How to Watch Expedition Bigfoot in New Zealand on Max

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Experience the thrilling journey of Expedition Bigfoot with surprises and suspense. While the Travel Channel remains its primary platform, you can now enjoy it on Max, the successor to HBO. For a worry-free experience, watch Expedition Bigfoot in New Zealand on Max, the streaming service formed from HBO Max and Disney+, simply use ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN promises that you will be able to get around Max’s streaming limitations and watch HBO Max in New Zealand, so you can watch Expedition Bigfoot new season 2023. This way, you can watch Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 with Max free trial if you prefer not to commit to a subscription. Continue reading to learn more.

5 Easy Steps to Watch Expedition Bigfoot in New Zealand on Max

Follow these 5 simple steps to watch Expedition Bigfoot in New Zealand on Max:

  • Start by signing up for ExpressVPN and downloading the app on your preferred device.
  • Connect to a server located in the USA (Recommended: NewYork)
  • Visit the Max Website and either login or create a new account.
  • Search for Expedition Bigfoot.
  • Enjoy seamless Expedition Bigfoot season 4 streaming in New Zealand.

Note:  You need to pay for HBO Max after its free trial period expires to enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

Where Can I Watch Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 in New Zealand?

Max is the primary channel if you are wondering where can i watch all seasons of Expedition Bigfoot online, and fans will find Max or HBO Max cost to be an even more affordable option. But be aware that if you access it from New Zealand, geo-restrictions might be in place.


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In addition to Expedition Bigfoot Season 4, Max is also an ideal option to watch BS High Documentary in New Zealand and relieve your anxiety about geo-restrictions, all you have to do is sign up for an ExpressVPN subscription, which will conceal your location and grant you a US IP address.

Continue reading to learn how to watch Expedition Bigfoot season 4 online free.

Can I Watch Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 using Max free trial?

Yes, you can watch all Seasons of Expedition Bigfoot for free using HBO Max free trial; Max is available for free streaming for 7 days to Amazon Prime subscribers. After that, you can decide whether to keep using it for $15.99 a month or end it sooner.

A free trial cn also be accessed through Hulu for Max. With no financial commitment required, viewers can explore Expedition Bigfoot and the vast Max content library thanks to these trial options.

In addition to enabling global access to unlock Max, using ExpressVPN protects your privacy and security while you watch new episodes of Expedition Bigfoot and other content. Viewers can start their Expedition Bigfoot adventure with ExpressVPN, which resolves geo-blocking issues before you furiously cancel your HBO Max subscription.

Now that you are prepared to enjoy Expedition Bigfoot adventure on Max, let’s take a closer look at the storyline.

What is The Story of Expedition Bigfoot Season 4?

The Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 renewed, featuring renowned primatologist Dr. Mireya Mayor and Bigfoot experts Bryce Johnson, Ronny LeBlanc, and Russell Acord, returns to Washington State a year after being forced to flee the Olympic Peninsula due to raging wildfires.

Driven by a major finding from their previous expedition, they come up with a fresh strategy to entice Bigfoot outdoors to confirm that these mysterious beings are more than just stories.

Use the greatest VPN for HBO Max, ExpressVPN, to enjoy episodes full of adventures and conveniently watch Expedition Bigfoot in New Zealand on Max.

Is there any Trailer For Expedition Bigfoot Season 4?

Yes, fans can get a taste of the trailer for Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 2023 on YouTube. Click on the play button below to watch Expedition Bigfoot New Season Trailer.

Read below when the show is releasing so you can watch Expedition Bigfoot in New Zealand on Max at your earliest.

When Does Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 Coming Out on Max?

Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 release date on Max is November 2, 2023. Prepare to explore the mysteries of the wild as there will be plenty of excitement, mystery, and adventure in store for you this new season.

On August 30, 2023, in the fall, Travel Channel’s Expedition Bigfoot is slated to debut its fourth season. Max gives viewers another way to delve into the mysteries of the wild.

Watch Expedition Bigfoot in New Zealand on Max without letting any geographical restrictions get in the way. You can join the Bigfoot hunt and take in all the excitement thanks to ExpressVPN, which grants you access to Max’s exclusive content anywhere in the world.

How Many Episodes are there in Expedition Bigfoot Season 4?

Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 episodes are 8 suspenseful episodes and are promised to keep you on the edge of your seat. Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 episode 1 is set to premiere on November 2, 2023, on Max, which has taken the place of HBO.

