How to Watch Heartland Season 16 in New Zealand on CBC

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Watch Heartland Season 16 in New Zealand on CBC

Are you a fan of Heartland and looking to catch the latest season 16 episodes in New Zealand? Here is a complete guide for you on how to watch Heartland Season 16 in New Zealand on CBC!

It’s Season 16 will be airing on Canadian broadcaster CBC on January 29th, 2023. Unfortunately, the series is not currently available on any streaming platforms outside of the USA. However, there is a solution – using the Best VPN NZ service! You can stream CBC in New Zealand.

Learn more about VPNs and how they function in this article below!

Watch Heartland Season 16 in New Zealand on CBC – [Quick Guide]

You can watch Heartland Season 16 in New Zealand on CBC by following this quick guide:

  1. Get a subscription to a premium VPN. Our official recommendation is ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to the Canada server.
  4. Open the CBC Gem website or app on your preferred device.
  5. Search for Heartland Season 16 and enjoy the show.

Where Can I Watch Heartland Season 16 in New Zealand?

You can watch Heartland Season 16 in New Zealand on the Canadian broadcasting channel–CBC and CBC gem. However, CBC is geographically restricted due to the content licensing policies.

Therefore, for those people, a VPN is a must-connect before logging into CBC. We suggest ExpressVPN for the job because it is a fast, efficient, and reliable VPN.

Why do You Need a VPN to Heartland Season 16 in New Zealand on CBC?

A VPN is a must to watch CBC gem–Heartland Season 16 in New Zealand. CBC is a copyright-registered Canadian broadcasting channel that possesses content licensing rights. If you try to access CBC in New Zealand then you will see the geo-restriction error on your screen.


A VPN can overcome these content licensing rights by changing your IP addresses, therefore, making you geo-accessible. You can watch best CBC shows from anywhere in the world by using a VPN service!

When is the Heartland Season 16 Release Date?

The Heartland Season 16 release date is going to be 29th January 2023. The season will be airing on CBC and CBC Gem.

How Does VPN Allow You to Access Heartland Season 16 in New Zealand for Free?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that has the ability to block or change IP addresses according to the stated regions. This feature is the key basis of unblocking the geo-restrictions of licensed content from anywhere in the world. By doing this, a VPN can surpass all the geo-restriction on CBC.

This is how a VPN will allow you to access Heartland Season 16 in New Zealand for free!

How to Create An Account on CBC in New Zealand?

CBC is a Canadian online streaming and broadcasting platform that host thousands of movies, seasons, and other content to watch. You can create an account on CBC in New Zealand by following these given steps ExpressVPN

  • Download and sign-up for; Our recommended choice is ExpressVPN!
  • Open the VPN app and sign in.
  • Connect to a server from Canada (preferably Toronto).
  • Go to the CBC Gem login page and click ‘Create an Account.’
  • Select a CBC Gem plan according to your choice by analyzing all three of them.
  • Provide your personal information and fill in the form!
  • Enter your payment details.
  • That’s all! you have now successfully subscribed to CBC in New Zealand!

However, if you no longer want your CBC account, the app also has a complete guide on how to delete CBC account in New Zealand!

What is the Heartland Season 16 About?

Heartland season 16 is a family bases season based on the life of the Fleming-Bartlett clan. As Season 16 of Heartland begins, the Fleming-Bartlett family sets out to achieve their aspirations.

Amy is determined to break free from her obstacles and approach life with a positive attitude. Her work with horses will challenge her, but she also embraces new relationships, including the possibility of romance. In Heartland Season 16 Ty returns to her again.

The season promises to be full of exciting adventures as each member of the family embarks on new possibilities. Watch out for further character developments of all the characters on the CBC channel!

Who is in the Cast of Heartland Season 16?

The cast of Heartland Season 16 includes the following members

Cast Members Characters Played
Amber Marshall Amy Fleming
Ruby Spencer Lyndy Borden
Michelle Morgan Samantha Louise Fleming Morris
Shaun Johnston Jackson Barlett
Gabriel Hogan Peter Morris
Chris Potter Timothy Fleming
Jessica Steen Lisa Stillman
Kerry James Caleb Odell
Madison Cheetow Jade Verani
Baye McPherson Katie Fleming Morris

Is There a 16th Season of Heartland?

Yes, there is a Season 16 coming soon for the Heartland. The show will be premiering on 29th January 2023 only on CBC. the story of Amy Fleming will continue with new turns. Other members will also discover other sides of themselves in this season.

How Many Episodes of Heartland Season 16 are There?

