How to Watch Fleabag on BBC iPlayer in New Zealand?

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Attention all New Zealanders! Are you a fan of British comedy-drama series such as Fleabag? If you are, then you might be wondering where can I watch Fleabag in New Zealand? Well, look no further! In this guide, we will show you how to watch Fleabag online from abroad using a premium VPN.

A large selection of top-notch TV series, motion pictures, and documentaries are available on BBC iPlayer, the British Broadcasting Corporation’s well-known streaming service.

However, some of its content including Fleabag in New Zealand is restricted regionally resulting in you might be unable to watch BBC iPlayer NZ. But don’t worry! There is a way to get over these limitations and access Fleabag on BBC iPlayer.

You may essentially change your location and access BBC iPlayer from New Zealand as if you were in the UK by using a VPN service, such as ExpressVPN. You can watch Fleabag on BBC iPlayer in New Zealand and many other excellent series. Get ready to laugh, cry, and experience the brilliance of Fleabag, no matter where you are in New Zealand.

How to Watch Fleabag on BBC iPlayer in New Zealand? [Easy Steps]

Thinking where to watch Fleabag: stream every episode online with BBC iPlayer by following these quick and simple steps. Get ready for an unforgettable binge-watching experience that transcends borders and brings the magic of Fleabag straight to your screen!

  • Sign up for a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN.
  • Download its app and set it up on your streaming device.
  • Connect to a server in the United Kingdom (preferably Docklands).
  • Visit the BBC iPlayer webpage and sign in.
  • Watch Fleabag on BBC iPlayer in New Zealand without any trouble.

What is the release date of Fleabag?

Fleabag is a critically acclaimed British comedy-drama series that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Here is the Fleabag release date. On 21 July 2016, the first episode of Fleabag was aired. It introduced the audience to the sarcastic and damaged protagonist.

The first season soon developed a devoted fanbase and received praise from critics for its writing, acting, and Waller-Bridge’s outstanding performance because of its distinctive blending of dark humor and unabashed vulnerability.

Fleabag made a triumphant return for a second season, which debuted on 4 March 2019 building on the popularity of the first. This season explored issues of familial dynamics, relationships, and personal development while delving deeper into Fleabag’s universe.

Once more, Waller-Bridge charmed fans with his superb comedic timing and writing, bringing the series even more praise and acclaim. Both seasons of Fleabag have left an indelible mark on the television landscape, resonating with streamers around the globe.

The show’s unique storytelling, memorable characters, and unabashed honesty have made it stand out in the realm of contemporary television.

Where Can I Watch Fleabag?

You can watch Fleabag on several different streaming services, such as BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Vudu. While all of these OTT platforms provide access to Fleabag, as per our recommendation you should stream Fleabag in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer.

There are several reasons to recommend BBC iPlayer, due to its no-cost feature, compatibility with other gadgets, and its free trial. The BBC iPlayer is a free-of-cost streaming service that takes no subscription cost monthly or annually, only you have to buy a valid TV license in order to stream its services.

Meanwhile, BBC iPlayer is comparable with many other devices such as Android, iPhone, Smart TV, Windows, Mac OS, and many more. On these gadgets, you can get a BBC iPlayer free trial if you are unaware of BBC’s British content. BBC iPlayer stands out as the best alternative to stream the series.

What is Fleabag all about?

British comedy-drama series Fleabag is the brainchild of the gifted Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The protagonist, Fleabag, goes through a series of harrowing and humorous ordeals. The show does an excellent job of delving into the complexity of modern relationships, whether romantic or platonic.

In the first season, we meet Fleabag, a smart and troubled Londoner. She gets by in life by revealing her innermost thoughts and feelings to the audience and breaking the fourth wall with a wicked sense of humor.

As we learn more about Fleabag’s life, we see the complexities of her relationships with her father (Bill Paterson), stepmother (Olivia Colman), and sister (Sian Clifford). Fleabag has several adventures while dealing with her own destructive inclinations, guilt, and grief.

Season 2 of Fleabag continues the show’s incredible journey, with Waller-Bridge’s stellar writing and acting once again in the spotlight. In the second season, we get an even more in-depth look at FleaBag’s life as she forms new romantic relationships, faces her past, and develops as a person.

Fleabag’s beliefs are tested when she meets a mysterious priest named Andrew Scott, who prompts her to face her own demons. Season 2 expertly interweaves comedy, heartbreak, and vulnerability, engaging viewers with its sincerity and depth of feeling.

Fleabag’s first two seasons have been lauded for their excellent writing, amazing comedic timing, and stellar acting. Fleabag is a must-watch TV series because it breaks new ground, questions established norms and makes an indelible impression on its streamers.

Who are in the cast of Fleabag?

Following is the Fleabag – Full Cast & Crew with their real and character name list:

Real Name Character Name Working Time Duration & Total Episodes
Phoebe Waller-Bridge Fleabag 12 episodes, 2016-2019
Sian Clifford Claire 12 episodes, 2016-2019
Olivia Colman Godmother 9 episodes, 2016-2019
Jenny Rainsford Boo 9 episodes, 2016-2019
Bill Paterson Dad 9 episodes, 2016-2019
Brett Gelman Martin 7 episodes, 2016-2019
Andrew Scott The Priest 6 episodes, 2019
Hugh Skinner Harry 6 episodes, 2016-2019
Ben Aldridge Arsehole Guy 5 episodes, 2016-2019
Hugh Dennis Bank Manager 4 episodes, 2016-2019
Kae Alexander Elaine 2 episodes, 2016-2019
Ray Fearon Hot Misogynist 2 episodes, 2019
Christian Hillborg Klare 2 episodes, 2019
David Hargreaves Chatty Joe 2 episodes, 2019
Angus Imrie Jake 2 episodes, 2019
Kristin Scott Thomas Belinda 1 episode, 2019
Fiona Shaw Counselor 1 episode, 2019
Bob Goody Quaker Man 1 episode, 2019
Maddie Rice Needy Waitress 1 episode, 2019
Mark Christian Subias Trainer 1 episode, 2019
Eileen Dunwoodie Sandy 1 episode, 2019
Jenny Robins Leslie 1 episode, 2019
Jo Martin Pam 1 episode, 2019
Nicola Alexis Sylvia 1 episode, 2019
Amelda Brown Gina 1 episode, 2019
Rebecca Johnson Family Friend 1 episode, 2019
Sarah Hammond Elizabeth Sawkin 1 episode, 2019
Michael Mears Kind Man 1 episode, 2019
Kadiff Kirwan Anthony 1 episode, 2019