The upcoming episodes are broken down according to their release on Travel Channel:

Episode No. Episode Name Release Date
1 Bigfoot Island Aug 30, 2023
2 Demon in the Dark Sep 6, 2023
3 Tunnel of Terror Sep 13, 2023
4 Dual Pursuit Sep 20, 2023
5 Low Tide, High Danger Oct 11, 2023
6 Tracking Terror Oct 18, 2023
7 Nocturnal Nightmare Oct 25, 2023
8 The Hand of Bigfoot Nov 1, 2023

How Many Seasons of Expedition Bigfoot are there?

3 seasons of Expedition Bigfoot have already aired, and a fourth is currently in production.

The following is a synopsis of Expedition Bigfoot all season:

  • Season 1: To establish beyond doubt the existence of the elusive Bigfoot, an elite group of Sasquatch specialists sets out into the harsh North American wilderness.
  • Season 2: The group of Bigfoot specialists directs their data-analysis skills toward the Appalachian Mountains after the triumph of their initial expedition. Their task is to quickly bring the enigmatic beast from folklore and legend into the real world.
  • Season 3: The elite group of Bigfoot experts returns to Washington State a year after being forced to flee the Olympic Peninsula due to devastating wildfires. They come up with a fresh strategy to elicit a Bigfoot from hiding and demonstrate that these elusive animals are real and not just myths.

Expedition Bigfoot Season 1:

The following table provides an overview of the Expedition Bigfoot season 1, 2 and 3, including the episode number, name, description, and air date:

Episode No. Episode Name Episode Description Airing Date
1 The Search Begins In search of Bigfoot, a top team uses cutting-edge technology to saunter through Oregon’s forests. Sun, Dec 8, 2019
2 Did You Hear That? Despite challenges, the team conducts a thorough investigation and may uncover evidence of Bigfoot. Dec 15, 2019
3 The Nest The group gathers DNA samples after coming across what appears to be a Bigfoot nest. Dec 22, 2019
4 Red Eyes at Night The idea that Bigfoot can infect humans is supported by a finding made close to the nest. Dec 29, 2019
5 Human Bait To get Bigfoot out into the open, trackers and bait are employed. Jan 5, 2020
6 Bigfoot Moon Rising Team members sense they’re not alone because thermal imagery points to the presence of Bigfoot. Jan 12, 2020
7 It Knows We’re Here In their quest, the team uses an airship to explore underwater passageways. Jan 19, 2020
8 The Final Hours In order to make some truly amazing discoveries, the team uses a high-tech drone to locate Bigfoot. Jan 26, 2020

Episode No. Episode Name Episode Description Airing Date
1 The Search Continues After finding progress in Oregon, the team moves on to Kentucky to continue their hunt for Bigfoot. January 3, 2021
2 Call and Response The group plays a purported Bigfoot call in an attempt to start a conversation and get an answer. Jan 10, 2021
3 Creepy Hollows After a Bigfoot howl recording in Kentucky elicits strange responses, an investigation and the discovery of footprints follow. Jan 17, 2021
4 Hand of the Beast The expedition’s focus is shifted by a photograph of a hand that resembles a human hand and has claws; technology helps to focus the search. Jan 24, 2021
5 Time’s Running Out With only three days remaining in Kentucky, the group tracks a bloodhound tracker and investigates a tree structure. Jan 31, 2021
6 Bigfoot’s Lair? During the last few days of the expedition in Kentucky, the team investigates a cave that could be Bigfoot’s hiding place. Feb 7, 2021
7 The Quest Out West Upon arriving in Washington state—dubbed the “Bigfoot capital”—the team finds evidence of Sasquatch activity. Feb 14, 2021
8 Dark Memories Uncovering fascinating details from a Bigfoot witness’s memories with the aid of a hypnotist, potential evidence of a young Sasquatch also appears. Feb 21, 2021
9 Paranormal Anomaly When the team returns to the location after filming a potential Sasquatch crossing a river, they find more than they had anticipated. Feb 28, 2021
10 The Government Knows Unusual photos and unmarked helicopters make one wonder what knowledge the government has about Bigfoot. Mar 7, 2021
11 Lake Fear The group ventures onto perilous territory as they investigate a Bigfoot hideout. Mar 14, 2021
12 Closer Than Ever There’s evidence that Bigfoot exists, but there’s also a threat from uncontrollable wildfires in Washington. Mar 21, 2021
13 New Evidence Expert searchers pinpoint the location and time of potential Bigfoot encounters using data algorithms and science. Mar 20, 2021
14 New Discoveries After reviewing the data gathered, the team discovered new environmental DNA findings. Jun 20, 2021

