Watch Best Shows on CBC in New Zealand [2023 Updated]

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Watch Best Shows on CBC in New Zealand

CBC content is exclusively available in its region and geo-restricted in New Zealand. However, you can get ExpressVPN to watch CBC in New Zealand.

CBC Gem is one of the best platforms for you to stream your desired shows. CBC has one of the most extensive media libraries available for online streaming. As the platform is based in Canada, you will need to use a VPN to access its content from New Zealand. For only USD 3.85 per month, you can watch trending movies like Sherlock, Heartland, Smother, etc, and watch best shows on CBC in New Zealand. If you are struggling to find out the best VPN to access CBC, you are at the right place to learn about 3 best VPNs to access CBC.

What are the Best Shows On 9Now in Canada in 2023?

Whether you like intense action or heartwarming comedies, CBC has something for everyone, regardless of the genre you are interested in. If you’re not sure what to watch on CBC, then just look at the list below of the most popular shows on CBC right now by using ExpressVPN. You can enjoy a CBC Free trial as well as cancel CBC subscriptions at any time

Coroner (2019)


Director: Morwyn Brebner

Writer: Matthew Hall

Cast: Serinda Swan, Roger Cross, Ehren Kassam

Genre: Drama, mystery, Crime

IMBD: 6.8/10

Season: 2

Tasked with investigating any suspicious or unnatural death, Solicitor Jenny Cooper has returned to Toronto. Jenny, recently widowed, must now work with her ex, Detective Sergeant Davey Higgins, which complicates more things than it solves. The show is filled with mystery and suspense, making it one of the best shows on the platform.

 Burden Of Truth (2018)


Director:  Brad Simpson

Writer: John Gay

Cast: Kristin Kreuk, Meegwun Fairbrother, Peter Mooney

Genre: Drama

IMBD: 7.3/10

Season: 4

To solve the perplexing cases of young girls mysteriously experiencing neurological seizures, lawyer Joanna Handley must return to her small hometown to serve the towns folks. The Burden of Truth is a mystery filled thriller all the way through and defiantly one to keep an eye out for.

 Working’ Moms (2017)


Director: Catherine Reitman

Writer: Catherine Reitman

Cast: Catherine Reitman, Juno Rinaldi, Dani Kind

Genre: Drama, Comedy

IMBD: 7.7/10

Season: 6

Working Moms is a heartwarming comedy show that follows a group of Mothers as they tackle their professional life while also trying to give time to their family, kids, friends, and their hobbies as well. The show perfectly captures the multitasking and time management required to balance a personal and professional life as a mother, making it a must-watch comedy best shows on CBC in New Zealand.

Being Erica (2009-2011)


Director:  Jana Sinyor

Writer: Jana Sinyor

Cast: Erin Karpluk, Michael Riley, Reagan Pasternak

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Comedy

IMBD:  4

Season: 7.5/10

Dr. Tom is a professional therapist who is very fond of quoting famous and so famous history quotes whenever he finds the chance. Under Dr. toms care is Erica, to which he is her enemy, savior, and friend. Being Erica is a very well written show about personal growth and self discovery with excellently placed comedy making it one of the best shows on CBC in New Zealand.

The Detectives (2018)


Director: John L’Ecuyer

Writer: Petro Duszara

Cast: Daniel Stolfi, Tammy Gillis, James Tupper

Genre: True Crime, Drama, Documentary

IMBD: 7.6/10

Season: 3

Based on actual events, The Detectives is a dramatized telling of some of the most strange and riveting cases in Canada. The show goes into deep detail throughout the investigating process and its results, as told by the actual investigators, which makes the show an excellent watch from start to end.

Kim’s Convenience (2016)


Director: Peter Wellington

Writer: Simu Liu

Cast: Simu Liu, Jean Yoon, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee

Genre: Comedy

IMBD: 8.2/10

Season: 5

The show follows a first generation Korean immigrant family in Canada who operate a convenience store in the city. The parents choose to stick to their roots and live a more traditional life by Korean standards, while their young kids find the balance between a modern life and the one their parents want for them.

Murdoch Mysteries (2008)


Director: Maureen Jennings, Alexandra Zarowny, Cal Coons

Writer: Maureen Jennings

Cast: Thomas Craig, Yannick Bisson, Helene Joy

Genre: Drama, Crime, Mystery

IMBD: 8.2/10

Season: 15

Set in the 1800s, Murdoch Mysteries is a crime thriller that follows the exploits of Detective William Murdoch as he uses his new and improvised forensic talents to solve any case that comes his way. The show is a great detective show, somewhat similar to the Sherlock series making it one of the best shows on CBC in New Zealand.

Schitt’s Creek (2015-2020)


Director: Dan Levy, Eugene Levy

Writer: Dan Levy

Cast: Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Dan Levy

Genre: Comedy

IMBD: 8.5/10

Season: 6

Schitt’s Creek is a comedy show that follows Johnny Roes and his Family as they go from literally rolling in cash to fully broke overnight after being the victim of financial fraud. To find shelter, the Family moves into a small, unsophisticated town called Schitt’s Creek, where they must adjust to the culture and lifestyle of the unprivileged.

Heartland (2007)


Director: Murray Shostak

Writer: Heather Conkie

Cast: Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Shaun Johnston

Genre: Family, Drama

IMBD: 8.4/10

Season: 15

Set in the heart of Alberta, Canada, the drama follows the lives and relations between the members of a multi generational family through thick and thin. Each of the characters has his own motives and ideals that perfectly playoff against one another, making it one of the best Family dramas in recent times.

Anne With An E (2017-2019)


Director: Moira Walley-Beckett

Writer: Jane Maggs

Cast: R.H. Thomson, Geraldine James, Amybeth McNulty

Genre: Family, Drama

IMBD: 8.7/10

Season: 3

A different take on L.M. Montgomery’s classic novels and Set in the 1800s on Price Edward Island, Anne with an E follows the childhood adventure and exploits of Anne, a young orphan girl. Throughout the course of the show, Anne learns more about herself and greatly influences the lives of the people around her with her high spirited and cheerful attitude.

What Else is Worth Watching on CBC?


In conclusion, CBC Gem is a great platform for you to stream your favorite shows, as it has a huge library of high-quality and critically acclaimed shows. You should consider what are the devices compatible to stream CBC in New Zealand? You can stream CBC in New Zealand on various devices now. After reading this article, hopefully, most of your questions regarding the platforms will be answered, and now you know how to Watch Best Shows on CBC in New Zealand in 2023.

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