How many Seasons of Fleabag are there?

Season 2 Episode Guide of Fleabag stated as there are 2 seasons of Fleabag, Season two of Fleabag consists of six episodes. Episodes typically run between 23 and 28 minutes long. Below is a table outlining the seasons, episode counts, and their respective release dates:

Season No Episode No Release Date
Season 1 Episode 1 21st of July, 2016
Season 1 Episode 2 28th of July, 2016
Season 1 Episode 3 4th of August, 2016
Season 1 Episode 4 11th of August, 2016
Season 1 Episode 5 18th of August, 2016
Season 1 Episode 6 25th of August, 2016
Season 2 Episode 1 4th of March, 20219
Season 2 Episode 2 11th of March, 20219
Season 2 Episode 3 18th of March, 20219
Season 2 Episode 4 25th of March, 20219
Season 2 Episode 5 1st of April, 20219
Season 2 Episode 6 8th of April, 20219

Is there any official trailer for Fleabag?

Are you on the lookout for the Fleabag Series 2 Trailer? The trailer is available on multiple streaming platforms including BBC iPlayer, get ready to be mesmerised by Fleabag’s charm and wit and left wanting more!

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Fleabag in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer?

As we reveal ExpressVPN’s unparalleled features, blazing-fast speeds, and unmatched dependability, get ready to learn why ExpressVPN is the best BBC iPlayer VPN to stream Fleabag in New Zealand. With ExpressVPN, you can say goodbye to geo-restrictions and hello to nonstop comedy and drama!

One of the main reasons ExpressVPN is the recommended method for New Zealanders to access Magpie Murder and BBC Cardiff Singer of the World Competition is to get over geo-restrictions. You may virtually change your location and appear to be browsing from the UK.


Watch Fleabag in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN

By connecting to one of ExpressVPN’s numerous servers, which are dispersed throughout the world. It has about 3000+ servers spread across over 105 countries to easily access Hidden Treasures Of The National Trust and Waterloo Road on BBC iPlayer,

Additionally, ExpressVPN provides a wide range of features made especially for streamers. You can watch sports shows like Manchester United VS Manchester City and Rugby Challenge Cup on gadgets like smart TVs and gaming consoles that don’t generally allow VPN connections thanks to its MediaStreamer DNS solution.

With ExpressVPN’s swift and dependable encryption, streamers can enjoy BBC iPlayer shows like British Cult and Blue Lights without worrying about nosy eyes.

ExpressVPN also has a strict no-logs policy and streamers military-grade encryption to protect their privacy and security when they are online. So they can easily watch Glastonbury Festival and Our Flag Means Death on BBC iPlayer without getting caught by anyone.

ExpressVPN also boasts competitive pricing. Its low price per month of NZ$10.83/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan provides outstanding value considering the quality of service provided.

In addition, the VPN service provides round-the-clock live customer assistance to help customers with any issues they may encounter when streaming Pirelli Grand Prix DU Canada on BBC iPlayer.



The drama, and comedy TV series was written and conceived by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, a native Londoner who also stars as the titular character. Waller-Bridge won an Emmy for her work as a writer and producer on the series Killing Eve, and she also co-wrote the 25th James Bond film, No Time to Die.
Some of the sequences were shot in a studio, in London, including the Village Café on York Rise, and a property on Laurier Road, are used for the filming of Fleabag.
The star of the show doesn’t actually have a name, despite being dubbed Fleabag frequently. Waller-Bridge explained:

“My family nickname.” Because it’s not, “Is this autobiographical?” I needed something that would immediately establish the character. Calling her “Fleabag” and the show “Fleabaggy” implies “Fleabaggy-ness.” Then she poses…Hair, lipstick, coat—done. She seems to put together, yet her name betrays her.”

No. Well, most likely not.

“I have thought about it and there isn’t going to be one,” Waller-Bridge told the BBC. It’s over; this is the last curtain. And yeah, I did mention that previously.

She continued, “I do have a fantasy of bringing her back when I’m, like, 45 or 50…I had to let her go and take a break from her. So, the answer is possibly…in ten or twenty years

Fleabag has received a TV-14 rating, which indicates that the content may not be suitable for children younger than 14 years old in the opinion of some parents.

Wrap Up

Bypass all geo-restrictions and watch Fleabag on BBC iPlayer in New Zealand with the help of the most powerful and dependable VPN such as ExpressVPN.

If you are unable to access BBC iPlayer from New Zealand install ExpressVPN by following the quick and easy steps, do not delete BBC iPlayer account if the geo-restriction is the problem, hold the hands of ExpressVPN and watch this comedy-drama TV series with your loved ones.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Fleabag fan or simply looking to explore the brilliance of this acclaimed series. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary journey – grab your virtual passport and start streaming Fleabag on BBC iPlayer today!

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