How to Watch Inside the Heist in New Zealand

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Inside the Heist is a documentary series that uncovers some of the biggest heists or robberies that took place in the last 25 years. The Inside the Heist docuseries will be released on Discovery+ UK on 7th November 2022. As Discovery+ UK is a United Kingdom streaming service and is only accessible there, we will let you know how to watch Inside the Heist in New Zealand.

Due to content licensing issues or policies, the Discovery Plus in New Zealand, UK content library is geographically blocked for all viewers who try to access it outside the United Kingdom. But no need to be stressed because the best NZ VPN can solve this problem and can provide you access to Discovery+ UK in your location.

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Watch Inside the Heist in New Zealand – Quick Steps

To watch Inside the Heist in New Zealand on Discovery+ UK, perform these four quick steps:

  • Select a trusted VPN provider for your device. (ExpressVPN is recommended).
  • Subscribe to its plan that matches your budget.
  • Sign In to the VPN provider application & Connect to a regional UK server.
  • Start Streaming Inside the Heist Docuseries on Discovery+ UK in New Zealand.

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Where to Watch Inside the Heist in New Zealand?

Inside the Heist docuseries will be available to watch on Discovery+ UK. All New Zealand viewers will have to set up a VPN service on their devices to access Discovery+ UK in their country. The virtual private network will change their device IP address location from New Zealand to the United Kingdom.

What is the plot of Inside the Heist docuseries?

The main plot of the Inside the Heist documentary series is that it focuses on some of the most daring and meticulously planned heists or robberies of the last 25 years, and each episode will uncover a new heist with some opinion and analysis from former criminals, police enforcement, criminologists, security experts, and legal professionals.

It will discuss the heists in detail, from planning to execution, and also include related resources like police archives, news, and CCTV footage.

When is the release date of Inside the Heist docuseries?

Inside the Heist docuseries, release date is Monday, 7th November 2022. And it is releasing on the Discovery+ UK streaming platform. So fans will have to wait just a few more days for the release of this exciting documentary series that uncovers the biggest robberies or heists.

How many episodes will there be of Inside the Heist?

The new documentary series Inside the Heist will have six episodes. And each episode of Inside the Heist will uncover a completely new heist in detail. So viewers can expect to see six different heists revealed in each episode.

Who is in the cast of Inside the Heist?

As it is a documentary uncovering the real heists or robberies, we can expect to see some of the related police officers, legal professionals, criminologists, etc. A few of the experts in the Inside the Heist series cast include:

  • Cain Dyer (Self)
  • Noel Smith ‘Razor’ (Self)
  • Joseph Kotrie (Self)
  • Liz Yardley (Self)
  • Marlon Pinto (Self)

What Else do we know about Inside the Heist docuseries?

The heists or robberies that will be explored or uncovered in Inside the Heist docuseries are Dunbar Armed Robbery (1971), Hatton Garden Heist (2015), London Millennium Dome Robbery & Raid (2000), Antwerp Diamond Heist (2003), Vastberga Helicopter Robbery (2009) and Rio Banco Heist (2006). This documentary will show the complete heists from the planning to the execution stage.

Is there any trailer for Inside the Heist?

No, any trailer or teaser of Inside the Heist docuseries has not been released yet. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of this documentary series. We hope that the trailer of Inside the Heist will be released in the coming days before the series release.

Is there a Tested VPN to Watch Inside the Heist in New Zealand?

Yes, ExpressVPN is a safe and tested VPN to watch Inside the Heist in New Zealand because it is supported by almost every streaming platform and provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to use for new users. It guarantees consistent speed and performance when connected to a server. It has features from the basic level to highly advanced ones.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Inside the Heist in New Zealand

ExpressVPN has the most servers compared to all other virtual private network providers. They offer access to 3000+ servers, which are spread over 105 countries. We suggest connecting to the Wembley or East London server to broadcast Inside the Heist in New Zealand on Discovery+ UK.


ExpressVPN provides all the features a VPN user requires in a VPN service. ExpressVPN protects its users without making them work hard for it. You just have to activate or deactivate the security features offered by ExpressVPN according to your need. The service also unblocks BBC iPlayerAmazon PrimeDisney Plus, HBO Max, 9NowChannel 4, etc., and other popular platforms.

The most liked security and performance features offered by ExpressVPN are Threat Manager, Leak Protection, Lightway Protocol Simultaneous Connections, Unlimited Bandwidth, Split Tunneling, and Kill Switch. ExpressVPN also has a live chat feature available 24/7 that helps you within a few minutes.

With MediaStreamer, an ExpressVPN function, you can access streaming content from foreign countries without experiencing any performance degradation due to VPN encryption. On some devices, such as smart TVs, that lack or do not support their own VPN apps, MediaStreamer is helpful.

When you buy or subscribe to ExpressVPN’s one-year plan, you receive an additional three months extra entirely free without any extra charge. With this plan, monthly VPN fees are reduced by 49%. And you will pay only NZ$10.83/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan for it.

Inside the Heist


Where can I watch Inside the Heist in New Zealand?

You can watch Inside the Heist in New Zealand on Discovery+ UK streaming service. But a VPN is required to access it from your location.

Is Inside the Heist based on a true story?

Yes, Inside the Heist is based on actual and real stories. It shows real heists and robberies that took place around the world in the last 25 years.

Who directed Inside the Heist docuseries?

The docuseries Inside the Heist is made and produced by Duncan Gray and Antonia (Twenty-Six 03).


The inside the Heist documentary series will be released on Discovery+ UK on 7th November 2022. So all the viewers can watch Inside the Heist in New Zealand using a top-notch VPN service. For a safe streaming experience and the best performance, ExpressVPN is recommended. Anyone looking to stream their favorite content on any streaming service from a different location must get ExpressVPN.

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