How to Watch Henpocalypse in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer

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Navigating geographically restricted content is a challenge that modern viewers often encounter, and therefore need help accessing captivating geo-blocked content.

Hence, if you are eagerly waiting to watch Henpocalypse in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer, you must solve this issue by downloading a vital and potent VPN, like ExpressVPN.

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The story of Henpocalypse begins with a group of friends who were planning a hen do in an isolated cottage in Wales, but in the meantime, a new virus breaks out, and the whole world is under quarantine again. But by the time the quarantine ends, they learn that the male population is almost entirely wiped out, and only the fittest survive.

Henpocalypse is a hilarious sitcom and it will be out by Tuesday, 15 August 2023. Hurry up and get a monthly or annual subscription to ExpressVPN to sack its online membership, thereby letting you watch the upcoming BBC series “Henpocalypse for free on iPlayer.

How to Watch Henpocalypse in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer? [Easiest Way]

If you’re eager to Watch “Henpocalypse!” on BBC iPlayer in New Zealand. Follow these quick steps to get started:

  • Sign up for a premium VPN like ExpressVPN and download the app on your device.
  • Launch the app and log in with your credentials.
  • Connect to a UK-based server, primarily the “Dockland Yard” server, which is recommended for BBC iPlayer.
  • Once connected, visit the BBC iPlayer website or use their app.
  • Sit back, relax, and watch Henpocalypse online on iPlayer, no matter where you are!

What is the release date of “Henpocalypse!”?

Henpocalypse is a six-part comedy series that starts on BBC iPlayer on Tuesday, August 15 at 10 pm. BBC Two will also air the episodes on the same date. But BBC iPlayer is always the best option since it offers an unimaginable HD experience.

What streaming platform is Henpocalypse on in New Zealand?

Don’t miss the chance to catch Henpocalypse on BBC iPlayer.

This fresh comedy series has been commissioned for BBC iPlayer. If you’re new to BBC iPlayer, they might offer a BBC iPlayer free trial that you can avail by creating an account. The show will be aired from Tuesday, 15th August, onwards, exclusively on BBC iPlayer as a boxset.

To ensure you get this exceptional content, make sure you stay connected to ExpressVPN while using BBC iPlayer. Get ready for an uproarious adventure that will keep you entertained throughout every episode!

You might try watching Rugby League Challenge Cup 2023 Final and The Hundred Cricket 2023 on BBC iPlayer.

What is the Plot of Henpocalypse?

This fresh comedy series has been commissioned for both BBC Two and BBC iPlayer. With a runtime of six 30-minute episodes, this high-energy sitcom takes viewers on a hilarious journey through the eyes of five women as they embark on an unforgettable hen weekend that quickly spirals out of control, forcing them into a fight for survival.

This show promises non-stop laughter from beginning to end. The story follows Zara, who is about to become a bridezilla with her upcoming bachelorette party until disaster strikes, bringing about the world’s end.

Who is the cast of the “Henpocalypse!”?

Here’s the listing of the prominent Cast members of the series:

Actor/Actresses Characters
Elizabeth Berrington Bernadette
Kate O’Flynn Jen
Callie Cooke Shelly
Lucie Shorthouse Zara
Ben McGregor Drew
Lauren O’Rourke Veena
Mariam Haque Nesbit
George Somner Gary

How many episodes are there of Henpocalypse?

There are 6 episodes of the series so far. Each episode is a 30 min sequel to the series details of which are given below:

Episode Episode Name Air Date
1 Tits Up Tue Aug 15, 2023
2 Ends of the Earth Tue Aug 22, 2023
3 Liquid Gold Tue Aug 29, 2023
4 Feel the Bern Tue Sep 05, 2023
5 Don’t Tell the Bride Tue Sep 12, 2023
6 The Big Day Tue Sep 19, 2023

Once the series broadcasts on BBC iPlayer, you can endlessly watch Henpocalypse episodes (TV Series) on BBC iPlayer.

Is there a trailer for the “Henpocalypse!”?

Yes, there is the trailer for “Henpocalpse!’ available on BBC channel so you won’t miss out on the chance to see how these hens are going to survive after the uproar of crab measles. The link is given below:

ExpressVPN: Top VPN to Watch Henpocalypse on BBC iPlayer in New Zealand

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ExpressVPN lets you Watch Henpocalypse on BBC iPlayer

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What content is available on BBC iPlayer?

You can stream ceaselessly a wide variety of captivating content on BBC iPlayer which is listed below;

Rugby League Challenge Cup 2023 Final Home Sweet Rome
Murder on the Blackpool Express Clean Sweep
Luther Crazy Rich Agents

So watch upcoming BBC series Henpocalypse for free on iPlayer without paying hefty amounts.


The Caroline Moran comedy TV series takes you to the world of Bridezilla, where Zara and her friends visit an isolated cottage.
The IMDb rating of Henpocalypse is yet to be announced since Henpocalypse has not been screened yet on BBC iPlayer. Once this Elizabeth-starrer comedy series streams on the streaming platforms, its relative rating can be easily acquired.

Wrap Up

You can watch Henpocalypse in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer by accessing geo-restrictions and buying a premium ExpressVPN subscription. As 15th August is approaching fast, you need to amp up your process of downloading and subscribing to watch your favorite BBC iPlayer seamlessly shows.

In the meantime, you can always entertain yourself with several appealing BBC iPlayer series, such as Outnumbered and University Challenge. If you’re in New Zealand, you must follow these instructions to know more about the working and subscription plans of the extraordinary ExpressVPN.

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