How to Watch Boot Dreams in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer

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The captivating story of Boot Dreams is about the arduous journey of 16 vetoed footballers who have faced rejection from the leading football clubs. They are aged somewhere between 18 to 26 years and, fortunately, receive the opportunity of a lifetime, to join a unique training camp that will help with their induction into one of the new contracts. This training camp will assist them in their sporty struggles.

To keep yourself entertained, you must not stop reading down to watch Boot Dreams: Now or Never in New Zealand, only through a workable VPN network like ExpressVPN.

How to Watch Boot Dreams in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer? [Quick Steps]

To make sure you get instant access to watch Boot Dreams in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer, keenly follow the steps described below;

  • Sign up for one of the most sustainable VPN networks, primarily ExpressVPN.
  • Launch its app, followed by adding your credentials.
  • Connect to a UK-based server (recommended Docklands server).
  • The next step follows to visit the  BBC iPlayer website.
  • Look for Boot Dreams: Now or Never enjoy endless streaming in HD immersive coverage.

When Can I watch Boot Dreams in New Zealand?

You can free stream Boot Dreams: Now or Never in New Zealand, on 20 August 2023, at 9 p.m. The six-part documentary, Boot Dreams kicks off on BBC iPlayer this summer.

Where to Watch Boot Dreams in New Zealand?

You can watch the sports documentary series, “Boot Dreams: Now or Never, exclusively on BBC iPlayer once it starts to broadcast. To avail of the free service of BBC iPlayer, you should choose the BBC iPlayer free trial option, in this way, you enjoy to the fullest the endless free streaming.

By acquiring access to the BBC iPlayer account, you can opt to watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 and Oppenheimer Series in your subject.

The arduous journey of 16 footballers will also be available on BBC Two; however, BBC iPlayer offers a more user-friendly experience.

What is Boot Dreams: Now or Never all about?

Boot Dreams: Now or Never explicit the story of 16 footballers eagerly waiting to join the leading football club after facing rejection from many. A unique training camp assists with the training of these footballers, both off and on the pitch, to help them achieve what they always dreamt of.

How Many Episodes are there of Boot Dreams: Now or Never?

Boot Dreams: Now or Never documentary is based on six parts. Each part is 60 minutes long and will hook you and won’t be ready to leave your couch even for a second. All six parts will be exclusively available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

The dates of all six episodes are yet to be announced; however, we will share some info on each of the episodes;

Episode 1 Bruno Fernandez mentors the 16 out-of-contract footballers in the unique training camp.
Episode 2 As the first match initiates, these footballers get a contract.
Episode 3 The coach has to make an intense decision as the two footballers fall behind.
Episode 4 Anton Ferdinand mentors the techniques of psyching out opponents.
Episode 5 Gifton reveals the pressure to succeed while Jordan is ready to take the high stake trial.
Episode 6 One of the players even stuns the scouts with an exceptional performance.

Who is the host of new football show ‘Boot Dreams: Now or Never?

The name of new host of the show Boot Dreams: Now or Never is Roman Kemp and is a 30-year-old broadcaster. He already has been the host of the show ‘Capital Breakfast’ and is an Arsenal fan.

He loved working as a host for this commendable series, in which the young talented sportsmen are getting another chance to pursue a career that they always loved.

You can witness the credibility of the host once the broadcast date is announced and you can therefore easily watch Boot Dreams on BBC iPlayer in New Zealand.

Who are the footballers of Boot Dreams?

Despite having differences in cast, creed, or culture, the footballers of Boot Dreams have one thing in common: they all loved football from the bottom of their hearts. To begin with, we will discuss individually all these 16 footballers and how destiny gave them another chance to turn over a new leaf:

1. Jordan Mbakop Fankwe

The 19-year-old Cameroon-based footballer, at the age of 14, moved to the UK. He was playing football on the streets when Nottingham Forest Scout saw his play and offered him a trial. Initially, got awarded a two-year scholarship which later ended.

2. Zak Guerfi

The 23 year, Hertfordshire-based footballer was a member of the Stevenage Academy. Later in his career, he was selected to play for Tunisia’s International team, where he participated in matches against Iran and Croatia. Initially, he was conditioned on a 4-year professional contract with a Tunisian team, which ended right after 3 months.

3. Theo Hudson

Theo was scouted by Leeds United at the age of 7 and ultimately went on to play as part of their team at 9. Just when he was 16, he got an opportunity to be a part of England U16, and success was seen at arm’s length. For unknown reasons, he was dropped by Leeds at the age of 19.

4. Jake Flannigan
This 25-year-old, Southampton-based defender received a four-year scholarship with Southampton. When he was 18, he played his first Premier League game. The very next day, he ruptured his ACL at a reserves game. Since then, Jake had to battle against waves of injuries and surgeries.

5. George Scott

George Scott, a 19-year, Nottingham-based midfielder, was part of the dynamic Notts County. At 18, he received a scholarship from Rotherham United after a brief stint at Mansfield.

6. Alex Sami

Striker Alex, 23, is a Manchester-based footballer who, at 15, moved from Iran. He spontaneously moved up to the teams at Curzon Ashton FC and played for his first team. He became part of the city academy and subsequently went to Bolton Wanderers, where success was banging on his door. As he was on the epic of his career, he was suspected of an immigration offense.