Season 16 will be having a total of 14 episodes for this season. A recap of episodes 1 to 10 is given below for you to catch up with your favorite show below

Episode no. Recaps
Episode 1 Amy will be reconsidering her job at the Youth Center meanwhile Tim and Jessica will move to a new place and Jack will end up missing Lisa.
Episode 2 Logan does not approve of Peyton Westfield’s horse training. Jack will help Katie. Lou and Rick need to settle their problems.
Episode 3 Sam’s horses are trained by Amy. Tim and Jack have an argument and Katie go on a River Rafting Adventure.
Episode 4 To Amy’s surprise, Finn is back in town. Tim and Jack become Hudson’s Award winners. Lou gets into trouble and Tim has an unexpected visitor.
Episode 5 Amy deals with flood-victim houses and Lisa and Jack end up helping a young couple. Tim signs a new contract with a flood refugee and Rick takes the lead.
Episode 6 Amy saves an animal at the zoo. Tim and Jessica go to an art exhibition meanwhile Lisa and Jac get into new relationship problems.
Episode 7 Amy fears her fears becoming a reality. Lou gets to read Katie’s journal.
Episode 8 Lyndy barrels race from Amy. Logan’s father is here. Jessica finds new distractions for herself. Katie experiments with her ear piercings. Katie and Lou fight.
Episode 9 Jessica gets into a photography job. Amy goes for a trail. Jack and Amy argue. Rick gets disappointment with regard to Lou.
Episode 10 Amy and Lou run after an imposter to save Miracle Girl. Tim arranges a school event that ends up in chaos. Amy decides to go and see Finn.

How Many Seasons of Heartland Season 16 are there?

The American family drama series Heartland has a total of 16 seasons so far. You can watch them on CBC anytime. Get a CBC free trial now by clicking here.

When is the Heartland Season 16 Resuming?

The 16th season of Heartland will resume from the 14th episode on 29th January 2023. This show brings you a new episode every Sunday night at 7 PM Eastern Time. You can watch this at 1 PM in New Zealand Time. The series is expected to end by 5th February 2023.

Where Can I Watch Previous Seasons of Heartland?

To watch all previous seasons of the family drama Heartland, you can tune into the CBC channel, which is available throughout Canada. However, if you’re in New Zealand, you may need to use a VPN to access the channel. ExpressVPN is the most popular option worldwide for accessing the CBC channel.

Where Else Can I Watch Heartland?

Currently, the only way to watch Heartland is through the CBC and CBC Gem. All previous and current seasons can be streamed on these channels, but accessing them in New Zealand will require a VPN.

Is There Any Trailer For Heartland Season 16?

Yes, The first trailer for season 16 of Heartland is now available and can be streamed on CBC and CBC Gem.

How Many Awards win Heartland?

The series one award at the Canadian Screen Awards for the Best Dramatic Series.

However, it has also been nominated for many other awards including four times at Canadian Screen Awards, two Gemini Awards, and an MTV Movie & TV Award.

What Channel is Streaming Heartland Season 16?

Heartland Season 16 is currently streaming on the Canadian National broadcasting channel, CBC and CBC Gem. All seasons of the show can be watched on this platform starting from Heartland season 16 episode 1.

What is the IMDb Rating of Heartland Season 16?

Heartland Season 16 has received a high rating of 8.5 out of 10 on IMDb and an overall recommendation rate of 96% based on user ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. Therefore, if you’re looking for a wholesome and engaging series to watch, Heartland is definitely worth checking out.

Is Heartland Season 16 Age Restricted?

With approval from the censor board and review committees, Heartland has been approved for all 12+ ages and is a rated TV-PG family drama series teaching love, sacrifice, and respect relations.

Will There Be a Season 17 of Heartland?

So far, the production team has given no updates on the renewal or cancellation of Heartland drama series. However, if season 17 is to be announced, it would be coming in the fall of 2023 at the nearest.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Heartland Season 16 in New Zealand on CBC?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Heartland Season 16 in New Zealand on CBC because it is the best VPN to efficiently surpass all the geo-restrictions by changing your IP address without any problem. Moreover, it is a cheap and affordable VPN.

Further features are explained in detail below. Let’s see them together!

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Heartland Season 16 in New Zealand on CBC

ExpressVPN is the top choice for easily and seamlessly watching Heartland Season 16 in New Zealand. It offers a variety of features that make streaming a breeze, no matter where you are in the world.

With a global presence and over 3000+ servers servers spread across 105 countries countries.


ExpressVPN unlocks easily in New Zealand

With its highly optimized USA servers, you can also watch the latest titles on CBC such as Workin’ Moms Season 7, Murdoch Mysteries, Best In Miniature Season 2, Canada’s Ultimate Challenge, etc.

It also has a MediaStreamer DNS service that facilitates streaming and an optimized network for a stable connection. You can connect a variety of devices, such as laptops, smart TVs, mobile phones, and Macbooks, using this Private DNS service.

ExpressVPN is compatible with Android, and iOS allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies like The U.S. And The Holocaust, and Tournament of Hearts 2023, on your preferred devices.

Additionally, this VPN has a split tunneling feature that allows for safe, encrypted browsing while still granting access to unencrypted sites.

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Is heartland based on a real story?

No, Heartland is a fantasy-based family drama series based in the fantasy town of Hudson.

Does Ty come back to Heartland in season 16?

Yes, Ty will be coming back in Season 16.

Is Lou pregnant in season 16 of Heartland?

No, Lou will not be getting pregnant in Heartland season 16.

Wrap up

In conclusion, Heartland is an authentic and heartwarming family drama that provides a wholesome viewing experience. If you’re looking to watch Heartland Season 16 in New Zealand on CBC, this guide should provide you with all the information you need. By using ExpressVPN, you can easily access the show from anywhere in the world and enjoy all the episodes of the season.

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