Watch Best Trending Movies on Channel 4 in New Zealand [2023 Updated]

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Watch Best Trending Movies on Channel 4 in New Zealand

Channel 4 is the most popular UK broadcast network right now. It has one of the largest viewer bases and has become incredibly popular for its amazing content, hosting great original TV shows. But Channel 4 is exclusively for the UK, so you can’t access it in New Zealand that easily. However, you can get ExpressVPN to watch Channel 4 in New Zealand.

Using a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN makes it possible to get Channel 4 free trial in New Zealand.

Despite having hundreds of TV shows, both old and new, it is still limited through geo-restrictions. But as long as you have a VPN, you need only a few clicks to connect to a UK-based server while still in New Zealand and you will be able to unblock and watch best trending movies on Channel 4 in New Zealand with ease.

Channel 4 has a selection of some amazing TV shows but there are so many good ones on there that you can be a bit spoilt for choice. That’s where we come in. If you’re confused, don’t be. We’ve prepared a list to help you get started. Just pick one of these from the list below and it’ll be a good starting point. You should also know what are the devices compatible to stream Channel 4 in New Zealand in 2023.

Belfast Midwives


Created By: Lion TV

Genre: Medical Drama, Docuseries

IMDb Rating: N/A

Runtime: 50-60 Minutes

Belfast Midwives is a very new docuseries filmed by Lion TV, Channel 4’s biggest production company. It focuses on, as the title suggests, midwives at a hospital in Belfast and their day-to-day routines. The Royal Jubilee Maternity Service will be the main focus of the docuseries and the reality of midwifery will be brought to light.

Travel Man Season 8


Created By: Jemma Parish

Genre: Travel Documentary Series

IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

Runtime: 30-60 Minutes

Travel Man is a highly-rated travel documentary series hosted by Richard Ayoade. It focuses on Richard and a celebrity guest going to popular travel locations around the globe for 48 hours and exploring the must-see tourist attractions. The celebrity guest is usually a fellow comedian, although there are pleasant surprises along the way.

As of recently, Richard Ayoade has left the show and the next series will be presented by Joe Lycett instead.



Created By: Emma Dennis-Edwards

Genre: Documentary, Drama

IMDb Rating: 6.5/10

Runtime: 47 Minutes

A TV drama film, Consent is created by Emma Dennis-Edwards and focuses on the culture of toxicity and misogyny in British public and private schools. It follows the story of a Black girl who attends a private school and is raped by one of the pupils at that school.

The story is inspired by countless real-life cases, with hundreds of hours of footage taken from both private and public schools.

Top Dog


Created By: Veronica Zacco, Alexis Almstrom, Molly Hartleb

Genre: Crime, Thriller

IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

Runtime: 44 Minutes

Two surprising people cross paths and join forces to bring down the world’s worst criminals in this Swedish thriller drama. Emily is a lawyer who wants to climb the ladder and secure her future, while Teddy is a recently released convict who wants to leave his old life behind. They both see an opportunity to help each other and bring down some criminals as well.

With Emily’s access to resources and Teddy’s contacts, both come together to make a real difference.

The Piano


Created By: Love Productions

Genre: Musical, Reality TV

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Runtime: 47 Minutes

As you can probably guess by the name, The Piano is a TV show about piano and pianists. Claudia Winkleman is one the search for the best amateur pianists in the UK. Such pianists are called to public pianos in train stations all over the UK and asked to perform. The judges are secretly watching and judging.

The winner or the best contestant will get to perform at the end-of-series concert which will be held at the Royal Festival Hall.

Guy Martin’s Great British Power Trip


Created By: Martin Bunkle

Genre: Docuseries

IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

Runtime: 60 Minutes

As the energy crisis and the cost of living crisis hits the UK, the common man will be hit the hardest. Guy Martin and Shaun Dooley come together in this 3-part docuseries to find out how Britain produces its electricity and how the country is preparing itself for the future, including its goal of becoming a Net-Zero nation.

From blowing up a coal station to participating in a safety course to working at a wind farm, Guy Martin will do it all.

The Curse Season 2


Created By: Richard Webb

Genre: Comedy, Crime

IMDb Rating: 6.7/10

Runtime: 30 Minutes

The Curse is a modern take on dark comedy. It follows a group of small-time criminals based in 1980s London and how, through an unfortunate series of events and, perhaps, their own stupidity, they become involved in a gold heist.

What follows is a comedy that slowly builds up while taking you on a ride.



Created By: Charlie Russell

Genre: Docuseries

IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

Runtime: 47 Minutes

Paula is a two-part documentary series based on the life and times of Paula Yates, British icon, TV host, and writer. Her fame peaked in the 1980s and 1990s. The documentary follows her life during those times and how her fame affected her and changed her life massively.

It also follows her life to the end and examines one of the most provocative British icons of all time.

Tempting Fortune


Created By: Joshua Mayes

Genre: Reality TV

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10

Runtime: 60 Minutes

Hosted by Paddy McGuinness, this reality TV show features twelve Brits who travel to South Africa for an 18-day trek. The catch? If they want any amenities besides basic survival essentials, they will have to spend the money from the prize pot. Showers can cost 1000 Pounds. So, how long can they hold out and maximize their winnings?

I Am Ruth


Created By: Gemma Boswell

Genre: Drama

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

Runtime: 92 Minutes

A quintessentially modern story, it focuses on Ruth, a concerned mother. When social media begins to consume Freya, (Ruth’s daughter), Ruth tries to bring her back from the brink. But the task is more complicated than originally thought. Social media’s grip is dark and twisted and it will take everything Ruth has to save her daughter.

What Else is Worth Watching on Channel 4?

Here is the most popular best shows and best trending movies list on Channel 4.


Channel 4 is the best British broadcast network and streaming service available right now. All of the shows listed above are either highly entertaining or critically acclaimed. Channel 4 has a lot of other great content too that you can’t miss out on. So, just get your ExpressVPN subscription, connect to a UK server and begin streaming these shows today

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