Episode No. Episode Name Episode Description Airing Date
1 Strange Returns Using pheromones, the team entices Bigfoot, but they end up being the prey. Mar 20, 2022
2 Shadow Stalker Russell follows a monstrous beast and comes across a spectral stalker. Mar 27, 2022
3 Stalked in Terror Uncomfortably near is an enigmatic shadow figure, and disturbing discoveries are made. Apr 3, 2022
4 Creatures in the Trees As they search through the trees for evidence, the team discovers what may be bunkers. Apr 10, 2022
5 Fresh Kills They find a top-secret government facility, come face-to-face with Bigfoot, and unearth a grisly discovery. Apr 17, 2022
6 Return to Lake Fear Drones are used by the team as they look into a possible Bigfoot kill zone above Lake Fear. Apr 24, 2022
7 Where the Legend Began After a lead evaporates, the search shifts to a new Bigfoot hotspot. May 1, 2022
8 Sounds of Terror A strange howl is heard, Bryce looks into a government conspiracy, and a nighttime hunt carries some risk. May 8, 2022
9 Tracks to Hell Along a railroad track, Russell discovers new clues and mysterious noises start to appear in the forest. May 15, 2022
10 Divide and Conquer Strange orbs test the team, Russell enlists an unlikely ally, and an invasion inspires modern tracking. May 22, 2022
11 The Chase is On Bryce discovers that she may have psychic abilities, Russell makes use of new tracking technology, and Mireya sees odd lights. May 29, 2022
12 Man Down A team member vanishes, Bryce is perplexed by strange lights and Ronny and Mireya search for answers. Jun 05, 2022
13 A Massive Discovery The group works harder to trap Bigfoot and obtain possible evidence. Jun 12, 2022
14 Into Bigfoot’s Den They follow an unexpected video hint that leads to a significant finding. Jun 19, 2022
15 New Discoveries After reorganizing, the group discusses adventures and examines the evidence to determine a new objective. Jun 19, 2022
16 Clues and Coverups Plans are altered by a tip, and Bryce finds out about a possible government cover-up. Sep 06, 2022
17 Lurking in the Forest As an unidentified creature breaches the base camp, new information is revealed via an abandoned railroad track. Sep 20, 2022
18 Strange Lights Unsettling psychic abilities and a missing team member are discovered by the team. Sep 27, 2022
19 Bigfoot’s Home They go all out in Northern California in the hopes of discovering concrete evidence of Bigfoot. Sep 27, 2022

The team’s unwavering pursuit to solve the mysteries surrounding the fabled creature in numerous locales is carried out in Season 2 of Expedition Bigfoot, where they encounter terrifying encounters along the way.

What is the Cast of Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 Episodes?

A committed group of specialists and researchers set out to solve the mysteries surrounding Bigfoot in The Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 Cast.

The main cast members are as follows:

  • Bryce Johnson
  • Dr. Mireya Mayor
  • Russell Acord
  • Ronny LeBlanc
  • Ryan Golembeske
  • David Bakara
  • Andrew Gough
  • Charles Norlander

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Expedition Bigfoot in New Zealand on Max?

ExpressVPN is the best option to watch Expedition Bigfoot in New Zealand on Max. This VPN guarantees that you won’t experience any interruptions or buffering, thanks to its blazingly fast speeds.

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Watch Expedition Bigfoot in New Zealand on Max with ExpressVPN!

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Expedition Bigfoot

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Yes, Expedition Bigfoot is worth watching, which blends scientific research with eyewitness testimony. You can watch it on Discovery Plus from anywhere in the world with ExpressVPN, so you won’t miss the adventure.

Expedition Bigfoot season 4 2023 will debut its fourth season on August 30, 2023, at 10/9c. Expedition Bigfoot’s season four premiere airs on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday, August 30 at 10/9c.

Season 5 of Expedition Bigfoot will premiere on the Travel Channel on November 12, 2023

Wrapping Up

Mysteries and adventure await in the captivating world of Expedition Bigfoot as the team of experts and researchers delves into the enigma of the elusive creature. ExpressVPN ensures you can watch Expedition Bigfoot in New Zealand on Max without any restrictions.

Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 promises to be a thrilling ride with a total of 8 suspenseful episodes, with each episode set to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Happy Streaming with ExpressVPN

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