7. Abidan Edwards

Abidan, 23, reputed as a goalkeeper, was part of the local Sunday league when West Brom spotted his play. He was asked to play for a trial at Birmingham City for half a year until he was laid for his behavior issues.

8. Myles Bowman

This Farnborough-based footballer belonged to a footballer father and started his career when he was just 4. He went to QPR at 15 and was released after three years. Currently, he is playing as part of non-league football.

9. Scott Wara

Staffordshire played as a defender and was scouted by Stoke City FC, for eight long years, after moving to Stoke from Fiji. When the time for his debut game came, the changed manager stomped his career. Scott has also seen play for the Fijian national team.

10. Hamza Abuzour

Hamza’s father was a professional footballer, and he looked at himself as a midfielder. He moved to Manchester at eight and spent most of his time obtaining training at Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers.

11. Alfie Young

When Alfie was 11, he signed a contract and played at the Watford Academy until he was 19. He was officially given a two-year professional contract but denied the right to claim his first appearance, which became the reason for his release.

12. Bryan Ly

The Manchester-based 19 year Bryan moved to Manchester. He was born and raised in Ireland and was found playing for Cherry Orchard. In Manchester, he soon became part of the Manchester City Development squad and continued to play there for almost four years. Later on, at Morecambe, he signed for U16s academy.

13. Qasim Khan

As a U15, Qasim signed with Cambridge United but soon after was released without securing a scholarship. His life changed upside down just when he was diagnosed with B cell lymphoma. After getting cancer treatment, he returned, and Wembley FC signed him right after training.

14. Harrison Foulstone

A 20-year-old Sheffield star was on cloud 9 when offered to be scouted by his Sheffield United just when he turned 7. He was released at 19 after completing 12 years of tenure. Currently, he is working on the oil rig and is well paid, yet he is waiting to return to the pro game.

15. Harvey Cullinan

Harvey joined Sheffield United at 16 in Ireland. After playing for two years, he received a contract, spent the more significant part of it being severely injured, and ultimately got laid off.

16. Charley McMillian

The 27-based Kent footballer, Sao Paulo, joined Tottenham Academy after he moved to Britain. Having subsequently played for Albania and Estonia, is yet to keenly find a British Club.

17. Tevhan Tyrell

Tevhan has been playing as a striker throughout his career. He began his career in Bermuda at 14 and played for the Bermuda National team. At 18, he moved to the UK, but his career couldn’t prosper as of injuries and primarily Covid.

18. Exaucé Mabanza-Ditu

When he was six, his family left Congo. Before being scouted by Crystal Palace, he played for local teams; they offered him a scholarship at 16 but later withdrew. After getting withdrawn, his trials with Brentford and Barnet continue. However, all of them remain unsuccessful.

19. Latham Edwards

Latham played for a grassroots club, but his destiny turned a 360-degree turn when Manchester United saw his play and offered him to pay for the elite development squad. Soon he developed asthma, which later obstructed his career path.

20. Edson Da Silva Doliveira

Edson, 23, moved to London at 7. When he was 14 to 15, he joined a school program with Fulham FC. The academy did not decide to proceed further with Edson, and therefore, he played for Thamesmead.

21. Tonye Joseph

Tonye grew up playing cage football. Soon after, he joined QPR at 12. Despite having successions of trials, he gave up on his trials to study at university. Later, he secured a new trial, but COVID and its restrictions intervened in his plans.

Is there a trailer for Boot Dreams: Now or Never?

Currently, the official trailer of Boot Dreams: Now or Never is unavailable. You will have to wait until you can watch Boot Dreams in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer will be the first one to screen the official trailer of Boot Dreams so continue visiting its website to stay updated about the news of the launch of the trailer.

ExpressVPN: High-Speed VPN to Watch Boot Dreams: Now or Never on BBC iPlayer in New Zealand

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ExpressVPN Lets You Watch Boot Dreams in New Zealand On BBC iPlayer

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TV shows like Cycling Championship, The Power of Parker, and Superman & Lois will keep you busy until the Boot Dreams transmissions on BBC iPlayer.

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Thankfully, with ExpressVPN and BBC iPlayerfree trial, no one can stop you to acquire access to watch Boot Dreams for free in New Zealand.

Boot Dreams: Now or Never

What Programmes can I watch on BBC iPlayer?

A staggering list of exciting shows awaits you as you take a step closer to taking the premium subscription to ExpressVPN. To know more about what are these shows, take a glimpse at the table below:

Home Sweet Rome Henpocalypse
Murder on the Blackpool Express Snowfall
Clean Sweep Crazy Rich Agents


The series also beholds for you the guest appearance of the world-record-breaking football freestyler Liv Cooke. As the footballers strive diligently not to let go of the exciting opportunity that awaits their long-awaited careers, they will receive heartwarming support from the exciting guest who will soon appear on the show.

Wrap Up

We have finally deciphered to you about gaining access to watch Boot Dreams in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer. All you need is a premium VPN subscription plan; if you look forward to an error-free and seamless buffering VPN application, then ExpressVPN, undeniably, is the safest and fastest option.

ExpressVPN excels in surpassing geo-restrictions and grants you endless streaming access. So why wait? Start streaming as many shows as you like. Also, don’t forget to view the Rugby League Challenge Cup 2023 Final matches on BBC iPlayer.

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