How to Watch Clean Sweep in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer

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You must be wondering where can I watch Clean Sweep in New Zealand? You can access Clean Sweep on BBC iPlayer if you live in the UK. If you want to stream Clean Sweep in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer then you will require a premium quality VPN service such as ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN lets you watch BBC iPlayer NZ by getting past the geo-restrictions imposed by the BBC iPlayer. ExpressVPN also keeps your data secure, so you do not need to worry about breach of privacy.

Enter the captivating world of Clean Sweep, a compelling criminal drama based on real-life incidents. Follow the incredible journey of multitasking housewife Shelly Mohan, whose life appears to be ideal.

Up until her dark history reappears, posing a threat to everything she cherishes. Shelly becomes caught in a web of lies as tensions build and secrets come to light, forcing her to make a terrifying choice that alters everything.

Continue reading this article as we talk about the plot, release date, and trailer of Clean Sweep (2023). We will also talk in detail about ways to watch Clean Sweep in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer.

How to Watch Clean Sweep in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer? [Prompt Steps]

You must want to know how to watch Clean Sweep online free from anywhere? To watch Clean Sweep online free in New Zealand you need to follow some simple steps listed below:

  • Join ExpressVPN, a premium VPN provider.
  • On your streaming device, download and install the VPN application.
  • Utilizing your credentials, connect to the VPN.
  • Establish a connection to a UK-based VPN server, preferably the Docklands server.
  • Log in to your account by going to the BBC iPlayer homepage.
  • You are now capable to watch Clean Sweep in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer.

Where to Watch Clean Sweep?

Clean Sweep where to watch is being frequently asked by people. You can watch Clean Sweep television show season 1 on BBC iPlayer. The streaming service does not have a BBC iPlayer free trial as it is a free-of-cost streaming platform. All you need to pay for is the UK TV license.

BBC iPlayer is available on multiple devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Roku, Chromecast, and Firestick. You can watch multiple other content such as live sports events, FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 and the Hundred Cricket 2023, through BBC iPlayer on these devices.

All you need is to get ExpressVPN or any other VPN service with top-notch facilities to maintain your privacy while letting you use BBC iPlayer to watch Clean Sweep in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer.

You can also delete BBC iPlayer but then all your stored data will get removed and you will get deprived of some amazing content available on BBC iPlayer.

When Can I Watch Clean Sweep on BBC iPlayer?

The first episode of the six-part series Clean Sweep is scheduled for broadcast on July 29, 2023, at 9:00 PM. The entire season will be released at once, enabling spectators to binge-watch it all at once.

What is the Storyline of Clean Sweep?

A fascinating crime thriller based on actual events, Clean Sweep follows Shelly Mohan, a loving wife and mother of three who appears to lead a typical existence. But when her history catches up with her and she is forced to make a life-altering choice, her entire existence is turned upside down.

Shelly is sucked into a hazardous game of deception and murder in an effort to protect her family and keep her secrets hidden.

Detective Jason, Shelly’s husband, is unintentionally tasked with looking into the case that concerns his wife as the story develops. Though he is ignorant of the shocking news that is in store for him, the suspense grows as he approaches the truth.

The suspenseful drama Clean Sweep explores the lengths people will go to defend their loved ones and the morals that occur when confronted with the results of their deeds. The series grips viewers until the shocking conclusion with its fascinating turns and compelling performances. Clean Sweep ending explained in the last episode, and it will have you shocked.

Who are the Appearing Cast of Clean Sweep?

Below is the Clean Sweep cast that you should definitely check out:

Actor Character
Charlene McKenna Shelly Mohan
Barry Ward Jason Mohan
Aidan McCann Niall Mohan
Rhys Mannion Derek Mohan
Katelyn Rose Downey Caitlin Mohan
Jeanne Nicole Ní Áinle Fiona Uba
Adam Fergus Charlie Lynch
Aoibheann McCann Katie Ryan
Nathara Dayananda Emma Wilson
Grace Collender Doireann Carrick
Cathy Belton DCI Gwen Crichett
Benjamin Bergin Billy Ryan
Robert Mitchell Detective Ames
Kevin Trainor Martin Kelly
Orla Casey Eileen
Trevor Kaneswaran Matt Wilson
Roisin Rankin Aelish Flaherty
Sean Duggan Garda Pat O’Connor

Is there a Sneak Peak for Clean Sweep?

Watch Clean Sweep official trailer on YouTube to get a teaser of the suspense. Cast of Clean Sweep stars Charlene McKenna as the dangerously unstable housewife Shelly Mohan.

Witness the tension and suspense as Shelly’s life falls apart and secrets resurface. Don’t miss the Clean Sweep trailer’s tremendous drama and compelling story.

How Many Episodes of Clean Sweep?

There are 6 Clean Sweep episodes, the details of which you can find below:

Episode Title Synopsis
S1, Ep1 Done is Done When Charlie Lynch, a guy from her tumultuous past, contacts Shelly Mohan, a housewife, and mother of three, she makes a choice that cannot be undone.
S1, Ep2 Postmortem Assigned to an investigation, Shelly’s husband Jason, a Garda Detective, follows an unusual path. Shelly becomes aware that she might have left some evidence at the crime site.
S1, Ep3 Find Her Following the disclosure of Lynch’s true identity, DSI Crichett in London reopens an investigation involving Shelly and Charlie from twenty years prior.
S1, Ep4 Deirdre Fiona, Jason’s partner, develops suspicions of Shelly as the investigation moves on. The reasons for Shelly’s name change start to come to light.
S1, Ep5 Let it go Shelly successfully avoids fingerprint detection, but a fresh witness who has information on a potential suspect may point the finger at her.
S1, Ep6 Silent Mouth After being recognized as the strange woman at the crime scene, Shelly is under increasing strain. She considers leaving, but ultimately decides to stay since she loves her kids too much.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Clean Sweep on BBC iPlayer

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Clean Sweep

What other Content can I watch on BBC iPlayer?

Below is some more content that you should definitely look out for:

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IMDb has given Clean Sweep a fantastic rating of 6.8, which represents the views of 388 attentive viewers.
Gary Tieche is the creator of Clean Sweep. He is behind the entire suspenseful crime drama and has kept the viewers captivated with the story line.
Clean Sweep, which was inspired by actual events, centers on Shelly Mohan (Charlene McKenna), a mother of three who is married to a Garda investigator (Barry Ward).
Clean Sweep belongs to the crime, drama, and thriller genre. Each episode is filled with suspense and ends on a cliffhanger convincing you to finish the entire show in one go.

Wrap Up

Clean Sweep is a gripping criminal thriller that lifts the lid on the terrifying power of secrets and the tireless desire to protect people we hold dear. Get ready to get sucked into the heart-pounding depths of this story.

This series takes you on a compelling journey, unraveling buried pasts, navigating a series of moral dilemmas, and discovering jaw-dropping revelations, with an ensemble of superb performers and masterful narrative.

You can watch this exciting show on BBC iPlayer from 29 July 2023, 9 pm and onwards. Make sure you get a credible VPN service such as ExpressVPN to watch Clean Sweep in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer.

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