to capture the audacious and uninhibited nature of this era in Hollywood, which he describes as a period resembling the untamed west.

What is the Cast of Babylon Movie?

Here’s the table of the Babylon movie cast:

Actor/Actress Character
Brad Pitt Jack Conrad
Margot Robbie Nellie LaRoy
Diego Calva Manny Torres
Jean Smart Elinor St. John
Jovan Adepo Sidney Palmer
Li Jun Li Lady Fay Zhu

When was Babylon Released?

The Babylon movie release date was on December 23, 2023.

According to Variety, the movie lasts 3 hours and 8 minutes in total and was loved by the people in Babylon movie theaters. It is also available on Paramount Plus in New Zealand as of 21st February 2023. But it’s only accessible with a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Where was Babylon Movie Filmed?

Most of the filming for the movie took place in Los Angeles, and it was completed in October 2021.

Is There a Trailer for “Babylon Movie”?

Yes, there is a trailer for Babylon Movie. If you are interested to watch Babylon movie on Paramount plus in New Zealand, you must first watch the Babylon (2022 film) trailer, which released on September 13, featuring Nellie LaRoy snorting cocaine and declaring her desire for a perpetual party, while Jack Conrad talks about his determination to change the “No actors or dogs allowed” signs in L.A.

Let’s take a look at the Babylon movie trailer:

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Babylon Movie on Paramount Plus in New Zealand?

To watch Babylon movie on Paramount Plus in New Zealand, ExpressVPN is supposedly the best out of all due to its remarkable download speed of 89.42 Mbps and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ExpressVPN offers more than 3000+ servers spread across 105 countries including 20+ server locations in USA.

We were able to access Paramount Plus within seconds using ExpressVPN’s New York server:


Connect to the USA – New York server for a seamless Babylon movie streaming experience.

Moreover, ExpressVPN comes with a MediaStreamer feature to get around geo-restrictions and unblocks well-known streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video on VPN-incompatible devices.

You can use ExpressVPN for Firestick, smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, and more. With up to 5 simultaneous connections per subscription, this VPN supports a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, FireOS, and macOS.

Using ExpressVPN, you can also watch FBI True on Paramount Plus, along with The Challenge: World Championship, School Spirits . You can also easily watch live PSG vs Bayern Munich and Barcelona vs Manchester United matches on Paramount Plus. That’s why, ExpressVPN’s the best NZ VPN for streaming.

A cost-effective choice for streamers is priced at NZ$10.84/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also included with ExpressVPN so you may test the service risk-free.

The 7-day free trial is also available to mobile users, who can use it to test the app before committing to a subscription. Safe to say, it’s the best VPN for Babylon movie streaming!

Babylon Movie


No, the story is not based on a true story and is totally fictional. The characters played by Pitt and Robbie, Jack Conrad and Nellie LaRoy, respectively, as well as the other parts that make up the primary cast, are all original creations.

The writer and director of Babylon is Damien Chazelle, who is most known for his work on La La Land.

He called the movie the hardest endeavour he’s ever taken on in an interview with Vanity Fair.

You can watch Babylon movie on Paramount Plus in New Zealand by using ExpressVPN.

The city that bears the name Babylon was the capital of the ancient Babylonian Empire in Mesopotamia. The famous Tower of Babel is built there in the Book of Genesis. God scatters people across the earth and confuses their language from this location. Babylon has come to represent a wicked, fallen city over time.

The movie Babylon is in English.

Wrap Up

If you are looking for an engaging and thought-provoking movie to watch, you should definitely watch Babylon movie on Paramount Plus in New Zealand.

The movie Babylon IMDb has received a 7.3/10 rating and grossed a total of 56.4 million USD at the Babylon box office and these figures should be enough for you to try it out. ExpressVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t have anything to lose either!

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